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Letters to the Editor for Jan. 18

Thanks for the rescue


I am writing this letter on behalf of myself and my wife Patty, to express our appreciation to Aspen Park, the Community Emergency Response Team, and Douglas County Community Center.

Patty and I remembered well the flood of 2005 in Aspen Park. The river crested and there was water in front of our home. Fortunately, no damage was done. The January 8, 2017, flood turned out to be a different story. Imagine looking out your front door to see a significant wall of water running down the street. The first to show up was the East Fork Fire department who asked us to evacuate. The Aspen Park manager, Michele Taylor was riding with the Fire Department. Her husband Bill was following behind the Fire Truck in their personal car. By this time I had waded across the street to get my neighbors Sue and Erin, their three cats, and any medications they might need. Standing there with my dogs on a leash, a cat in a carrier in each hand, as we loaded the three cats and Sue and Erin into Bill Taylor’s car. East Fork advised us to go the Douglas County Community Center. When we got to the Community center, we were greeted by Travis Lee, Linda Skaggs, and Ryan, who welcomed us as the CERT Team signed us in. CERT had a special van set up with kennels for the dogs and cats. We were told to proceed to the cafeteria where sandwiches, fruit drinks and coffee were waiting for us. After a couple of minutes in the very nice spacious cafeteria I started to worry about another neighbor. So I jumped in the car and drove back to Aspen Park. The neighbor I was worried about had left. But my next door neighbor was still there so I knocked on her door. She couldn’t see to drive the car at night so was going to stick it out. I told her get your purse and any medications and come with me to the Community Center. So Almita joined the rest of the Aspen Park Gang drinking coffee and eating sandwiches in the cafeteria.

The CERT team had already set up cots (on loan from East Fork) in a large room towards the back of the Community Center for us to spend the night. The Community Center had a warm friendly atmosphere to it. I found myself thinking that it was worth every penny we put into it!

Finally I would like to thank Bill Sugden, Brenda Robertson, and all the members of the CERT team who volunteer and go through training for emergencies like this one. It is really nice to know that we do live in a caring community. I would also like to thank Michelle and Bill Taylor for coming around Aspen Park and checking on everyone. To all of you, it shows you care.

Gordon and Patty Moseley

Aspen Park

178 attend St. Gall Christmas dinner


The 18th annual Noel Christmas Dinner for those without family at St. Gall Church on Christmas day was a huge success with 178 guests and volunteers attending.

I would like to thank the many people who worked on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning to prepare the food. The others who set-up tables and chairs and decorated on Christmas Eve night. And all those who donated desserts and money for the event.

With guests arriving early as 11:45 a.m. to get out of the cold, (1 p.m. is the usual start time) our volunteer greeters, the crew who make coffee, punch and prepare the snacks for the wine table make it possible to welcome those early birds.

We had a new chef this year, Dan Delorey who did an excellent job preparing the traditional dinner of turkey, ham, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans almondine, mixed salad, homemade cranberry sauce and rolls. Katy Weber who annually donates the sweet potato casserole for the event and Marolyn Vadnais who donates the ingredients, makes the punch and serves it, too.

Our servers always perform with smiles and courtesy as the people go through the buffet line around 2 p.m.

We had the help of some families with young people who made their parents proud with the way they handled themselves and took responsibility to make the guests comfortable. They helped with the gift exchange and desserts and many others tasks..

It was wonderful that some help came after the event to help with the packing and cleanup of the kitchen and pastoral center. That allowed those who were there early in the morning to go home without guilt. We can’t thank those who help with the cleanup enough.

This yearly event could not happen without the help and assistance of many people. There are too many people to list, but personal thank yous have been sent to all who contributed their time, talent and money.

And a special thanks to the Knights of Columbus who assist by putting up the tables and to the Record Courier for the articles and calendar announcements. We don’t know from year to year if this event will take place so getting the word out to the community is greatly appreciated and so far we have made it a tradition for 18 years.

Rita Hill

Event Coordinator

Thanks for recognizing new officials


A thank-you to Record-Courier reporter Amy Alonzo for writing a delightful and accurate report on the two dozen County officials who were sworn into office on Jan. 3, at the Douglas County Judicial & Law Enforcement Center. With the ceremony taking place in judge Tod Young’s courtroom, a crowd of 60 people, including family members, local activists, and County officials witnessed both a moving and fun event. Moving when Judge Young asked each elected official to raise their right hands and swear to support, protect, and defend the Constitution.

Fun when the smiles of both the candidates and the spectators overwhelmed the courtroom. The smile and the love for her Father, revealed by the daughter of newly elected County Commissioner Larry Walsh, was notable. With camera in hand, the wife of Genoa Town Board Member Steven Shively, could be seen working her way through the crowd, smiling as broadly as the subjects she photographed.

We’re fortunate to have some smart, and qualified people serving our County. If you’ve seen Minden Town Board Member John Stephen’s run a Board meeting, you know he is among the best. His fellow Board Member Bill Souligny, a neighbor of mine, is a principled and deliberate Board Member, with an eye on the public purse. The buzz in the crowd was the positive expectations of new Douglas County commissioners Larry Walsh, Dave Nelson, and Barry Penzel. Consensus was a emphasis on fiscally sound policies will be the order of the day.

Judge Young spoke to the crowd, saying we live in a country, and a community where we choose our leaders. He then said, “We live in the greatest Country on the planet” Speaking off the cuff, the Judge talked about the beauty of the Carson Valley. How fortunate we are to live in this beautiful place, where, each morning we awake, gaze at the sky, the mountains, the sun, the clouds, and wonder what nature’s surprises are. At the conclusion of the ceremony, with a smile on my face, I approached Judge Young and informed him that wife Janet and I are new residents to Minden. I told him that’s exactly what I do each morning. I too look at the mountains, the sun, the sky,and the clouds, and give thanks for the beauty of this Valley.

A truly memorable day in the Carson Valley.

Joe Hooven