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Letters to the Editor for Feb. 27

Thanks for Sertoma coat drive


The Sertoma Coat Drive finished its 2019–20 collection with an amazing 2,001 coats and jackets collected and distributed. Adding in all the other garments donated by this wonderfully generous community, we were able to distribute 5,509 gifts of warmth to the Douglas County and Carson City communities. Your donations go to homeless and low-income families, individuals, and veterans via 30 local non-profit organizations. For the first time, we set up giveaway tables at resource fairs and food distribution events to reach people who do not access local support organizations.

We give our heartfelt thanks to the places that gave us space for our big blue donation barrels in 13 locations in Carson Valley and 6 locations in Carson City: C.O.D. Casino, DST Coffee, Round Table Pizza, 7-Eleven on Tillman Lane, Tractor Supply Co.-Minden, Douglas County Senior & Community Center, Wa-She-Shu Casino (thanks for the highway sign!), Ace Hardware, Douglas County Library, Double J Automotive, Center for Advance Eye Care, Sierra Market, St. Gall’s, Carson City Senior Center, Tractor Supply Co.-Carson City, Carson City Library, Guild Mortgage, 7-Eleven at Hwy 50, and 7-Eleven at North Carson,.

This year, we welcomed five community participants who held special Coat Drive collection events and gave us all the donations: CoCoMoes Q, Pau Wa Lu Middle School, Douglas High School, Chase International, and Harrah’s/Harveys Lake Tahoe.

Thank you from the Carson Valley Sertoma Club for your incredible support of this project as well as other CV Sertoma Club community service projects and events that happen year-round. Check for our upcoming events at http://www.CarsonValleySertoma.org and join us on Friday mornings at the C.O.D. Casino Bingo Room!

Eileen Behr and Pat Cardinal

Sertoma Coat Drive Chairs

One month in the presidency


President Trump has had a very busy month so far: on February fourth, he awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom (to be awarded for “an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors”) to Rush Limbaugh during his State of the Union address and a few days later compounded this perversion by castigating a true American patriot, Lieutenant Col. Alexander Vindman, and marching him unceremoniously from his White House office!

In August 2017 I wrote: “The green slime that has been oozing from the Trump Administration for over two hundred days creating an indelible stain on the Grand Old Party, now threatens to seep into the very fabric of our Democracy. This fetid soup of bigotry, hate, lies and vulgarity has brought the worst of the worst out of the shadows and given them the confidence to openly commit any outrage that suits them at the moment. We must excise this cancer from our society now or forever pay the price. Again I ask, ‘are there no members of the those currently in power willing to put the welfare of their country, indeed, the whole world, above that of their party?’”.

Thank you, Senator Romney!

John O’Neill

Egocentric nature of some elected officials


Article II Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States reads: “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, and other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

At the time of the creation of our Constitution there were no political parties and elected officials were voted into office based on their honesty, integrity and love of country. The framers of our Constitution clearly had concerns about a duly elected individual that acted improperly after being elected to office.

People were talking about Donald Trump being impeached prior to his being sworn into office. After his swearing in ceremony, impeachment talks increased. In discussions about impeachment it was generally accepted that because of the House being of a Democratic majority, impeachment proceedings could be started but due to the Republican majority in the Senate it was very doubtful if the proceedings would be approved by them.

Speaker Pelosi, citing a matter of urgency due to national security, and without a vote of the House started impeachment proceedings by appointing Representative Adam Schiff to chair the impeachment committee. Representative Schiff and his committee held a number of closed sessions where he controlled who testified,who was allowed to attend, and what testimony was released. In open testimony he also controlled the proceedings. In the open testimony only one individual was able to provide first hand knowledge.

The committee developed their articles of impeachment and the first article was based on a phone conversation between President Trump and Zelensky, President of Ukraine. They concluded Trump exceeded his power by asking about Hunter Biden and Burisma and was looking for “dirty” political information on a potential political rival. I feel they could have just as easily concluded Trump was interested in knowing if funds from the U.S. had been awarded to Bursima.

Now Speaker Pelosi, who had started the proceedings claiming a need for urgency, delayed forwarding the articles of impeachment to the Senate for 28 days.

The Senate, following due process, allowed the House impeachment managers to cite their case and then, as expected, acquitted President Trump.

Like many American citizens, Democratic, Republican and Independent, I feel the entire impeachment process, with an anticipated outcome, was a waste of taxpayers’ money and a waste of Congress’ time. Time that could have been more wisely spent on issues like health, education, infrastructure and immigration.

I feel the only good that came out of the proceedings was it showed the egocentric nature of some of our elected officials and their lack of concern for the citizens of this great country. Unfortunately, these same individuals will undoubtedly attempt to use the impeachment process to achieve their egotistical goals again.

Sanford Deyo


Denying the existence of facts


Once again, there has been a response to my letter of Feb. 6.

I stand by my original letter of Jan. 16 in which I addressed nothing but the establishment of procedures for a fair and impartial Senate impeachment trial. I emphasize impartial. I expressed no opinion of a possible outcome nor any other subject. Further, I did not express or hint at any hatred of President Trump. I do not hate Trump. My only concern was for a fair and impartial trial.

There are those who debate ideas by exchanging facts and ideas with civility.

Then there are those who try to deflect attention and time away from opposing ideas by spewing vitriol at those with opposing views. They falsely and acrimoniously, through insinuation or directly, attribute their adversaries with views that were never presented nor held by them and then proceed to show how they are wrong. These people denying the very existence of well documented and time proven facts. It is quite common for these people to selectively choose, cherry-pick, information out of context in a fashion that distorts or completely changes its meaning when considered in context. They challenge their opponent to prove far ranging subjects that are disconnected from the central debate.

Because of the time consumed discounting such a volume of mendacity these tactics rob us of, not necessarily the acceptance, but the open honest exchange and consideration of ideas.

Adjectives and phrases used to describe real and imagined views of my letters include, “lying, liars, rabid, hate-filled, hatred, shovel ignorance, hypocrisy, corrupt, biased, convoluted, contort, sick, offensive, et al”.

As for the shotgun blast of claptrap that followed my original letter, I consider the deceptive acerbic tone and currently choose not to waste further time or effort responding.

Does the appearance of such rhetoric in letters-to-the-editor toy with violation of the Record Courier’s policy? Such things, to me, at least approach libel and surely are not in good taste.

Ben Justus