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Letters to the Editor for Oct. 17

Genoa making land grab?


At the Oct. 3 meeting of the Douglas Board of County Commissioners, Town Manager J.T. Chevallier presented an annexation scheme, aka ordinance 2019-1560, to add 78.46 acres to the town’s tax rolls without the written agreement of the property owners. Could not the town have asked a majority of impacted residents to voluntarily sign a petition to be annexed consistent with provisions of county code title 18? Instead, didn’t the town chose the involuntary forced annexation process optional under title 18? Isn’t the current tax rate for tax area 540, the town of Genoa, 3.4976, which is 21.9% higher than 2.8699 for tax area 500 in which the 78 acres to be annexed are located? The video of the meeting is at: douglascountynv.iqm2.com/Citizens/SplitView.aspx?Mode=Video&MeetingID=2537&Format=Minutes

During the meeting, my perception was County Clerk-Treasurer Kathy Lewis, CPA, in response to a question by Commissioner Walsh to Chevallier (who stated he was not in a place to answer that question) confirmed that the 3% owner cap to the increased tax amount due would NOT apply to the annexation tax increase that had to be paid for the first year. Annexed property owners would have to pay the full amount due.

Didn’t Commissioner Rice ask Chevallier: “Other than public notice of your meetings has there been any public outreach to the people that are affected by this annexation”? My opinion is Chevallier did not really answer the question, but did state certified letters would be sent to property owners in the future alerting them of their annexation. Didn’t Rice, in my opinion apparently unsatisfied with Chevallier’s response to his outreach question, then ask Chevallier: “Has there been formal notification other than public postings?” Wasn’t Chevallier’s answer to Rice: “No sir”?

Roger Adam


Ad was a political hit job


I won’t be fooled or persuaded by expensive full-page political hit jobs like the one that appeared in Saturday’s paper against Mark Gardner. I don’t know Mark well, but well enough to know that he is a man of integrity. I know where he stands on issues that concern me.

I am also a recent transplant, and we moved here because of the valley’s rural character, and the conservative political climate. This valley reminds me of the town I came from, minus 40 years of “smart growth.” My old town is well over 100,000 people now. It became intolerable, even dangerous to live there, and it was still a beautiful place. I don’t want to see that happen here.

This expensive ad also insulted two of the most intelligent people I know, Virginia Starrett and Lynn Muzzy. They both work tirelessly to keep track of the shenanigans that have been going on in this valley for quite a while.

Also insulted was my friend John Engels, and Dave Nelson, both of whom I support. And of course I’m insulted myself by these people calling themselves Concerned Citizens, who are obviously the Big Money pushing for massive development here, even though we don’t have the infrastructure or the water to support it.

I’m in favor of the Park Brothers building A19 housing, as that parcel is designated. I don’t see why the county, us, should pay for a road to service the Park Brothers’ development and its residents. Mueller Parkway, when built, needs to be a four-lane road, a true bypass to 395, and include big truck traffic.

We will never have a nice, pleasant downtown until we have a bypass somewhere. After the bypass is built, 395 through the towns should be two-lane, with parking on both sides of the street. I’ve seen it done, and it works well. That would completely revitalize, and change the character of our downtowns into a pleasant place to visit, shop, eat and drink.

Say No to the Big Money, and vote for Mark Gardner, John Engels, and Dave Nelson.

Mike Moreno


Thanks from Team Elsie


Our 8-year-old daughter Elsie was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis just three weeks after she was born. She was the inspiration for the inaugural Elsie’s Eighteen Golf Tournament, held Oct. 5, at Genoa Lakes Ranch Golf Course. Net proceeds benefit Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Ninety golfers registered for the event, all holes were sponsored and Café Girasole provided lunches.

The event was a huge success, and I would like to personally extend my sincere gratitude to the following people and businesses for their support: Chris Detsch and Sam Huff and the awesome staff at Genoa Ranch, Congressman and Co-chair of the Cystic Fibrosis Congressional Caucus, Café Girasole, John and Linda Hamer, Suzanne Hamer, Abby Hamer, Markus Zinke, Stiltz Tile and Granite LLC, Intero Real Estate Services, Bob and Twila Whear, Signature Landscapes LLC, Record Courier, Kiwanis Club of Carson Valley, Sky Hawk Ranch, JT Basque Restaurant, EM GIS Partners LLC, Hone Company, Western Nevada Supply, Novus Glass, Starbucks in Minden, Mary and Thad McLaurin, Ashlee Nicoll and Sue Anker, Mary Jane and Chris Ostrander, Pat Hopkins, Ted Tiffany, David Jaeger, Mike Henningsen, Alisa Ashbaugh, Bobbie Williams, Kim and Coach Jay Norvell, Nevada Sports Network, Record Courier, Kelly and Bruno Bielat, Jen and Ryan Davidson, Kelly Estes, Edgewood Tahoe, Melissa Blosser, Debbie Beam, Michelle Brown, Mark Anastasio, Heidi Saucedo, Kelly Cady, Carson Valley Golf Course, Eagle Valley Golf Course, Sunridge Golf and Recreations, Somersett Country Club, Jeff Scheneman, PGA Tour, Harrah’s Automobile Museum, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Blue Zone Sports, Guns N Ammo, Jackie Gorton, Ace Hardware, Carson Valley Inn, DST Coffee, Jacquie Manoukian, Lt. Gov. Kate Marshall, Katie Dorsey, Holly Megee, Amy and Troy Modispacher, Toni Braga, Lisa Owen and all the golfers and volunteers who attended and assisted.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention two people in particular: my bride Rachel who put many of the awesome personal touches on the experience, tolerates me and my ideas and who works tirelessly to support Elsie and Abby. And to Jeff Cady, who shared the vision and initiated the contact with Genoa Ranch and helped turn the vision into reality. Jeff worked his tail off and his efforts are genuine.

This event showcased what we all know well, and that is that the people and businesses of Carson Valley and Northern Nevada support worthwhile causes. Thank you to everybody for the support, the concerns, the prayers, the kind words. We are fortunate to call here home, and we look forward to growing Elsie’s Eighteen and hopefully, some day, contributing to the organization which will cure cystic fibrosis. ​

Dan Hamer


Danke for supporting Oktoberfest


The Carson Valley Sertoma Club thanks its sponsors and the community for its generous support and attendance at our 28th Annual Sertoma Oktoberfest held on Sept. 8. The day could not have been more perfect in our beautiful Carson Valley. Heritage Park was full of fun, food, crafters, great music, and dancing with crowd participation of around 400 folks.

We particularly want to thank:

Our Sponsors: Cottonwood Creek Farm, Ace Hardware, and Starbucks.

DCHS Culinary Students, DCSO Explorers and Citizen’s Patrol, China Springs Youth Camp, Scoups Ice Cream and Soup Bar, our crafters/vendors and many others who donated and/or volunteered their time and talents to make this a successful event.

All proceeds from our events go back to the community through Carson Valley Sertoma Club through financial donations to support groups and charities as well as our Book and Vocational Scholarships for Douglas High School graduates.

We hope to see all of you again next year for more bratwurst, yodeling contests, and great family entertainment.

Dianne Ford

President and Oktoberfest Chair

And all members of the Carson Valley Sertoma Club

A sea of red herrings


In the morass of red herrings being issued about impeachment I would like to suggest clarity for six points.

I call upon the solid, widely accepted, very specific definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors” in current legal parlance.

Legal eagles refer to it as a “term of art.” It has a very special finite definition under the law. It signifies those who stray or deviate from special duties, acquired by taking an oath of office, those duties not being placed upon common persons.

The term describes grounds of dereliction and/or abuse in the broadest since of official duties regardless of whether or not actions are written law and has been used as grounds for impeachment back to at least the 14th century.

Impeachable actions need not be a violation of written law.

Second, the Constitution proclaims that “a party convicted under impeachment shall be subject to indictment, judgment and punishment, according to law.” It does not say a party except the president. It is saying that a party, period, subject to impeachment is not granted immunity from indictment because of conviction. Therefore, it stands that the president, being a party subject to possible impeachment, shall be subject to indictment according to law. Nowhere in the Constitution is immunity granted to the president from indictment. In fact, the Constitution specifically places him subject to indictment.

“No one is above the law,” is far more than a fanciful phrase.

Third, if the act alone of asking for something from a foreign country or person is improper or illegal it is not necessary to promise something in return for the act to be wrong. Quid pro quo is mute.

Fourth, a kangaroo court is one that has unauthorized, or irregular status and unpredictable movements from one place to another. The Constitution states that the House of Representatives shall have the sole power of impeachment. This surely gives the House authority and status. The investigation definitely concentrates on matters of impeachment and does not jump from one place to another.

Fifth, it is only if evidence is presented in court or at trial that the accused has the right to confront their accuser. The House is investigating, not trying, possible offenses. Therefore, the president does not have a right to know or confront the identity of the “whistle blower.”

Sixth, hearsay evidence is permitted and widely practiced in investigations for it can lead to the discovery of firsthand evidence. Hearsay is only prohibited at trial.

The right to the exclusion of hearsay is only valid if the Senate should try impeachment charges.

It cannot be denied, efforts to block access to the gathering of evidence during investigations is surely obstruction of justice.

Red herrings are false or immaterial pronouncements designed to distract attention away from the real issue. Why is so much effort being expended to distract from the investigation of whether or not the president committed an impeachable act or acts?

Ben Justus