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Letters to the Editor for Dec. 21

Shoe on the other foot


“Water meters an insult” [R-C letters 12-16] by Gardnerville Ranchos resident Terry Faff is the second time this year Mr. Faff has publicly complained about paying for services rendered by the Ranchos General Improvement District.

This is the same Mr. Faff who has twice this year advocated to our Board of County Commissioners that they raise taxes on his fellow citizens and, last month, encouraged the lame duck commission to rush through a bond measure that put county residents a further $13 million in debt.

In April of this year Mr. Faff, who now objects bitterly to paying his fair share for his water usage, encouraged Douglas County Democrats to change political parties so they could vote in the June Republican primary to retain a tax-spend-borrow majority on the BOCC. After two cycles of Mr. Faff vigorously protesting the type of fleecing he lobbies to inflict on everyone else, it’s fair to label his most recent letter as sanctimony on stilts. Faff calls his Ranchos GID’s assessment “extortion” and “a ripoff” with no apparent sense of irony.

The tax-hike lobby likes to lecture “tax-averse” Douglas County residents that if they want government services they have to pay – by which they mean pay more. Now a member of that lobby gets a first-hand taste of what it’s like when a governing body uses its power to reach into his pocket and spends his money in a way he doesn’t agree with. As one of the tax-averse deplorables, I say welcome to the club.

Mr. Faff’s letter called for his District BOCC commissioner to get involved in his squabble with his GID. I repeat what I said in my earlier letter on this topic: the Ranchos GID is a sovereign agency whose trustees are elected by residents. The BOCC has no authority to interfere in its operations. If Faff wants to change the rules he chose to live under when he bought his home, and thinks he can convince his fellow Rancheros that he would be a stalwart defender of their interests, he should run for a seat on the board.

Lynn Muzzy


More math and less egg dropping


I read some fifth-grade children from Meneley and Scarselli elementary schools attended the second annual 100-foot egg drop put on by the fire department, so children could understand gravity by designing and building devices that would help an egg withstand drops of varying heights. Surely there are easier and cheaper ways to explain gravity. You could stand up and drop a book. I keep reading about how horrible American students’ education scores are compared to various countries in the world. I wonder if putting much more emphasis on teaching and reinforcing math concepts in K-8 education grades would benefit our children more in the long run than dropping eggs from 50-100 feet in the sky.

James Joseph