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Letters to the editor for Friday, Sept. 1, 2017

The Nevada High School Rodeo girls parade through Corley Ranch at the 2017 Basque Fry.
Brad Coman |

Trump administration under attack from Dems


Douglas County Democrat Chair Kimi Cole’s recent letter to the editor asserts that Vice President Pence “supported the President’s decision not to denounce hate and bigotry.” Is that right?

Regarding Charlottesville, black-masked Antifa thugs brought rocks, nail-studded clubs, and other assorted weapons to stage a premeditated attack on a small group with a legal assembly permit that opposed removing Confederate era statues. Some of them were carrying guns, but they showed remarkable restraint ­— nobody got shot. President Trump blamed both sides for the violence, which was being generous to Antifa, which I consider a para-military wing of the Democrat Party.

Since President Trump declared for President, we know (from convicted felon Bob Creamer’s admission on a Project Veritas undercover video), that the Democrat Party has coordinated with super PACs to hire professional thugs to attack Trump supporters and disrupt his campaign events. Democrat goon squads continue to disrupt Republican events, most recently the annual Basque Fry on Aug. 26. Several of President Trump’s appointees and their families are being harassed and threatened in their homes, including Ajit Pai (FCC) and Betsy DeVos (Education).

It was just two months ago that super-Democrat James Hodgkinson tried to assassinate a group of Republican Congressmen at a baseball field with a (gasp) assault rifle.

Ms. Cole’s party peddles a lot of lies: welfare cures poverty, only whites can be racist, free market capitalism is oppressive, gender is malleable, abortion is just a choice, unions help workers, and trace amounts of CO2 control the climate. The hate and bigotry are on Cole’s side of the political aisle. Democrats’ response to free speech they oppose is obstruction and violence.

The fact is, Vice President Mike Pence and President Trump have shown more integrity, character and honor than any sitting politician in the Democrat party today.

Marshall Goldy


Leadership class unveiling project to help county residents


Leadership Douglas County (LDC) is a program sponsored by the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce. According to its mission statement, it is “a community leadership program designed to develop informed, involved, and knowledgeable community members for Douglas County” in hopes of creating community leaders who will take active participation in helping create “a vision for the future.” Every year, the LDC class creates a project that demonstrates its understanding of and interest in the workings of Douglas County. As the culminating assignment of the yearlong program, this project will address the community’s needs for both the present and its future.

This year’s LDC class has envisioned a project that will have lasting positive effects on our community. We are forming a Community Foundation for Douglas County. It is our hope that this Foundation will provide a vehicle by which donors can designate portions of their estate into an endowment fund to benefit local nonprofits. We, as a class, believe that the formation of this foundation is a very worthwhile project. Thousands of dollars to the community are lost when estates have no named beneficiaries. Our Community Foundation will make it easier for people to bequeath monies to the community instead of it being lost to other agencies.

Currently we are making presentations to government officials, service groups, nonprofits and others in the community to foster interest in our idea. We have even put together a short presentation on YouTube for interested parties: https://youtu.be/KXF1HWtqYak.

We know that we can’t reach everyone in our short amount of project time and that’s why we are reaching out to the general public through printed and online media outlets.

If you are interested in this project or know someone that might be interested, such as a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or family member, please contact our project leader, Nick Hinkell, nick@bentlyfoundation.org, with any questions.

We will be hosting an informational meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 1, at the Community Center on Waterloo. We hope to bring together those who have expressed interest during our presentations, who have a heart for giving, and the resources to move this project forward with experts in the field who can help us answer more detailed questions. Please attend this meeting if you would like more information.

As a member of the 2017 Leadership Douglas County class, I’d like to thank you in advance for helping us turn this idea into a giving legacy for Douglas County and its future residents.

Daunelle Wulstein