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Letters to the editor for Friday, Feb. 9, 2018

The moon rises over Topaz Ranch Estates in this photo taken by John Flaherty.

Editor’s Note: The following letter was misattributed to Sanford Deyo. Our apologies to both he and Marshall Goldy, who is the actual author.

What special interest?


Terry Faff’s Feb. 2 R-C letter accusing Douglas County Commissioner Nelson and his wife of attacking the county manager to strengthen their hand in helping out special interests, but he offered no specifics. I’m curious what “special interests” Commissioner Nelson and his wife are involved with.

We know it’s not the big money developers or the low-paying employers who want to build apartment houses in Douglas County. Nelson has voted against converting commercially zoned property to multi-family residential. We know it’s not the wealth Lake casino corridor; Commissioner Nelson is opposed to using redevelopment to divert taxpayer dollars to finance an event center to help out the gaming industry.

It most certainly isn’t the county’s unionized employee workforce. Mr. Nelson has voted consistently against the ridiculously out sized June labor contract vote and a subsequent payout to cover increases in employee health coverage costs.

The unions ran ads against his election. Commissioner Nelson’s stand with the taxpayers and against the employee unions caused the president of the DCEA to insult Mr. Nelson to his face during a Lake BOCC meeting (without protest or comment from Chairman Penzel or any of the other commissioners).

I suspect Mr. Faff’s only agenda was tarring Commissioner Nelson and his wife in a public forum. If he had any proof for his claims, he would have included them in his letter.

Marshall Goldy


Supporting Boy Scouts


On Feb. 3, Boy Scout Troop 240 hosted our annual pancake breakfast “An Investment in Character” fundraiser. It was an all you could eat breakfast and the turnout, as always, was amazing. This year was unique in that it marks the Troop’s 30th anniversary. The boys did a fantastic job representing the Boy Scouts of America Program.

They were helpful and friendly. I would like to personally thank everyone who came out and supported our boys in this effort. Also, I would like to thank all the parents and leaders who helped make this breakfast a success every year.

A lot of time is invested in these boys each and every year and it is overwhelming to see the community support both the boys and leaders receive during events like this. We could not do this without everyone’s help.

J.D. Frisby


Not perfect?


In his response to my letter, former Douglas County Republican Central Committee member Shawn Meehan is at least willing to admit that Joe Arpaio “isn’t perfect.”

But no one is asking for perfection. We are merely asking for an officer of the law to follow the letter of the law. In our system of government, it is the courts that decide the constitutionality of those laws, not the county sheriff. His refusal to accept that simple civics lesson resulted in his conviction for contempt of court.

Timothy Goldsmith


Republicans seek a new low


It is beyond belief that the Douglas County Republicans would ask a convicted criminal to give their keynote speech for their upcoming Lincoln/Reagan dinner.

This convicted criminal, a “law and order” sheriff was anything but a law abiding citizen and sheriff. During his long tenure as the Maricopa County Sheriff in Arizona he selectively enforced those laws he liked while ignoring those laws he did not personally feel were important. If he thought that there “ought to be a law” that did not exist he would enforce that as well.

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio used his considerable resources to round up undocumented workers whom he defined as anyone who looked like they might be undocumented.

This included a Mexican citizen who was visiting Arizona with a valid passport and tourist visa. He treated Ortega Melendres who was here on vacation to 7 hours in captivity without any explanation as to the reasons for his detention. It was not until the ICE officers arrived that anyone reviewed Mr. Melendres’ documents. The ICE officers explained to the Sheriff’s deputies that Mr. Melendres was here legally and let him go. The Sheriff used his power to falsely accuse people, such as Lee Watkins, whom he believed were an impediment to his reelection.

Using his considerable resources he was able to destroy the lives and businesses of his opponents.

Because of his misuse of the resources at his disposal, he did not have enough funds or manpower to investigate abuse, sexual assault, and rape of children.

Of 51 cases reported from the neighboring community of El Mirage, 43 were never investigated at all. This was only discovered by El Mirage after stopping their $3.6 million annual payment to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office for contracted police services.

By November 2016 Maricopa County, a very conservative AZ county , had had enough of Sheriff Arpaio and threw him out of office. The people spoke. The Douglas County Republicans appear not to be listening.

Dr. Margaret McKee

Lake Tahoe

Clark Plumbing saved the day


Unfortunately for us, our furnace stopped working in January. If you are a senior in cold weather you know it is especially bad for you. We called Clark’s Plumbing because we have had them before and were satisfied with their work. We have never been disappointed with their performance. A guy named Mark called us back right away.

He asked if we would be okay. I told him we had a small electric heater that would do for the time being, but we needed our furnace, needless to say. He said he would be there right away. He was, and what he had predicted on the telephone that might be the problem, going by my description, proved to be true. He didn’t have the part he needed so he had to order it. He felt bad that we had to wait so he was understanding about the situation and said he wouldn’t charge us double which is common for weekends. He was so sweet and said he would call early the next morning and order the part. He did so. We got a call early and they were there when they told us they would be. The furnace is fixed and we weren’t inconvenienced any longer than necessary. We are always treated with the utmost respect and everyone we have dealt with have been courteous and understanding. We appreciate them very much and rely on them. Our Thanks to Mark and T.J. who installed the part. Judie Hartwick

Judie Hartwick


Straight poop on Fay-Luther


Thank you for printing the letter from Terry Cuyler about dog poop on our trails. I must admit that the letter saddened me. For seven (yes seven) years when Fay-Luther first opened to dog-accompanied hikers, I was the sole volunteer poop “picker-upper.” I did this mainly because I had heard that if our trail became too soiled, the Forest Service would close it.

My dog and I enjoyed our hikes on that trail so much, that I was “panicked” it would close! So, I walked the trail every day with my yellow lab Josie and my collection bag.

Finally, my husband Jack said to me, “I think you should have some helpers. After all, I don’t think you graduated from college to do this.” Consequently, I then formed a “poop brigade” committee of seven helpers (one assigned to each day of the week), and my workload became considerably lighter.

Those marvelous volunteers stuck with this unpleasant task for quite a while, and the trail looked absolutely beautiful.

In fact, I remember when Steve Hale in the Forest Service office commended me one day on the trail that our Fay-Luther Trail was the cleanest, most attractive trail of any trail in his jurisdiction.

The cleaning up of that trail continued even after I “retired,” and Jeremy Vlcan became active in Carson Valley Trails Association. I would like to continue hiking on Fay-Luther Trail, but unfortunately, age and Mother Nature have caused me to become too decrepit to be regularly active in an area I truly love.

As time wears on, I am hoping to get out and enjoy the outdoors more than I am currently.

Joyce Richardson