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Letters to the editor for July 22

Denise Geissinger, Judge Thomas Gregory, Becky Gentry, Crystal Allen, Taime Vogel, Fiona Wohlman, Judge Nathan Tod Young, and Linda Cuddy
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Thanks for the vote


We would like to give our sincere appreciation to the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners who voted 5-0 to deny the Greenstone solar industrial plant on irrigated pastureland between Muller Lane and Genoa Lane. Their denial of the project continues the wonderful legacy of stewardship of our community leaders over the past 50 years. Due to their courageous and thoughtful decision, our beautiful Carson Valley will be preserved for generations to come. The board members who voted to deny the project are Nancy McDermid, Greg Lynn, Barry Penzel, Doug Johnson and Steve Thaler, of whom we will always be appreciative. Citizens of Douglas County, if you have an opportunity, please tell them thanks.

We would also like to thank the thousand-plus citizens who signed the petition against this project, who telephoned and e-mailed the county in opposition to the project and attended the July 2 board meeting. Since we were the only residence adjacent to the project, we were alone. But we called our angels…and you showed up. You are our angels. Thank you so much.

This horrendous experience has taught us a couple things. First, it has taught us never again to take for granted this incredibly beautiful place we call home. Secondly, it has taught us that our community has very strong values and it’s not about money. It’s about quality of life and fighting for that which we hold dear.

We also want to thank county staff who worked under intense scrutiny with the utmost professionalism. They worked diligently to insure the Board of County Commissioners had all the correct information to make an informed decision.

In the end, the right decision for our community was made. To those many ranchers who supported us in opposition to this project, we give a heartfelt thank you. To those ranchers who were for the solar plant, we continue to extend our hand in friendship and we commit to work with you to find other more appropriate solutions to help you remain economically viable. Thank you, ranchers, for the work you do everyday to keep our Valley beautiful. We are your neighbors and we will never forget the Valley’s beauty is, in part, based on your efforts.

Steve and Mary Walker


Deputies should be respected


I was in Raley’s (July 13) and witnessed a truly uplifting encounter. There was a DCSO Deputy, whose name I unfortunately forget, that approached a young boy and gave him a sticker of a DCSO badge and engaged him in an interaction that totally thrilled him. I made a point to thank the deputy for what he did and told him how wonderful it was that he instilled such a positive impression with this youngster. It’s so important, when the media and politicians do so much to demonize law enforcement, that we all do what we can to teach our children, as we were taught as children, that officers and deputies are to be trusted and respected. God bless this deputy.

Tom Peterson


Let voters decide on connectivity


Douglas County Public Information Officer Melissa Blosser has produced a 23-minute fawning YouTube video promoting the Connectivity initiative. This means Blosser’s boss, County Manager Jim Nichols and at least some of the commissioners, have bought into the expensive PR campaign to raise your taxes and put you in debt for another shiny vanity project, a wealth transfer from you to the hospitality industry.

Aug. 6 could be a big payday for the professional Connectivity champions at the Board of County Commissioners meeting. You might want to drop by and let the commissioners know how you feel.

If you’re an average tax and fee payer watching Blosser’s video, prepare to scratch your head — a lot. Is it some new sales technique to insult you with the sneering taunt that Connectivity would “only” cost you $5 per person per month? Yeah, you tightwad.

Then there’s the gauche, classless, and manipulative comment from a bicycle accident victim’s relative who suggested that a Connectivity-style bicycle pathway might have prevented his family’s loss. Blosser should be ashamed of that.

Rather than do what is honest and ethical and allow Douglas County residents to vote on the Connectivity initiative, to weigh the plusses and minuses without government putting its thumb on the scale, Connectivity’s paid spokespeople are being allowed to ram it through on the cheap.

The problem is that while Douglas County’s version of the genius bar is looking to force the Obamanomics-whipped private sector over a fiscal cliff, mid-market employers who pay serious taxes and fees are failing or leaving.

We just lost Lentine’s, Minden Food Co., and Tahoe Ridge, even as the Lira’s Market and Ironwood Grill locations sit empty. The businesses may be gone, but they left behind their jobless ex-employees who will be joining seniors on fixed incomes and paycheck-to-paycheck families in the race to the bottom of the prosperity scale. Yes, let’s go through their pockets like Millet’s gleaners to pay for Connectivity while the big bucks leave the county right under our noses.

Have any of Nichols’ highly paid propagandists researched exactly how hard Sandoval’s new gross receipts and other taxes will hit the county economy? Nevada Controller Ron Knecht is warning that GRTs are very destructive, especially to businesses that operate in competitive, low profit-margin industries. They even tax firms that are losing money.

Nichols, Blosser, and the others who signed off on this video neither know nor care about the needs and desires of the citizens who pay their salaries, those they presume to serve. They’re governing against the will of the voters because they’re in the tank for Connectivity’s utopian sales pitch. It’s we, the people, who will be on the hook for enormous new debt and taxes.

Welcome to Douglas County government, where the paying customers are always wrong.

Lynn Muzzy


Our tax dollars at work

We have all complained or shaken our heads at the endless examples of how our government wastes so much of our hard-earned money. Well, Planned Parenthood receives over $500 million from taxpayers every year. Last week we found out that, according to Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s senior director of medical services, Planned Parenthood is selling baby body parts to the tune of $30-$100 per specimen (depending on whether it’s a heart or a liver or a lung). The left calls this “tissue” but this doctor names the organs: hearts, livers, lungs – those are organs, not just “tissue.” This is so wrong on way too many levels to list here, but it is also illegal. “Buying or selling human body parts is a federal felony” (42 U.S. Code 274e). “The commercial trafficking of body parts from an aborted baby is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and/or fine of up to $500,000” (42 U.S. Code 289g-2). To see the video for yourself, go to http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/acts-of-faith/wp/2015/07/15/congressional-state-investigations-into-planned-parenthood-underway-after-undercover-video-goes-viral/.

This is an example of the worst kind of human depravity – murdering babies and selling their organs for profit. And all the while telling the mother that she is “well within her rights and doing the best thing for her own happiness.” Will anyone give this issue more than mere lip-service? Will Congress defund Planned Parenthood?

God help us all.

Teri A. Cotham


Rite of Passage ladies a big help


On behalf of the Carson Valley Lions Club, I would like to thank the young ladies from Rite of Passage who helped us with the pancake breakfast at Heritage Park on July 4. These girls worked diligently and cheerfully to set up and take down tables and chairs and to help with clean-up after the event. I would also like to thank the folks who stopped by to have breakfast, and the Town of Gardnerville for inviting the Lions to serve at the park. Community support at fundraisers like this is what enables the Lions to help provide for people in need in Carson Valley.

Dave Thomas

President Carson Valley Lions Club