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Letters to the Editor for June 17

Employees serve the public


Although the election will be over before this is printed, I would like to respond to one comment made in a letter written by Thomas C. Starrett of Gardnerville.

Mr. Starrett stated in his letter in regard to all employees in the county employee unions, “Their mission is to get more pay and benefits.” I disagree. Their mission is to provide Mr. Starrett and everyone else in Douglas County with services.

I have the good fortune to know several of these employees, and they are conscientious and care deeply about the jobs that they do.

For him to belittle them and use them to make his point about his preferred candidate was inappropriate and rude. Mr. Starrett, you owe them an apology.

Christine Mills


Thanks for your support


I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to the voters of Douglas County for their support in Tuesday’s Primary Election. I am honored to have been elected Douglas County’s next commissioner from District 3. I pledge to represent every area of Douglas County equally and to serve the residents of Douglas County with honesty and transparency.

Larry Walsh


‘Big marijuana’ push coming


Nevada voters should now brace against millions of dollars from out-of-state “Big Marijuana” interests supporting Question 2 on the November ballot, the legalization of recreational marijuana. Voters need to realize that by voting “yes” on Question 2, they will be adopting all provisions of a 13-page initiative written by large corporate marijuana interests. Nevadans need to know what it is not. This initiative isn’t a Nevada-based libertarian effort to decriminalize or legalize marijuana.

Rather, the initiative is a special interest business plan crafted by and for large marijuana industry donors. It qualified for the ballot as a result of pot promoters paying $660,000 to mercenary signature gatherers. Passage will give monopoly powers to existing medical marijuana retailers and liquor wholesalers, while criminalizing Nevada citizens growing marijuana within 25 miles of the proponents pot shops. “Big Marijuana” wants to buy through an initiative that which they could not achieve in the scrutiny and compromise required of the legislative process. In reality, this initiative is false legalization.

“Big Marijuana” seeks to repeat in Nevada what worked for them in Colorado in 2012.

There, they financially overwhelmed opponents by 5 to 1, spending $3.4 million (90 percent from outside Colorado) in passing special interest legalization.

This enormous pro-pot advertising advantage overcame opposition from most all public officials — across the political spectrum from Democrats — like Colorado Governor Hickenlooper and Denver Mayor Hancock, to Republicans like Attorney General Suthers and Tea Party favorite, Congressman Buck.

The two leading newspapers in Colorado, the liberal Denver Post and the conservative Colorado Springs Gazette opposed legalization, as did the Colorado Education Association and the Greater Denver Chamber of Commerce.

Nevada voters beware.

“Big Marijuana” will be repeating the same discredited Colorado adverting falsehoods in Nevada — don’t get fooled.

Jim Hartman


Thanks for the great breakfast


A very special “thank-you” for the wonderful breakfast on June 11. I know it takes many hands to feed a whole town. As I picked up my plate and it was filled by so many volunteers, I recognized the Town of Minden board members, town staff and Main Street Minden.

They were either preparing the great breakfast or serving.

Thanks for your gracious, happy faces. The food was delicious.

It was a fun opportunity to enjoy friends, neighbors and some you might only see now and then.

What a great social event prior to the Carson Valley Days parade. Thanks again for all you efforts on behalf of the residents of the Town of Minden. It’s an event I look forward to each year.

Beverly Giannopulos