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Letters to the editor for Friday, March 14, 2018

Showing the Carrs we care


As many in our community already know, Ken Carr (for those that don’t know him, a teacher in our area for 33 years) underwent heart transplant surgery in August 2017. Complications with his recovery resulted from mold found in his home. It is estimated that $20,000 to $30,000 is needed to remove it.

The estimate does not include the subsequent repair and/or replacement of moldy items.

Homecoming was a joyous affair after being hospitalized 250 miles away from home for the four months following the heart transplantation. Sadly, only one week later, the first of four returns to the hospital occurred, 2 of the 4 by Careflight. It was discovered that mold in the house was responsible for these health setbacks.

What should have been a new lease on life for Ken is, instead, just borrowed time/a lease that may expire way too soon if the mold is not removed. Heart transplant surgery is a risk in itself. When the air one breathes is a threat, any attempt to get well is akin to running a double marathon, tied together as in a 3-legged race. Currently, Ken and his wife of 37 years, Joy, are having to rent an apartment while also maintaining the payment on a home that Ken cannot live in. Life should not be this hard for kind folk like the Carrs. Their former active lives as volunteers in the community and at church are in limbo. They are caught between a rock and a harder place with no wiggle room, and are at their wit’s and financial end.

The Carrs are willing to sell their home of 34 years, but the mold removal and subsequent repair must be done first. This last ditch effort is being stymied by an insurance company dragging its corporate feet.

Youcaring.com is a site that is accepting donations on their behalf. The Carrs did not ask for this to be done. They remain thankful for all of the earlier assistance by our community. The donations collected last year paid for a lot of the medical expenses incurred by the heart transplant.

The Carrs do not bellyache. One would not know what they are going through because they have been plugging along in silence, mired in disappointment and debt. Youcaring.com was voluntarily set up by my family for the Carrs. It was unbearable for us to see good people like Ken and Joy tapped out and going down for the count. Who would know that a beloved home could be such a lethal weapon?

Thirty-thousand $1 donations are all that is needed to give this kind couple a boost up. Please help if you can and, if you can’t, please send good thoughts their way. Any kindness is greatly appreciated.

Davelyn Miyashiro and Family


Denim & Diamonds a big hit


As we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Austin’s House with Denim & Diamonds on Feb. 24, you could feel the love for the kids in the room.

We laughed, cried, enjoyed the food, danced, and bid on some wonderful prizes donated by businesses and individuals in Northern Nevada. We bid farewell to our outgoing executive director, Kathleen Miller, and welcomed our new one, Marla Morris.We would like to thank the businesses and people who gave donations, whether a silent auction item, a discount, or their time so Austin’s House could continue its mission: The Austin Kirby Foundation, Baker Hughes/GE, Carson City Toyota, Linda Cuddy Stieber, John Stieber, Carson Valley Medical Center, The Record-Courier, Knights of Columbus, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, Kerry Stack and the DHS Culinary Arts dept., Daniel Cewinski Photography, Adele’s, Andy & Janice Rice, Applebee’s, Artsy Fartsy, Atlantis, Bead Store, Bespoke Studio, Bike Habitat, Bing Materials, Café Girasole, Capital Beverage, Carson City Symphony, Carson City Tire Pros, Carson City Toyota, Carson Nugget, Carson Tahoe Jewelers, Carson Valley Community Theater, Carson Valley Inn, Casino Fandango, Cheryl Broumley, Chili’s, Chocolate Shoppe, Cocomoes Q & Catering Too, Courtyard Marriott Carson City, Cynfully Essentials, D.C. Community Center, Dancing Deer, Dangberg Ranch, David Walley’s, Debra Dannehl, Drew Aguilar, Carson Valley CPA, East Fork Fire, El Dorado, Ella K. Laden CPA, Emerald Bay Cruises, Funky Poodle Dog Grooming, Genoa Station Bar & Grill, Gina Reiboldt, Ginger’s Unique Boutique, Gold Dust West, Grill Next Door, Hard Rock Hotel – Lake Tahoe, Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, J.T. Basque, James & Susan Zliban, Jay Marriage, DDS, Joe Duffy for Sheriff, Joey Navarro, JT Humphrey, Kaleidoscope, Khristopher’s Ristorante, Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel, Lisa Daggett, Lisa Getz, Marc and Vicki Preston, Mark Smith- Les Schwab Tires, Max’s Pet Supplies, Melanie Walters, Michael Hohl Automotive, Millward Law, Minden Meat & Deli, Minden Med Spa, Minden Tahoe Airport, Mom & Pop’s Diner, Mont Bleu, Morell, Northern Nevada Coin, Nevada Railroad Museum, Optima Advertising, Over a Barrel, Papa Murphy’s, Penny Lane, Peppermill, Pink House, Pizza Hut, Purple Avocado, Red’s Old 395, Resort at Squaw Creek, Robin Grueninger, Roundtable Pizza, San Francisco 49ers, Settelmeyer Ranch, Shakespeare Festival, Sherese Settelmeyer, Shirley Diepen, Sierra Event Rentals, Sierra Smiles Dentistry, Sorensen’s, Southwest Airlines, Southwest Designs, Starbucks Coffee Co., Steve McVicar CPA, Studio E Dance & Aerial Arts, Sugar Pine Willows, Tahoe Bath & Candle Works, Tahoe Toffee, Thai Jasmine, Theresa Gentry, This n That Marketplace, Tires Plus, Tom Edis Landscape Inc., Trader Joe’s, Trimmer Outpost, Vail Resorts, Whitney Peak Hotel, Wild Horse, Wyndham Garden Max Casino, Youphoria Yoga and Massage Studio, Yribarren Vineyards, and Panchita’s Killer Salsa.

Our community is indeed our strength. Thank you to everyone who came out and attended. We loved celebrating with you.

Diane Ortenzio-Cooling

2018 Event Chair


Do you hear it?


A national talk show host posed that question recently, referring to the sound of change in the wind.

The President’s popularity and trust has hit rock bottom. Congress can’t get anything accomplished. The only thing coming out of Washington is a lot of hot air.

But the sound of change is in the wind.

The vast majority of Americans, according to trustworthy polls, are sick and tired of mass shootings with weapons such as AR-15s (a weapon designed for mass killing in war). Even the National Rifle Association is finally losing ground. Several major airlines have pulled their NRA low fare offer and several major companies have withdrawn their support. Anguished young survivors of the last school shooting are making their voices heard around the country. And people are listening.

That’s the sound of change in the wind.

Our “leaders” have failed to come up with a popular health care plan. Social Security and Medicare are threatened.

The list of nonaccomplishments, it seems, is endless. If you are part of the discontented mass majority, only action on your part can make those changes happen. You must be registered and you must vote. Those young voices can really be heard if they register and vote. Not just in the once-every-four-years presidential election, but in mid-terms (2018) when we can give Congress power to take action.

In fact, we need all of our 18-and-older citizens to vote and participate at the local and state level. Stop by the Douglas County Clerk’s office and register.

Hear that sound? It’s the sound of change. And it’s getting louder.

Pat Stanley


Who is the anointed one?


Yes, I am disgusted with all the talk about how great all the Democrats and Republican lawmakers are, and all the fake news media and TV stations.

I am disgusted with people who cannot even respect the President to the United States. I am disgusted with folks that cannot call the Commander in Chief the President. It does not matter if you are Republican or Democrat, you still need to respect the President of the United States of America. Granted all presidents may have some faults, does anybody remember Bill Clinton?

Did he have any faults in the oval office? Do we all forget what faults the out-going presidents have done? The news media has lost it, nothing but fake news, no respect of even calling themselves American. They are making the Democrats look stupid.

How about telling some good news about how President Trump is making America great, like his major accomplishments in his first year in office?

Such as the 1.) Stock market, the Dow is back up at the all-time high. 2.) The U.S. debt has decreased by billions. 3.) Jobs have risen over 1 million. 4.) Unemployment has decreased below 4.0 percent. 5.) Inflation has decreased to a 12-month low. 6.) Housing sales are on the rise and are selling. 7.) Has stopped burdensome regulation, allowing companies to spend their money and less permits.

Yes, I could go on and on how the President has completed major accomplishments, but guess what, “fake news media” will never back this up.

All they want is to destroy America, along with the President. Yes, I am disgusted with the fake news on Russia, Russia, how about telling the truth about Hillary Clinton and the DNC paying for the Russia crap. Yes, It is all crap. When will the media and house Democrats come together as a “Nation Under God.”

Yes, I am disgusted with people who do not respect our Second Amendment, or even respect the Constitution that our government lives by. Yes, I do respect the Second Amendment and I also respect the National Rifle Association, and if you could see the list of over a million members you would see that there are members who are Democrats, that do own firearms, and are also sportsmen that respect the Second Amendment. The fight to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right of the individual.

Again, if you are not a member of the NRA, you need to join tomorrow. The lawmakers seem to go along with the fake news media and hate the NRA. So, that’s another good reason to join the NRA, as it is a great organization that protects the second amendment and the sportsman.

And when it comes to the AR-15, the media and fake news does not even know what the AR-15 stand for.

As stated, the AR-15 stands for Armalite Rifle designed 15 it was designed in 1957 by Armalite. It’s not called an assault rifle, and not called an automatic rifle. It’s an Armalite Rifle. So, remember the NRA doesn’t kill people. So, this kind of sums it all up, it looks like the new lawmakers, that call themselves Democrats along with the government and fake news media need to accept the fact that their Hillary lost the election and that the crying is over.

And thank you President Trump for another great seven years.

John C. Damann