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Letters to the editor for Nov. 8, 2018

Lake Tahoe provides a quiet respite from the day's cares.
Tim Berube

Thank you from Janet Murphy


I’d like to say thank you so much, to all of you for all your kind letters and your donations after the primary election, expressing your gratitude and respect to me for taking the high road. The donations have been donated. And those of you that have expressed leaving Douglas County if I’m not elected. Please think twice, Douglas County is a treasure.

For those of you that have contacted me regarding the untrue campaign lies that were spread just days before the election by my opponent and his team. That “I am a puppet for the California elitists,” is completely absurd, anyone that knows me knows I am nobody’s puppet, never have and never will be! I too like you, would like to know who these California elitists groups are, I may want to hit them up for some dough the next time I run for office. It’s a shame for anyone to resort to such tactics. In one’s opinion, it is not a very victorious way to win. It’s bad enough we live in a selfish, greedy, jealous world, and one must rise above that. We need to educate ourselves and each other on truth.

If I continue to receive any more donations, they will need to be returned or donated.

I can’t thank my team and all my supporters enough for your respect and authenticity. During my campaigning I’ve met some of the most amazing people, whom I’ll never forget. Always remember “do the right thing, and you’ll never be wrong” — words my parents ingrained in me and to live by!

Thank you again, wishing you all Happy Holidays.

Janet Murphy

Lake Tahoe

Kudos to CVAA art show

Congratulations and thanks to the Carson Valley Art Association for their Annual Scholarship Benefit Art Show.

The opening night reception and raffle was jam-packed with our local artists and art lovers.

And for good reason. We have some highly talented artists working here in our valley and it’s gratifying to see them have a venue to display their works to such an appreciative audience.

Well done, CVAA, well done, indeed!

Harry and Nyona Lang


Solution to expanding national debt


A solution to Expanding National Debt…. President Trump was correct in his criticism of Federal Reserve raising interest rates too rapidly without any current inflation fears (very minimal increases during Obama years) having negative effect on the growing economy. Every increase of 1 percent on the interest rate results in $200 billion additional annual debt expense in the federal budget. Now the solution. Increase the harvesting of lumber from federal lands. The current 600 million tree harvest will need to be increased to 3 billion trees (would take us to efficient planned harvesting levels of the 1980s) before the environmentalists and Democrats used the Endangered Species Act to almost end the logging industry leaving us with loss of millions of jobs and 7.5 billion dead trees in the national forests of 11 western states (Denver Post 2017, U.S. Forest Service).

The value of the lost resources estimated at $14.5 trillion. This equals 2/3 of national debt or 580 times the $25 billion wall or 3.5 times the $4 trillion annual Federal Budget. [est. ave size of tree 0.4 cords or 650 board ft by US Forest Service 1 cord =4’ x 4’ x 8’ = 1550 board ft.at est. $3 per board ft which = 12’ square x 1’ thick = ave value of tree $2000 each] The 2.4 Billion tree increase would add approx. $4.8 Trillion annually to the economy with 40% of the total{stump fees] designated to reducing the National debt by $2 trillion/yr.

Mark Tarvainen


Empty Bowls, Food Closet thank community


Douglas County Empty Bowls and Carson Valley Community Food Closet wish to thank the community and volunteers for your support at the fifth annual Douglas County Empty Bowls all-you-can-eat dinner fundraising event on Oct. 7. Over $10,000 in funds were raised to support individuals and families in our community who are struggling with hunger at this year’s event.

Thank you to all who participated and to this wonderful community for your generosity.

Sponsors: The Ridge Resorts, Bently Heritage, L.L.C, Carson Valley Medical Center, Douglas Disposal & Recycling, El Dorado Savings Bank, Coastal Aire & Sheet Metal, Inc., Michele Wagner: Remax Realty Affiliates, Walton’s Funerals and Cremations, Central Sierra Construction Inc., Bodines Casino, Dr. David C. James, DMD, F.A.G.D, Especially for You – Marcia Voeller

Food Donors: Grill Next Door, JJ’S Mexican Restaurant, China Jade Horse, Cafe Girasole, Kristopher’s Ristorante and Bar, Sharkey’s, DHS Culinary Class, 1862 David Walley’s Restaurant, CVMC Food and Nutrition Services, Julio’s Restaurant, Raley’s, Carson Valley Sertoma, Coffee on Main, Corner Bar, and Carson Valley Footprinters.

Raffle Donors: Julie Dickerson, Don McRoberts, The Chocolate Shoppe, Edgewood Tahoe, Harvey’s Lake Tahoe, Carson Valley Inn, Lake Tahoe Cruises, COD Casino, Fresh Ideas, Tahoe Ridge Resorts, Christensen Automotive, Ironwood Movie Theatres, JT Dining, Jethro’s Restaurant, Atlantis Casino Resort, Meeks Hardware and Lumber, Carson Valley Swim Center, Starbucks, Donna Allgeier, Sue Jeffrey, Sue Scott, El Dorado Resorts, and Valley Eyecare.

Contributors: Carson Valley Middle School National Junior Honor Society, Carson Valley Sertoma, Cindy Patmont, Sheriff Ron Pierini, Daria Winslow, DHS Culinary Class, Doug Petersen, Douglas County Citizens’ Patrol, Gail Gruszie, Isabeau Stumpf, Jacks Valley Elementary, Jan Solberg, Jason Reid, Jean Gunter, Ken Stoll, LDS Jobs Peak Activity Day Group, LDS Mother and Daughters Activity Groups, Lin Falkner, Lois Elliott, Mary Ann Crosby, Minden Elementary, Ogres- Holm Pottery, Pam Gilmartin, Pamela Sauer, Pinon Hills Elementary, Kate Savage, Shannon Sedlock, Sierra Chef Farmers Market, Susan Mackie, Suzanne Taylor, The Corner Bar, Tim Taylor, Fitz Henry’s Funeral Home, Paul Howard, Anna Hansen, and Kathy Rossand.

Sarah Sanchez