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Letters to the editor for Friday, Feb. 23, 2018

Sheep graze on Bently land north of Muller Parkway in Minden.
Kurt Hildebrand

Sheriff’s Office has a lot to be proud of


This week I had the opportunity to be a passenger with a Douglas County Sheriff’s deputy. It was part of the “ride a-long” program our local Sheriff’s Department extends to local residence of Douglas County. And as a new member of the class of 2018 Leadership Douglas County, I rode with an added perspective; to observe the leadership roles and challenges encountered by our law enforcement officials.

Arriving at the early hour of 6 a.m., I observed the morning briefing, meeting the shift sergeant, the captain, and other deputies assigned to the different beats for the day in our Valley and at the Lake. All members were courteous, professional and pleased I was part of the new class of leaders. Throughout the day, I observed the deputy I rode with as being honest and forthright in his dealings with local citizens and business owners. Not once did I see him speak unkindly, but rather he listened attentively to people we encountered, offering information and suggestions when asked.

I want to thank Deputy G. Schramm for taking me on my ride, Deputy Kruger for being his backup (and vice versa), Sargent A. Savage for arranging the ride, and Captain Britton. Sheriff Ron Pierini has much to be proud of in his group of law enforcement personnel.

M. M. Noble


Thanks for the donations


Thank you from the Carson Valley Sertoma Club and the C.O.D. Casino for the community’s support of our first Carson Valley Coat Drive.

We set the significant goal of 200 new or gently used coats, jackets, and sweaters. The community contributed 359 coats, 30 blankets, 69 pairs of socks, 75 hats, 48 pairs of gloves, 48 scarves, 5 hat/scarf sets, and 1 dog sweater.

These donations were of such high quality that the eight nonprofit organizations were able to distribute them immediately to their clients between Douglas County and Reno.

We appreciate the time and effort each donor spent in preparing and delivering these warm garments to our collection point at the C.O.D. Casino. Without you, our donors, we could never have achieved so much. We look forward to collaborating with the community on other drives to collect other items needed by our vulnerable and low-income neighbors, and, of course, next year’s Carson Valley Coat Drive.

Once again, thank you for your generosity and support.

Pat Cardinal & Eileen Behr, Coat Drive Chairs, Carson Valley Sertoma Club

Kurt Pierce & Duane Hayward, C.O.D. Casino


Tired of the circus


Is anyone else tired of this three-ring circus in the White House, Senate and Congress? Since Jan. 20, 2017, there hasn’t been a day go by without lies from No. 45, half truths, scandals, people stepping down or being fired. This is the new normal and it’s not pretty. Meanwhile things are happening under our noses that aren’t getting the attention that our elected officials need to be paying attention to because of all the time spent on this circus. Example: in today’s headlines is the Stormy Davis scandal, the Rob Porter saga and still Russian meddling in our elections. So much air time is devoted to these sideshows that the important issues like gun control are ignored. No. 45 and his cohorts keep saying that now isn’t the time to talk about it because it’s to soon after the shootings and deaths. Since January 2018 there have been 18 school shootings and another massacre in Florida. Rubio has an A+ rating from the NRA, anyone else have a problem with this? His thoughts and prayers are meaningless and I’m sick of hearing him and others saying it. Far too many of our elected officials are too busy distancing themselves and keeping their mouths shut rather than stepping up to the plate and speaking up against No. 45 and his cronies. Tell me when these three rings haven’t been filled with lies, untruths or cover-ups since Jan 20, 2017? This isn’t what our government officials are supposed to be doing. They need to take care of every citizen to the best of their abilities. That’s not happening.

“I have a dream.” My challenge to everyone who reads this is to call the DC Switchboard at 202-224-3121 leave a message to Dean Heller, Catherine Cortez Masto and Mark Amodei to make Nevada proud and draft a bill to strengthen gun control. Don’t let one more man, woman or child go out in a body bag due to gun violence. Take on the NRA and stop this slaughter. Call today and every day until this stops. If you don’t call the blood is also on your hands. I don’t want to hear one more politician say “it’s too soon, our thoughts and prayers are with the families.” These words sadly don’t get anything done and are worthless. They need to be held accountable and if not we have it in our power to change things this November. Our voices must be heard Nov 8. Vote.

Leslie Hokenson