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Letters to the Editor for Aug. 9

Profitability not a reason for variances


I commented at the Aug. 1 Board of County Commissioners meeting that the 1978 Douglas County Grand Jury Final Report finding on zoning variances was that “…the law should mean what it says and apply equally to all persons.” The report recommends denial of all requests for variances. Construction should be approved if it meets the existing zoning requirements for the subject property, period.

The argument for building more affordable housing often posits that newly hired public safety professionals and teachers who must commute from Dayton or Carson City are suffering some sort of hardship. I and my fellow California refugees beg to differ. We spent thousands of hours in beep and creep freeway traffic as we commuted to and from work in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley metroplex or the greater Los Angeles basin.

Another commenter at the BOCC asked, if we build affordable housing for deputies, firefighters, and teachers, how can we legally turn all other would-be renters and buyers away?

Affordable housing already exists in Douglas County for renters and homebuyers who are patient and willing to look at some rough-around-the-edges neighborhoods or maybe a double-wide. Sorry, Princess, it’s not Pottery Barn ready and there are probably no granite counter tops, but it won’t be any worse than where we lived in our early married life.

Residential overbuilding brings sprawl and traffic congestion and strains county services and infrastructure that we current residents pay for. There is nothing elitist in wanting to preserve the rural nature of Douglas County, to quote one Commissioner’s campaign slogan. There’s nothing wrong with rising residential property values in Douglas County; that’s precisely what those of us who bought here were hoping for.

Regarding zoning variances, at the evening session of the same BOCC meeting, the Rancho Sierra project developer’s request for 7 variances that would have put 353 homes on postage-stamp sized lots with narrow streets in the Ranchos was denied. Our county staff’s elaborate explanations recommending approval of the requested variances makes you wonder who they work for – the developers or the county taxpayers. The results of the last couple of elections indicates that the voters don’t want this kind of development.

The only difference between this and other outrageous projects already approved in Douglas was that citizens from the affected community showed up at the BOCC in force to support their eloquent spokesperson’s powerful pushback.

An attorney at the meeting pointed out that there are specific legal requirements for issuing zoning variances. It is illegal for the BOCC to grant variances to their special friends in the development community just to make a project more profitable.

Zoning variances will now and forever be a campaign issue. Let’s see how many are granted before the next election.

Lynn Muzzy


Sierra Nevada Republican Women holding annual 9/11 memorial


Sierra Nevada Republican Women will be holding their 18th annual 9/11 Memorial Dinner on Sept. 9 at the Carson Valley Inn. This year we are honoring the City of Gander Newfoundland whose citizens graciously welcomed thousands of passengers from the U.S. planes that had been grounded on 9/11. It is a heartwarming story.

We are looking for any local residents with a Gander connection who would like to share a memory or two of this fascinating Canadian story with us. If you do, please drop a message to sierranevrepwomen@gmail.com to the attention of Mary Porter.

Mary Porter


Remember to vote


Democratic party no longer party of JFK Heading into the 2018 Midterm Elections 100 days away Progressive Socialistic wing of the party has taken over. New entitlements are being introduced as their agenda with no consideration for their cost or how to pay for them,,, Free Medicare for all .. cost estimate by George Mason University 32 Trillion over 10 year period…Free college Education for all…Annual Cost Ave tuition $ 8900/yr times 21 Million Students= 181 Billion/yr . A guaranteed income to replace poverty .In 2012 there were 179 working age adults. It would cost 2.14 trillion to pay each of them $12,000[poverty level] each year, but would replace existing welfare programs that cost 1 trillion /yr, so it would add 1.2 trillion to annual deficit.[would discourage participation in the workforce] Total annual cost of these proposed entitlements is 4.8 Trillion {this is 20% more than the current annual US budget 40% of which is borrowed] At this rate the national debt will exceed 50 Trillion in 10 years and the debt expense on the budget will total 1 Trillion a year. Its not a legacy we want to leave for our children or grand children. This is not unlike Venezuela,which was one of the wealthiest nations in South America until Chavez got elected president with promises of free goodies in 1998. Twenty years later after socialistic policies, Country is a basket case, with people starving, inflation approaching 1 million%/year {central bank prints money, when the government is unable to secure loans]. Margaret Thatcher stated that Socialism works until you run out of other peoples money. In addition to these giveaway programs aim is to get control of congress so they can impeach President Trump, halt and reverse his agenda which has brought us the tax cuts, eliminated unnecessary regulations, ended the ISIS threats and brought us the booming economy and full employment. Ask yourself if you are better off now than two years ago and agree with Trump agenda {Make America Great Again} or is The Socialism the preferred future. Remember to vote.

Mark Tarvainen