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Letters to the editor for Friday, Oct. 27, 2017

Scarcelli students enjoying their reward for collecting at least $50 each in donations for their school on Oct. 18.
Margaret Pross | Margaret Pross

Presidents’ words, not mine


I had hoped that there would be no need to revisit the NFL player kneeling matter. But I must reply to Mr. Broquist’s letter published Oct. 18, 2017, “Ignoring the protest of millionaires” which singled me out personally.

Contrary to Mr. Broquist, my letter of Oct. 4, 2017, “Not wisest choice,” did not indicate or even suggest NFL players were being denied First Amendment rights.

As for allegedly calling our “elected” President a S.O.B., I merely asked if the phrase he used shouldn’t be applied to someone who disrespects the right to freedom of speech. Does the President disrespect that right? If the expression offends, it was the President’s not mine.

The letter declared that I am “clearly not a Trump fan.” Criticizing a favorite athlete for one play or game does not indicate whether I am a fan of that athlete or not. Alluding to President Trump’s behavior in this one matter does not indicate or even insinuate my overall opinion of his performance.

Declaring that I need to “embrace the concept of the First Amendment” is perplexing. My letter clearly adheres to the freedom of speech and states the right does not also grant a freedom from consequences for what is said. This seems to be in complete line with the content of Mr. Broquist’s letter.

It may be of interest that I agree the NFL players have a right to kneel during the National Anthem even though it disrespects that for which our flag stands. Although not mandatory, NFL players are also subject to consequences for their actions and can be fired by the team owners because they have sullied the team’s image but not because they offend the sensibilities of the President.

It is perplexing. Mr. Broquist’s letter seems to attempt discrediting my letter and then assuming most of its basic tenets?

Ben Justus


It wasn’t a war


EPA Director Pruitt’s announcement that the “War on Coal” is over was disappointing. There is no “War on Coal,” just an effort to move toward clean, sustainable energy to support our nation into the future. But calling it that makes those poor coal companies sound victimized by us terrible people who believe everyone should have breathable air and drinkable water.

In Saturday’s USA Today we read that pollution kills 9 million people a year worldwide. The good news is it’s fixable through laws and regulations mandating clean air and water, things that we have passed in this country. Unfortunately, they are now being rolled back by Director Pruitt and President Trump.

Coal miners still need work, so we should offer training in well-paid jobs that are in demand and have a better quality of life, rather than pushing them back into the dangerous, life-shortening job of coal mining. Just as horse-drawn buggies gave way to automobiles, and now cleaner running vehicles, coal needs to give way to cleaner, modern forms of energy.

We owe it to ourselves and the rest of world to be part of the solution, not add to the problem.

Vicki Bates


Oppose foreign drug law


The Nevada Sheriffs’ and Chiefs’ Association formed in 1953, is a professional association dedicated to the cooperation and understanding of all law enforcement agencies in the State of Nevada in order to provide law enforcement services of the highest and professional standards to the citizens of the State of Nevada. It has come to our attention that the Senate is considering S.469, a bill which would amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to allow for the importation of foreign drugs into the United States without going through the FDA approval process.

We along with other law enforcement associations strongly oppose this legislation. It is our belief this bill will dramatically increase the flow on illicit prescription drugs into the United States.

Passage of this bill would open the door to increased amounts of counterfeit prescription drugs many of which could contain fentanyl resulting in an increase in overdoses and death. We further believe this would add to the continuing opioid epidemic facing our nation.

We strongly urge you to oppose this proposed legislation.

Troy Tanner

Mesquite Chief of Police

Nevada Sheriffs’ and Chiefs’ Association president