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Letters to the Editor for May 19

Thanks for supporting Tip-A-Cop


The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the Special Olympics athletes wish to thank the community for your overwhelming generosity and support at the Tip A Cop event at Chili’s on Thursday, April 27, 2017. Tip A Cop was able to raise a combined total of $2,726.00, which is the largest total Douglas County has ever earned toward this worthy cause.

Tip A Cop would not have been a success without the continued commitment to our community partnership with Chili’s, Special Olympics and the various personnel of Douglas County Judicial Courts, Sheriff’s Explorers, Citizen Patrol, & the deputies and employees of the Sheriff’s Office.

Those who worked Tip A Cop completed their normal 8-10 hour work day and then volunteered

greeting the customers, serving food & beverages, and clean up. Tip a Cop thanks everyone involved, including the customers who stopped by to eat.

Sgt. Bernadette Smith


Shame on vandals


I would like to thank the vandals who damaged the block wall in the Ranchos Aspen Park on the Muir side of the park. It took you three times to get it done. I guess that is determination. It would be nice if you could use your efforts elsewhere, like volunteering maybe? But is appears that you would rather destroy things that are not yours. I have no doubt that the Parks & Rec Dept. have other things to do than repair what you have damaged. I know you will not likely buy a paper to read this but who knows maybe I will get lucky!

Scott Cameron


Supporting designated drivers


We want to remind everyone about a program we started years ago. To encourage the use of designated drivers, the Genoa Bar will not charge anyone that is a designated driver for nonalcoholic beverages of your choice. Our 10 ingredient virgin bloody Mary’s are the bomb. You are heroes in our book, and need to be rewarded for your actions. Your nonalcoholic beverage will be rung up as a “comp”, because believe it or not, we have to pay use tax on anything we give away. But we feel it’s the right thing to do, and we are very happy to do it. I would like to challenge other bars and casinos to do the same.

Willy Webb