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Letters to the editor for Friday, March 9, 2018

Thanks for making crab feed a hit


On behalf of the Carson Valley Sertoma Club membership, board, and event committee, we would like to say thank you to everyone who made the 9th annual Crab and Tri-tip Dinner such a success.

We appreciate and thank the Douglas County Community & Senior Center (a full partner with us this year), the Senior Center staff, the dining room staff, and the Douglas High School culinary students who worked unceasingly to ensure the buffet table was always full of delicious crab, tri-tip, and all the fixings.

Many thanks to all who donated items for both our silent auction and raffles: Genoa Golf Lakes Course, Genoa Golf Ranch Course, Zephyr Cove, Blue Water Day Spa, El Dorado Casino & Resort, Atlantis Casino & Resort, Carson Valley Inn Casino, Montbleu Resort Casino & Spa, Studio 395, Especially For You, Carson Valley Swim Club, Christensen Automotive, Crafts and Cocktails, Douglas County Historical Society, Honeysuckle Hair Salon, Minden Deli and Meat, Studio 6, Tires Plus, Alpen Sierra Coffee, Walmart, Standard Diesel and Repair, Wa She Shu Casino & Travel Plaza, and C.O.D. Casino.

And we especially thank the Carson Valley community for your continued support of this annual fundraiser, the profits of which go to the Senior Hot Soup Program and other non-profit community groups throughout Douglas County. You help us make Carson Valley even better.

Fran Steffen, Crab & Tri-tip Dinner Chair and the Committee Richard Hamzik, President, CV Sertoma and the Board


Democrats took guns out of schools


Old timers will tell you that our schools weren’t always gun free zones. Students brought their rifles for marksmanship training and shotguns for bird hunting. Mass shootings at schools were unheard of until the Democrat school administrators and teachers’ unions made guns politically incorrect, steadfastly refusing to qualify teachers to carry and use guns to defend their pupils.

Democrats made a cold-blooded decision, years ago, to use gun murders to demonize their political enemies and advance their agenda. The Clinton/Feinstein 1994 national assault weapon and large capacity magazine ban passed using this tactic, a law which failed to prevent – among other mass shootings – Columbine in 1999. The only good thing about this rolling unconstitutional outrage is that it had a 10-year sunset.

Democrats stand on the bodies of murder victims to advance their political agenda. They strip minorities of their Second Amendment rights and consign them to “gun free” inner cities where they’re robbed, raped, beaten and killed. Thousands of black lives are lost to inner-city shootings every year in Chicago, Baltimore, and other “gun free” zones, for which the Democrats blame the law abiding membership of the NRA. No NRA member has ever committed one of the mass shootings.

As to Parkland, the Democrat Broward (rhymes with “coward”) sheriff had as many as four deputies on site, listening to the gun shots, doing nothing. The department received 66 prior warnings about the murderer, including from Cruz himself. Yet the mainstream media blames the Republican governor. Yeah, that’s how it works.

Marshal Goldy


Move to Australia


A writer on last week indicated that conservatives are emotional and liberals are logical. Yeah, right.

No one went to an “Arpaio rally.”

Hillary does not look “Christ-like” to anyone.

Hillary’s husband was a far-worse womanizer than our current president.

NRA, God, guns, immigrants. Uhhh, what?

If a few unknown people in schools are armed and able to defend students and teachers, then schools DON’T have to resemble prisons.

Australia did not initiate gun control. It was gun confiscation.

Additional emotional nonsense that made no sense whatsoever.

Solution: You like Australia better? Move there! I call that win-win.”

Bill Magladry