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Letters to the Editor for May 16, 2018

Civil War re-enactor Dr. Wayne Broussard speaks with Genoa Western Heritage Day attendees April 28 at Mormon Station.
Brad Coman

Establishing Condron scholarship


During his lifetime, Charlie Condron was a man of many vocations. But those closest to his heart, were his role as a teacher, administrator, and pioneer in Professional Development for teachers in the state of Nevada. Considering all that Charlie did in the realm of education, and within his various roles in the community after his retirement, teaching and connecting with others through his teaching, was his gift. Charlie taught generosity, kindness and empathy and he was a champion for the underdog.

Charlie never wanted anything to be about Charlie; instead he celebrated and supported those around him. He worked individually with students, teachers, and trainers to make them the best they could be. He appreciated the uniqueness in all of us and believed that each and every one of us has gifts to give. In typical “Charlie fashion,” he requested that after his death, any donations given in his name, be dedicated to a scholarship.

His wish was that someone who needed it; someone who, despite adversity, would value the opportunity for post-secondary education and persevere to achieve his or her goals would be the recipient. In that spirit, we would like to invite you to join us in honoring Charlie’s wish for a scholarship. Beginning this year, the “Charlie Condron Teaching Scholarship” is available to all Douglas County School District seniors. There will be two scholarships awarded to students who have made a commitment to pursue a degree in education and who have an understanding of life’s challenges and obstacles and the impact they have on people’s lives. Applicants must attend a Community College or University in Nevada. Scholarship donations can be delivered or sent to US Bank at 1525 US 395 North, Gardnerville under account No. 153757868499.

We would also like to give our utmost gratitude and thanks to the wonderful managers and owners of the Corner Bar in Minden for hosting a gathering last Friday to provide information about the scholarship. Pam and Pasquale showed such generosity with the delicious food, a casual atmosphere, and for providing Charlie’s many friends, colleagues, and past students the chance to honor his scholarship wishes.

Thank you again for the support you have given.

Rachel Hamer, Joey Jacobsen, Robbi Jacobsen, Mike Rippee and Miki Trujillo,

The Scholarship Committee

Thanks for supporting Pine View


At Pine View Estates, We had an issue with some dirt bikes ridden by kids, who knew the law and their rights. They were warned through their landlord. They claimed to be angelic. The next week we caught them on video, cursing an elderly gentleman and tearing up the street. The wonderful Douglas County Sheriff’s Office set them straight. Read them the riot act. Took the juveniles’ drugs from them. We have a peaceful neighborhood now. Please, please express our gratitude.

Richard Norman

Pine View Estates

Support Murphy for commission


In the race for Commissioner District 4 there is one clear choice for those who care about the future of Douglas County: Janet Murphy.

Janet became manager of the financially troubled Tahoe Douglas Utility District 26 years ago. Janet has worked hard and smart, building reserves to

$4 million. She was able to give a rate reduction to her customers and for the last 10 years has kept rates and hook up fees among the lowest.

In addition, Janet has also been a Nevada legislative advisor, representing the General Improvement Districts, Towns and Fire Districts. Janet thwarted an effort to usurp the tax revenue that funds the GIDs and other small county governments. Now the GIDs are under threat again. SB462 calls for a committee to review the GIDs with respect to both their existence and revenues. If elected, Janet will be the County Commissioner to sit on that committee. The GIDs need someone experienced in fighting – and winning – on their behalf. She has a proven track record that shows you can count on her

Her opponent, Wes Rice, has had a long and honorable career in law enforcement in both California and Nevada. His only relevant experience for the job of County Commissioner is as the current chair of the Roundhill General Improvement District.

Wes Rice supports authorizing more “attainable” housing in Douglas County, stating that high property values shouldn’t preclude kids who grew up here to be able to live here. But housing development doesn’t pay for itself; the cost of county services, wear and tear on infrastructure, and the added traffic congestion means that new housing is actually subsidized by current county taxpayers. Mr. Rice is really saying that current taxpayers owe certain groups of people the opportunity to pay below market price to own or rent in Douglas County. As Janet Murphy has stated, increasing land values in Douglas are at least part of the reason many of us bought here. It may require patience, but there is already affordable housing in Douglas to be found, particularly in the Ranchos and south county.

The Board of County Commissioners has already approved building several apartment complexes that will negatively impact our quality of life. We don’t need another “yes” vote for traffic congestion and higher taxes.

Lynn Muzzy


Duffy LA sheriff’s office, not LAPD


I read a letter in your paper that was quite harsh in its treatment of Joe Duffy. I know both captains Duffy and Coverley, and they are both good men, neither deserving of this sort of treatment. The writer claims that Duffy was an Officer with LAPD, a department (according to this person) known for cracking heads. Capt. Duffy wasn’t with LAPD, he was with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, one of the largest and most respected agencies in the country. Capt. Duffy, along with his wife Teresa, moved from Los Angeles so that they could raise a family in a better environment.

As a former detective sergeant from another department, I was in charge of Investigations and SWAT. I routinely used statistics in evaluating those officers that worked for me. They were important in determining who received promotions and special assignments. We did not have quotas, but we did expect our officers to do the job they were being paid to do.

I also served two terms on my local school board, so I know how elections can turn ugly. The people of Douglas County are above this and should stick to the positive aspects of each candidate. I am confident that whichever of these candidates wins, the real winner will be the citizens.

Gary Marshall