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Letters to the editor for Friday, July 28

Brookdale Gardnerville donated "hydration goodies" to the first responders working on the Preacher Fire this week.
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Brady wrong about sheriff’s office


This letter to the editor is in response to the letter published June 9 by David J. Brady regarding his statements that Douglas County Sheriff’s Department needs analysis. He mentions his volunteer service as a reserve deputy, forgetting to mention that time was about four hours per month. He seems to feel that he is quite knowledgeable about reasons for deputies leaving the department.

I too am proud to be a member of a volunteer team at law enforcement and that is Citizens Patrol. I volunteer my time at least four hours per week because I believe in our paid officers in Douglas County and their commitment to the safety of our community and wish to support them.

Deputies training is extensive and ongoing. Their opportunities for advancement are comparable to other towns of the same size. Their salaries are also in line with other communities of our size. I believe those who are committed to our community serve us well as we live in a relatively crime free community. This is due in large part to the officers who serve our community. If they were unhappy, they would be less dedicated, their years of service would be short. We have very committed and dedicated officers who enjoy living in and serving the citizens of Douglas County.

Many citizens live here because of the friendliness and that means a feeling of safety. People in crime ridden communities are not very friendly.

Our sheriff is very pro-active and the department has many programs to ensure our safety now and in the future.

Mr. Brady continually hints that our sheriff provides less than adequate or superior supervision and leadership to his personnel. I believe that to be quite far from the truth. There are many opportunities for our citizens to experience how the department works with workshops and academies. It is a very active department with many pro-active programs to benefit students, seniors and all citizens. I believe the Douglas County Sheriff’s office to be very transparent to the benefit of all. Mr. Brady quotes that its said that “People do not leave jobs, they leave managers.” I don’t know where his quote comes from, but don’t believe it applies to our sheriff’s personnel.

The sheriff’s office has an ongoing recruitment for deputies and testing for new recruits. Sheriff Pierini keeps his department staffed with the best within his budget. We have one of the lowest tax rates in the state and therefore law enforcement like other county agencies must budget within those boundaries. Wages and benefits use a great portion of the budget in any agency.

To keep his officers and the community safe, the equipment and supplies must be as state-of-the-art as possible. Law enforcement is governed by laws made by politicians and citizens. We are very lucky to have some grants and donations to supplement our budget.

Though Mr. Brady lost the election for the office of sheriff, he seems to enjoy living and working in our community. So, Mr. Brady, why not be positive and supportive of Sheriff Pierini to the benefit of all, rather than unnecessarily trying to discredit him and his staff, who do a most valuable service to all its citizens.

Thank you to the new recruits and those officers who have served our community for 10, 15, 20 or more years. You are appreciated by most.

Remember to vote for your favorite law enforcement officer.

Beverly Giannopulos


Block the vote


Read in Sunday’s paper about Larry Werner being a Democrat. Wow, since when does a person have to be a Republican to work for Douglas County? Sure is news to me.

I do know that if you were registered as a Democrat in 2016, you didn’t get to vote in the 2016 commissioner’s race (which was actually decided in the primary), even tho the elected person was going to be your local representative. The solution was to re-register as a Republican in order to vote (a “RINO”?). Sounds a little one sided and was aimed at suppressing voter participation by limiting who gets to vote. Appears to be another one of those “goodies” our state legislators came up with in a prior session back in 2015 as I recall.

Harold Jones

Gardnerville Ranchos

Democrats keep throwing mud


Letter writer John O’Neill joins the left wing herd in abandoning substantive criticism of Trump/Republican policies for pure emotional invective. Who could blame him?

“Big gains in pay for low wage workers” (7/21 WSJ) marks a Trump economic rescue for a vulnerable constituency Democrats thought they owned that suffered collateral damage from the American jobs lost to Obama’s open borders flood of illegal aliens.

Worse for O’Neill, the inflow of undocumented Democrats has dropped sharply just as Trump’s voter fraud investigation gets up to speed. The left considered the risk from infiltrating criminal gangsters and Jihadis a small price to pay for their political power grab. Now they’ll have to compete for votes in the arena of ideas. Uh oh.

Honesty and morality in political leadership trumps grasping self-dealing in delivering safe streets and a path to affluence for all Americans. For the O’Neil commentariat, feeling pinched by secure borders and Trump-led prosperity, throwing mud is all they’ve got.

Lynn Muzzy


Germany? No, Nevada


We so enjoyed the front page article about the Luetterodt’s travels to find the Minden’s in the U.S.A. My son, Rich Muir, has lived and worked in Dusseldorf, Germany for 26 years.

After his first bout with cancer, he was sent to a rehab hospital about 80 miles from his home. He had his “Soar Minden” shirt on at dinner. A man asked him, “Menden, Germany?” “No, Minden, Nevada,” Rich replied. Of course, the poor man had no clue.. (I hope all the readers in Minden know the real story from Mr Dangberg about how Minden got it’s name)

Sharon Beller