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Letters to the Editor for June 24, 2016

Pot calling the kettle black


This situation with Douglas County hammering on the Tahoe Sewer District is reminiscent of another case from long ago where the pot called the kettle black. I am neither defending nor offending the sewer district. I simply don’t know enough about the district to have an opinion on them.

What I do know is that Douglas County is guilty of some of the very charges it levied against the district, and the document I obtained under FOIA reveals how deceitful the county elements really are.

Douglas County DA charges the district directors of committing malfeasance. I ask: what about the nonfeasance Douglas County is guilty of in respect to the flooding in Johnson Lane?

Douglas County DA charges the district directors of violating open meeting laws. I ask: what about Douglas County violating open meeting laws by refusing to allow public attendance at the meetings of the Flooding Task Force in order to suppress the true causes of massive soil erosion?

After the 2014 flood, Douglas County officials performed analysis and concluded that Off-Highway-Vehicles are largely to blame for soil erosion and runoff into the neighborhoods.

In their internal official communique to BLM obtained through FOIA they wrote the following statements, and I quote:

“Hot Springs Mountain is experiencing degradation of its resources through erosion due to widespread OHV activity. This area is subject to unlimited access to OHVs, resulting in compacted soils, well-defined trails previously denuded of vegetation, and cross cutting of the trails across and down the mountain that concentrate storm event runoff onto these trails. Unfortunately, for the local residents, a significant volume of the runoff found the ‘path of least resistance’ via the OHV trails.”

The above are not my words but the words of Douglas County.

However, Douglas County is very sympathetic and tolerant of all the abuses OHV operators bestow upon our community. Not only do they refuse to do anything about the problems caused by OHVs. They refuse to publicly disclose their own findings regarding OHV contribution to flooding. They’d rather wash their hands of any action and bury their findings within BLM’s large bureaucracy.

Douglas County calls the sewer district a rogue agency, but what could be more rogue than not enforcing our laws and preventing OHVs from destroying our neighborhoods?

What could be more rogue than withholding important information about causes of flooding from victims of flooding?

Douglas County leadership has its darlings and its step children. Tahoe residents are an example of stepchildren, and OHV community is one of its most prized darlings.

This leadership does not work and if the Tahoe Sewer District needs dismantling, the Douglas leadership should be dismantled too.

Mark Garic