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Letters to the Editor for Dec. 2

Great coverage, Dave


In what was likely the last article on this year’s Douglas High’s Football Season appeared in the Record-Courier on Friday, November 25th. Superbly written by Sports Editor Dave Price, it chronicled a ‘mostly successful’ Season. that ended unfortunately, in a loss to Reed in the semi-finals of the Nevada State 4A Championship.

In a Season comprised of both low and high points, the Team compiled a three game winning streak coming into the Reed game. In the prior week, a win over Spanish Springs was the Team’s first play-off win since 2004. One of the ‘high points’ of the Year was an offense primarily running 6 basic plays, executing so cleanly, that ‘explosive’ long runs were common. In addition, the Defense was at times able to literally ‘shut down’ opposing offenses. The ‘low points’ were the times, some critical, when the Team, as a whole, failed to perform to it’s potential.

It is difficult ‘to build’ and ‘to coach’ a High School Football Team. Coach Ernie Monfilleto and his Staff built this Year’s Team by ‘fitting’ their best players into positions where they could succeed. Many times the fans were ‘driven’ to their feet ‘clapping’ and ‘cheering’ an explosive long run. I will remember Coach Monfilleto for his great idea to have each player escort a ‘Veteran’ onto the field in the pre-game ceremony at the Veteran’s Day game on September 9th against North Valley. The ceremony ended with an Army Helicopter ‘fly-over’, along with the Band performing the Star Spangled Banner. The ‘standing room only’ crowd, filled with ‘emotion,’ burst to it’s feet, with a ‘sustained applause’ and ‘cheers.’! I was extremely pleased to hear that Coach Monfiletto was named Coach of the Year.

Although Douglas High did not win the 4A State Title on the field, they ‘easily’ won the State Title’ for the ‘coolest names’ on any Football Team. Names like Hunter Hickey, Dawson Coman, Ryland Desomber, Dakota Lowden, Cody Freitas, Dawson Hughes, Tahomah Smokey, Reagan Roberson, Ty Dodd, Will Williams, and Cody Lewis, easily ‘bested’ all of the other teams. I’d put them up against the CIF (So Cal).

Wife Janet and I were moving to Minden (from L.A., so I missed some of the games. I looked forward each week to the excellent reporting of Sports Editor Dave Price. He has covered youth sports in the Tahoe, Carson City areas since 1972. He created for us ‘fans’ a picture of an entire Season. using ‘finely chosen’ words to describe all of the action. I want to thank all of the Football Coaches at Douglas High, the ‘gifted’ young student-athletes on the Football Team, and Sports Editor Price for taking us through a Season that proved to be ‘most entertaining.’

Joe Hooven