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Letters to the editor for July 19, 2018

Members of the Active 20 -30 Club of Carson Valley (red vests), members of the Douglas County youth volleyball division and Douglas County Parks and Recreation Department staff. The $5000 contribution to the Douglas County Parks and Recreation Department will go to youth participating in County Sports Programs. The club was able to provide this donation through fundraising efforts such as the Carson Valley Days.
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Support for the wild horses


I am a resident of Carson Valley, I have been just about my entire life, besides a few years in Virginia, where I served in the U.S. Navy. One of the things that I did in the military was work to help keep the freedoms Americans enjoy a reality. To fight against the evils of this world, people who have no regard for freedom or for life in general.

Well I am out of the military now, back home in Nevada for a few years now, and here I am again, helping to keep freedom a reality, but not for people this time, but for the wild horses of the Fish Springs area.

I have been going out to see and photograph these symbols of freedom for over a year now. I have met people from all over the United States, and even the world, who have came just to see these horses. People who have only months left to live, on the range in Gardnerville, fulfilling a lifelong bucket list dream to see wild horses. Why do people love them so much? Why do tears fall down the cheeks of just about everyone who sees them for the first time? Could it be because freedom, and the wild spirit in these majestic animals is something we all long for. A basic right in life that everyone should enjoy, and have access to. Whether they are human or animal, every soul longs to be free.

So why do we take that away? Why do we take that away from these horses? Horses that fought along side us in battle, who have given their lives along with countless humans, to win our own freedom… Why is their’s now fleeting? In just a few weeks the Fish Springs herd will be removed, and they will go to a holding facility, that is so cramped, running will be but a memory.

I vow to fight for these horses, because what happens to them is not right and it should NEVER be accepted by the public.

Please help spread awareness for these horses, they once fought for us, and now it’s our turn to fight for them!

Rhiannon Latragna


Learn from mistakes of the past


Lynn Muzzy asked during the July 5 commissioners meeting that they ensure that the next county manager is a registered Republican. Muzzy said he felt that in such a Republican county it is important that the county manager reflect residents’ sensibilities.

We also have a very large number of Californians here. Do we want to reflect their sensibilities as well? We all know what happens in California when political party will triumphs over common sense. Seriously, do we really want the same thing to happen here?

What Douglas County needs is an educated, professional, experienced manager with no conflicts of interest. Period. Party affiliation should never be taken into account when hiring a public administrator. Qualified public and private sector individuals should be considered. Why limit ourselves to the smallest pool of candidates? There may have been problems in the past; they can be laid on the vetting process. Improve the caliber of the background checks and thorough review of each applicant and their resumes. Hopefully lessons were learned by the last failure.

Maureen Casey