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Letters to the editor for July 5, 2017

The heart of the Carson Valley


I have lived in the Carson Valley for nearly 40 years. I remember telling my mother back in Michigan, “Mom, you won’t believe it, but walking down the street here, people actually make eye contact with you and say, ‘Hi.’”

Over the years, I’ve seen scores of fundraisers for numerous causes, and all of them were very successful. I have been involved in many of them, and I can say firsthand, the generosity in this Valley is eye-poppingly, heart-swellingly unbelievable. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be at the receiving end of one of those.

As it happened I have some serious health problems that go way beyond normal health care.

Being a retired school teacher, I have many ex-parents and ex-students. One of them, Davelyn Miyashiro, called me and asked if she could help. So she and her son, Ryan, got the fundraising ball rolling with a website and a public potluck dinner.

My eyes, heart, and soul could not believe what would happened next. The outpouring of generosity, love, prayers and support took me by complete surprise. The spectrum goes from dear, lifelong friends all the way to people I don’t even know giving, helping, hugging, and supporting me any way that they possibly could. My arms are all black and blue from me pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you for your extreme kindness. With all the love, support and prayers I have received, I can honestly say my heart has never felt better. And to quote an old athlete, “I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”

Ken Carr


Fisher is a great success story


I read with interest the excellent story in The Record-Courier on June 23 regarding former Douglas High School student/athlete Dusty Fisher.

Through study and a “intense” training regimen, Fisher has become one of our country’s elite intermediate sprinters.

With one more year of college eligibility remaining at Boise State, Fisher has personal bests of 20.57 seconds in the 200 meters, and 46.41 in the 400 meters.

These are incredibly fast times.

At DHS, Fisher was all-state in football, and all-league in baseball in 2013. Injured during his second season of football at Boise State, Fisher explored the opportunity in track and field.

Always one of the most interesting aspects of athletics is that young student athletes will challenge themselves by attempting to excel in a variety of sports. To excel at the level that Fisher has reached, is extraordinary.

I attended the sixth annual DHS alumni football golf tournament on June 16. Dusty was there with his brother, Davey. I met both brothers and sat in on the interview with Dusty and R-C Sports Editor Dave Price.

Fisher talked about the “mental challenge” to sprinting, and the physical pain that comes with sprinting one lap around the track.

He said, “every time I finish, I’m dead.”

Dusty Fisher is a testament to the great American virtue of, “study hard, and work hard.”

Working hard at his primary sport, but bright enough to explore opportunity in another sport, Fisher has willed himself through his intense study and hard work to excellence. It’s what makes following sports so interesting.

Go Tigers. Onward and upward in the Carson Valley.

Joe Hooven



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