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Letters to the Editor for May 17

Focus on basics


The following appeared in the May 2 issue of the Record-Courier:

“News that Douglas High School cracked the top 10 schools in the Silver State, and that Whittell came in at No. 12 confirms our long-held opinion that people could do far worse educationally than our little corner of Nevada.”

Sounds great, but consider in Nevada:

Some high school graduates have needed to take remedial English and math courses when continuing their education.

Schools have lowered standards in order to improve graduation rates.

If you take the total of the National Assessment of Educational Progress 2013 Eight Grade reading and math scores for each state and compare them against the other states you will find:

1. Nevada’s total score equals that of Arizona.

2. Forty states have higher scores than Nevada or Arizona meaning Nevada and Arizona are in the lower 20 percent of all the states.

Per a recent 24/7 wallst.com report, the schools were rated as the worst in the Nation. “No state’s school system is rated worse than Nevada’s. The state’s high school graduation rate declined by nearly 12 percentage points over the decade through 2012. This was the largest decline of all states, the vast majority of which reported graduation rate increases.”

I believe our children deserve something better than being at the ‘bottom on the heap” or even in the lower twenty percent when it comes to education.

I don’t feel it is a matter of money:

1. The District of Columbia spends the highest total per pupil spending ($28,403 FY11) but has the lowest total reading and … math score.

2. Massachusetts has the highest total reading and math score but only ranks tenth in total per pupil spending.

And I do not feel it is a matter of impressive education edifices. It is not the structure but what is in the structure that makes the difference in education.

Reading and math are such basic tools needed in pursuing any career that I feel if our public education system does not rank in the top half of all our states we are failing our children.

Education is becoming more and more a basic survival tool and our children, and our state, need to be better equipped if they are going to compete against others in the future.

I feel our public education system should be reviewed to insure the major stress is being placed in those areas where most of our children will be facing competition during their lifetimes.

Sanford E. Deyo


Football team selling Tiger Discount Cards


Dear Douglas Football Supporters: We are pleased to announce that our varsity and JV football program will be selling Tiger Discount Cards through May 25. The cost of the discount card is $15 and all proceeds go toward funding our varsity, JV and freshmen football programs. Your generosity and desire to support the athletic programs at Douglas High School is greatly appreciated. Also, a special thank to the numerous businesses in our community that will be providing discounts and deals.

Ernie Monfiletto

Douglas High School

Head Football Coach

Flaw in hiring process


First, kudos to The Record-Courier OpEd piece “Open Hiring Protects Public” (May 10, 2017). However, second, I would like it noted that the R-C Sunday, May 7, front page article “Moore appointed [Douglas County] Comptroller” by Amy Alonzo omitted important background information. Commissioner Nelson cast his dissenting vote based on the hiring process, not on Ms. Moore’s qualifications. Third, how was it that on Wednesday, May 3 the R-C ran an article “Douglas County hires Moore as new CFO” which included a quote from the County Manager before the Commissioners even voted?

The current county manager, who is on a month-to-month contract (temporary), should have deferred forwarding a candidate for this critically important senior management position until such time as a permanent county manager could have a role in this selection process. Likewise, the Board of County Commissioners should have postponed confirmation to this strategically important senior management position.

I know of at least one highly qualified applicant with more financial and management experience than Ms. Moore who was not even given an interview for this job. That’s important because Douglas County residents deserve management and financial excellence in their CFO, something this deeply flawed process did not guarantee.

Commissioner Nelson, who promised to be the voice of the people, correctly objected to this unprofessional and incomplete process by voting against it.

Jan Muzzy


Editor’s Note: The story appearing in May 3 was taken from a press release sent out by county officials.

Mental health questions


I read the comments of the “expert” on mental health today, May 12, 2017. His opinion that OUR President has a serious mental health problem is so off the mark. I would like to see a comparison of mental evaluations regarding Hillary Clinton, who is unable to speak a truthful sentence, Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi, all potential leaders of America. I doubt the writer could be objective, but the American people know what I’m pointing out is true. The mental health of those three women would scare the daylights out of all America.

Rick Kellenberger


Street light makes a different


It took awhile but, it’s now history. The new street light at the corner of Waterloo and Northampton is very much appreciated by most if not all of the Sunset Park Subdivision residents.

I for one, believe that it could very likely save a pedestrian from injury or worse, as the traffic increases in this area of Lampe Park. It also will help prevent loitering late at night, in that area which happens mostly during summer. It is very beneficial in locating the street itself on very dark nights.

We want to thank the Gardnerville Town Board Members and Staff and those staff members who were Involved, in following through with this important project to its completion.

Don Garrison


Happy Mother’s Day


What a surprise when I ordered a coffee drink at Coffee on Main on Sunday, May 14th Mother’s Day. The barista asked me if I was a mother, I said yes, and she said a good Samaritan had donated enough money to treat “mothers” who stopped by on Mother’s Day.

Thank you for the surprise treat and for your generosity. It is great to know there are still generous and caring people. You’re mother would be proud!

Donna Baushke