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Letters to the Editor for June 11

Football Coach Ernie Monfiletto takes a selfie with members of the Douglas High football squad on graduation day May 30.
Caryn Haller |

Mad as hell


On May 28, I was cited for a water violation by Gardnerville Ranchos Improvement General District Manager Bob Spellberg. So I went to the GID office on Mitch Drive. I explained the citation went to the wrong address. I was told I would have to appeal this citation in writing. Here you go Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District. Approximately 8:30 a.m., I was leaving for work and noticed a major flood coming from my neighbor’s yard into mine. I went to my neighbor’s house on James Road to let him know about the flood. He knew about it and made some calls. He’s a renter and didn’t have the necessary long J-Bar handle to shut off the main valve.

Now let’s just forget about the fact that the side of my house is completely flooded and my electrical cords submerged in water. I found out that the water was still running at least until 11:30 a.m. all the way to Tillman.

My grief isn’t with the broken pipe or with my neighbors; it’s with Bob. The five minutes it took Bob to write this citation could have been spent in two minutes by getting out of the truck and doing a little investigative work. A simple knock on the door could have resolved this instead of a continued waste of water.

Thanks again Bob for not getting back to me in a timely manner.

Mike Bush

Gardnerville Ranchos

Apology accepted


We, the citizens of Gardnerville, Minden, Reno, rode the highs with California Chrome and his owners from the Kentucky Derby on. Our excitement for a possible Triple Crown winner from our area was uncontainable. When California Chrome gave his all for a tied heat, fourth place at the Belmont Race Track on Saturday, we and 100,000 plus people at the racetrack in New York felt like deflated balloons. Steve Coburn, instead of sitting there weeping like a sad loser, used his emotions in a negative display for the whole world to watch and listen to in dismay. The sore loser left me aghast. I was embarrassed for him. But then today a wonderful thing occurred. I watched a broken and contrite man apologize to everyone, and he named them, using the TV and Internet to send his apologies, with his lovely wife sitting near him, who was probably the most embarrassed and hurt of all involved. She accepts his apology. I accept his apology. I do believe he is a redeemed man. We all love California Chrome. Go and make us proud again.

Carol Wentzel


Not fooled by Obama


A WWII vet, old but not senile. America is not at war with any country so we do not have prisoners at Gitmo. They are foreign criminals, murderers, and do not belong in an American prison, period Mr. Obama. Don’t try to pull that same old rhetoric. You want to close Gitmo and you pulled a political, disgusting stunt that proved your ignorance. Sadly you put America and its people in harms way.

You are not the only one who comes up with sick rhetoric. Reid is “happy these murderers were released.” He also referred to Americans (in Nevada) as terrorists.

Seems all you clowns have something clever to say. Mr. Kerry made an amicable statement regarding the ‘mid-East Deal’ using the word apartheid. Seems to me Hitler tried apartheid in the 1930s. That didn’t work out very well for the Jews. Eric Holder made a bright statement declaring State Attorney Generals are not obligated to defend laws they believe are discriminatory. Could it be, for instance, disregarding the fact that thousands are pouring in from the southern border and so out of hand Texas is busing hundreds, including children, every day to Arizona bus stops. Hillary made a brilliant remark regarding Benghazi stating “what difference at this point does it make.” Tell that to the families of four dead Americans. You, the American voter can save this country. God bless America.

William Lepore Sr.