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Letters to the editor for July 7

Traffic frustration?


Are you finding yourself being frustrated while driving because so many drivers do not abide by today’s traffic laws? I’m not talking about speeding or using their turn signals, I’m talking about where they are driving.

Is the middle lane through Gardnerville and Minden a turn lane, merge lane or driving lane? For many they think it is a driving lane and will drive in that lane until they are able to pull out into traffic. You may also notice that many drivers drive in that lane for several feet until they reach their desired turn because the traffic is backed up.

There are laws regarding the center lane and majority of today’s drivers are not aware of them or blatantly ignore them. Nevada Revised Statute 484B.223 refers to driving on a highway having multiple lanes for traffic, there are specific rules that apply to this statute.

If you are making a left-hand turn from the highway, you must not travel more than 200 feet in the center turn lane. It also states that you must not travel more than 50 feet in the center turn lane after making a left-hand turn onto the highway before merging with traffic. How many times have you been trying to turn only to find that there is an oncoming vehicle traveling in the center lane?

Vehicles impeding traffic is another frustration on the highway. Assembly Bill 329 will amend the existing law and enforce drivers to comply with such laws. Beginning July 1, if you are traveling at such a low rate of speed that slows the traffic on a highway with two or more lanes that are traveling in the same direction, you are required by law to drive in the far right-hand lane. If the driver knows or, should know, that they are being passed they are required by law to move over. If they fail to comply they can be ticketed. There are exceptions to this law such as if you are in the left-hand lane preparing to make a left-hand turn, construction or highway maintenance, traffic conditions such as weather or obstructions in the highway.

A violation of the law is a misdemeanor and will remain on your record for seven years. A first offense will be a fine of $50, second offense $100 and a third offense within that seven years will cost you $250.

The Nevada Department of Transportation is required to notify and advise the public of the requirements of this new traffic law within two years. They will prioritize the highways in this state which have two or more marked lanes based on the extent to which this new traffic law will have an effect on traffic safety and maintaining the free flow of traffic. They will be placing signs along the highways to advise drivers of the requirements of this new traffic law.

Please be aware of the vehicles around you and obey the traffic laws.

Audrey Slobe


Not much of a challenge


Newly minted Nevada Assembly candidate Patricia Ackerman’s June 27 letter “Trump reckless with future” is typical doctrinaire Democrat party propaganda.

Concerning her criticism of Trump’s climate accord exit, Paris was Obama’s booby prize after his 2009 Copenhagen climate scheme fell apart. Both deals would have required economically crippling restrictions on the US and bribes to get sign-ons from the worst polluter nations, like China and India. Copenhagen would also have excused the dirtiest nations from compliance, dooming its chances of passing the Senate as a treaty.

But it was the November 2009 leak of approximately 1,000 email messages from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) that really blew the lid off Copenhagen. The much-vaunted consensus of climate scientists, in their own words, admitted to falsifying data in order to continue receiving environmental grant money. And, no, these leaks were never discredited.

A few years later Obama and his globalist pals cooked up Paris as Copenhagen-lite, with slightly less damaging restrictions on the US, while delaying compliance for the worst polluters for decades. Like Copenhagen, Paris was DOA in the Senate with its jobs-killing agenda and ridiculous restrictions on already clean US commerce, forcing Obama to put it in place via executive authority.

The history of pop climatology began in the 1970’s as man-caused global cooling that was going to bring on a new ice age. The movement changed its name to global warming when temperatures started going up instead of down. But when the warming stopped and predictions of melting ice caps and rising sea levels that would consume coastlines and small islands failed to materialize, the scammers re-reinvented themselves as apostles of the more amorphous “man-caused climate change.” As their forecasts continue to be consistently wrong, even its thickest acolytes have begun to figure out that it’s not science, it’s just another godless religion of the left.

Perhaps as damning, climate change’s most prominent thought leaders are pollution-spewing jet operators, riding in chauffeured limos, living in energy-gobbling mansions. President Obama regularly commandeered two 747s to his many golf outings in Hawaii so that Bo, Michelle, and the kids could come back early. Their collective call to action to the gullible eco-warrior masses: Don’t live like us.

If Ms. Ackerman plans to establish her political career by recapitulating fraudulent talking points from left wing web sites, Assemblyman Wheeler has nothing to worry about.

Lois Bock