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Letters to the Editor for June 4

Heartache Tonight performs in Minden Park on Friday.
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Volunteers save county money


Various programs operated by the volunteers in the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office saved county citizens in 2013 approximately $867,195.

One hundred ninety-eight volunteers in Citizen Patrol, Search and Rescue, sub-station operations, report writers, mounted posse, SAR and reserve deputies carry out tasks that free the deputies for law enforcement operations. They donated 38,542 hours in 2013. This extensive volunteer program — begun, supported and encouraged by Sheriff Ron Pierini — has few parallels in the United States. Because it is innovative for a law enforcement organization, other law enforcement chiefs have sought methods to adopt a similar volunteer operation.

Sheriff Pierini’s cooperative, community-oriented approach includes tribal police, our fire and emergency department, state and federal programs. We are fortunate to have a sheriff who seeks out and implements excellent programs which save and appropriately use tax money, while still keeping our community safe, creating positive interactions and sharing of resources among all agencies charged with public safety. It is a privilege to have Sheriff Ron Pierini continue to serve Douglas County.

MaryEllen Conaway


Wheeler shares my values


In February I sent 35 questions to Robin Reedy and Jim Wheeler. Wheeler replied immediately, but Reedy emailed she would like to talk.

Last month I sent Reedy three questions re: her stand on Common Core ; should the federal Department of Education or state or local school boards control education; and should Nevada join 10 western states to demand the federal government return our federal lands to the states as was routinely done for the rest of the country, or does Nevada lack standing on that issue.

Again Reedy only wanted to talk. Why? Wheeler did not duck a single issue. Reedy has exceptional knowledge of state finances. She knows how to work the system.

But Wheeler shares my values, stands up for his beliefs. Yes, he is unpolished and stumbles. But I am tired of compromises. We must return to our forefathers’ values based upon Judeo-Christian principles, even by those who were neither Christians nor Jews. They believed so strongly in those values they even put aside their strong differences, fought, and gave their lives to form a “more perfect union.”

Our country faces downfall as we set aside our principles, overlook egregious actions by government, and settle for compromise. Now is the time to stand or succumb to the death knell.

Maybe it’s too late, but we have nothing more to lose. Either we change now or become another world power that fell due to debt and for lack fortitude.

Join me in voting for Jim Wheeler.

Judy Jacobs

Topaz Lake

Reedy’s gender an issue for men


The chauvinistic letters written by men opposing Robin Reedy are simply mudslinging toward a highly intelligent, dedicated and qualified lady. The letters are personal attacks, vicious, vindictive and untrue.

Is this the new war on women? Let’s focus on the issues and challenges facing our growing community. Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult.

Sabra Issacs


Fliers show vile dislike


Just prior to the start of early voting we received the first of two fliers sent out by the Nevada Republican Majority PAC.

These were pricey multi-colored political fliers and were apparently sent to all registered Republicans.

The claims in the first flier received were first made by Kelly Kite to the Secretary of State’s Office in October of 2013.

In January 2014 Mr. Wheeler and the Secretary of State’s Office announced they had resolved the complaints filed by his former opponent.

Why, at this time, bring up issues that have been previously resolved?

Mr. Wheeler is more interested in serving the constituents in his district rather than special interest groups.

Is that why the PAC is supporting a candidate that receives 87 percent of her campaign funds from outside her district?

Who are the individuals behind the PAC?

Will we have to wait until after the election, if then, to find out who they are?

In my 20-plus years in Douglas County I don’t recall seeing such vile dislike for a candidate.

I wonder how Jake would have responded to some of the accusations being made.

Sanford Deyo


Focusing on the future


Because Carson Valley residents have visited the Holy Land and the town of Bethlehem, perhaps the following will be of interest.

Gehan and Daoud Nassar are the closest people to sainthood that I anticipate meeting in this lifetime. I was privileged to meet them on their farm near Bethlehem in 2010. We enjoyed a delicious lunch in the cave they had excavated and finished out for a meeting room. Daoud oriented us to the Christian beliefs and philosophy of the family. He said that they do not languish over past injustices that they choose, instead, to concentrate their energies on current circumstances. Their motto: “We refuse to have enemies.

For over 10 years, the farm has sponsored peace camps. Local Palestinian youth from refugee camps and from the town of Bethlehem have come to get in touch with themselves and become confident in hope, faith, and love. Internationals from around the world have volunteered on the farm to help with the peace camps, build terraces, install solar panels, plant fruit trees, and the like.

Gehan taught part time at Bethlehem Bible College and had begun teaching computer skills to the local village women. She had also invited these Muslim women to the farm for workshops such as midwifery (this, in addition to supporting her two pre-teen children and fulfilling her duties as wife and mother.).

As we were touring the farm, we noticed a sign thanking a Jewish group from England. Apparently, after local extremist Jewish settlers cut down their treasured ancient olive grove of 40 trees, the Jewish group from England had donated 40 olive saplings which were planted by YMCA volunteers.

We were privileged to attend Sunday morning services at the Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem where the family is actively involved.

In spite of the Israeli military harassment (placing huge boulders in their roadway so that no vehicles could pass, shooting holes in their water tank…) the Nassars have maintained their pledge to have no enemies.

Daoud was sponsored to come to the 2012 United Methodist General Conference in Tampa, Florida. There, he spoke and assisted us in our campaign for a divestment resolution. He was most gracious and accommodating.

Imagine my surprise to learn that last Monday, May 19, the Israeli Defense Force came onto the farm with bulldozers. They destroyed terraces and over 1,500 fruit bearing trees and grapevines. Why? Why would the Israeli government allow such a travesty to occur? It makes no sense to me!

I have asked Senators Reid and Heller to investigate this incident. If you would like more information, please contact Senator Reid’s or Senator Heller’s office or The Tent of Nations website.

In dismay,

Linda Hiebert Sekiguchi


Thanks for your support


Once again our community has stepped up and shown compassion and appreciation to one of it’s own. A person who has always dropped everything going on in her own life to help any person in need. Of course, we are speaking of Mashelle Begovich.

The fundraiser for her, “Fight Fire with Fire,” referring to the loss of her home, not only reached, but surpassed the goal of $20,000, reaching a final tally of $20,535.

We sincerely thank the following businesses and individuals:

Les Schwab Tires; J.T.’s Basque Bar & Dining Room; Sharkeys; Angelo’s Bootery; Crossfit of Carson Valley; Body Language; Main Street Barber; Allstate Insurance; Jackson Quality Drywall; Shirley’s Grooming; Meeks; Fresh Ideas; Buckaroos; Country Carousel; Accolades; Ace Hardware; Trudy’s Salon; Corner Bar; Joyce’s Gifts & Antiques; Ginger’s Unique Boutique; Smoke Stack; Port of Subs; Tahoe Toffee Candy Company; Mel’s Car Wash; Wild Horse Restaurant; Déjà vu Salon; Country Club Restaurant; Just Fabulous Furniture; Wildflower; Woodetts Restaurant; Novus Glass; Pizza Barn; 5th Street Salon; Beachcomber; Trimmer’s Outpost; Home Depot; Nova Tile; Anytime Fitness; Beautiful by Design; Appoggio gym; Jiffy Lube; French Bar; Overland Basque Restaurant; 2 Spoiled; Saletti’s Restaurant; Especially For You; P & R Imports; Classical Glass; Carson Valley Inn; Camp Richardson; Guided Truck & Equipment; Studio Vogue: Frontier Antiques & Collectibles; Western Nevada Supply; Jay Aldrich Photography; Ben Justis Photography; Reams Western Store; Zephyr Cove Stables; Lynne Cauley Real Estate; Ahern Rentals; Battle Born; Maui Spray Tans; Carson Valley Golf Course; Pastease; Wayne’s Music; Southern Wine & Spirits; Norris Auto Body; North West Martial Arts; Genoa Bar; Katie Kent Massage Therapy; Origami Owl; Touch of Class Craft Fair; Manukian Family; “Nick” ; Garn Little Dyke; Robert & Marilyn Malkmus; Pamela Sturlin; Richard & Cassandra Ryan; Janet & Leonard Parker: Chris & Jim Beard; Don & Bonnie Jackson; E. Kristine Mallison; George Wennhold; George & MM Lucas; Lynnell Griffin; Pat & Stacy McKinnish; Scott Smith; Mike Schiller (Golden Nugget Automotive); Tim Brewster; Brian & Kim Munson; Judi Hannon; Ronald Noeleen Wilcks; Michael Coleman; Jerry Bing; Marta Sipan; Roy Larson; Harriet (Jo) Sportsman; Daniel Dixon; Sandra & Ed Martinez; Tom Cheney; Catherine Hopkins; W. Clark (Linda) Reed; Sue Bennett; Dave & Darnell Leegard; Charlie Daniels (signed fiddle); Special thanks for their extremely generous donations: Marie Lekumberry. Ranee Barsanti and Jessica Ledbetter.

Thanks to “Trippin’ King Snakes” band who donated their time and had everyone up and bogeying to their fantastic music. Extra special thanks to Dave/Jethro’s Oven-Grille and Sports Bar for not only donating the location, but all the food.

Laura Valenzuela, Arielle Finch, Shawna Hewson, Casey Braun, Janet Gookin, Gina Johnson, and Chris Beard, Bonnie Jackson


Horses helping humans


Maddi’s Friesian Ranch. The Gardnerville establishment is the No. 1 breeder of Friesian’s in the United States. The name conjures images of glistening, coal-black horses with luxuriant manes and high-stepping, powerful gaits.

The nonprofit Between Horses and Humans would like to foster another image for Maddi’s: one of overwhelming generosity and community spirit.

Between Horses and Humans works to pair young people who have emotional and behavioral issues with horses in a structured and supportive environment. We believe that children learn good work habits and develop new skills from working with horses, other people and themselves. Between Horses and Humans faced a serious problem of space to grow and expand. That was when Ruth Page and Greg Walsh, who own Maddi’s Friesian Ranch, stepped up. They offered their ranch and extensive facilities as our home base to provide more services to more children.

Lives Changed, Hearts Healed: that is the motto of our organization. The kindness, openness and contributions from Ruth and Greg, from their barn manager Stephanie Keplar, and their support staff, have helped immensely to change children’s lives and heal their hearts. We invite others in the community to thank them and join us in our future work.

There is a lot of great information at Maddi’s Friesian Ranch and Between Horses and Humans websites:



Donna Leandro

Volunteer, Between Horses and Humans