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Letters to the Editor for Nov. 25

Voters cast their ballots on Tuesday morning in the Ranchos.
Jim Grant | The Record-Courier

Great turnout came with support


Wow, Douglas County turned out in numbers for this Presidential Election. You probably have heard we had the highest turn out percentage in the state. While the turnout statewide decreased from the 2012 presidential election, Douglas County actually increased. To put it in perspective, we had an increase of about 200 voters from the 2008 to 2012 Presidential Election, but our increase from 2012 to 2016 was about 1,800 voters!

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the people that made this election so successful. Here is a snapshot of what it takes to conduct an election. Thank you to over 100 poll workers checking in the voters, over 25 team leaders helping voters with the machines, our bi-partisan accuracy board for testing the machines and performing the audit after the election, our bi-partisan counting board that processed all of our absentee ballots, my staff that worked countless extra hours, retired county employees willing to come back to help process thousands of voter applications and to the over 27,000 residents of Douglas County that took the time to vote. Overall, when I talked to workers and voters, there was an excitement and civic pride that we are free to vote and that our turn out is so high! It was an honor to serve as Douglas County’s Election Official.

Kathy Lewis,


Reason why people shy to serve


I now realize why residents are reticent to serve on local community advisory committees. During an open comment time during this Tuesday night Stormwater Advisory Committee, Mr. Jim Slade, who is a well known name to this section with his diatribes against most everyone, commented that he had no idea what the commission was doing, but the composition was made up of bureaucrats. I am a private resident of Douglas County and was submitted to be a member, to which I agreed. There were other private residents as well as the duly elected representatives of the various districts. I would assume that part of their duties would be to represent their residents in any action that financially would affect them in any way. It is unfortunate that there are some that attempt to discredit those that are wiling to serve this community.

Danna Meyer

Stormwater Advisory Committee Member.