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Letters to the editor for Aug. 8, 2019

Douglas County Historical Society officials Dale Bohlman, President Dennis Little, Frank Dressel, Mary Glass, Guy Proto and Janice Beerwinkle at the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center's anniversary celebration on Saturday.
Kurt Hildebrand

Volunteering has many benefits


Volunteering can be difficult given our busy lives; but if you can make the time for it, the benefits can be quite impactful. I volunteer with several organizations for various reasons: most importantly, to assist people in need and become connected with the community. However, once I began volunteering, I was truly surprised to discover how these simple acts have enriched my own life. I’ve been able to build new relationships with like-minded people, acquire new skills, and learn more about the needs of our community. There are countless ways to volunteer that don’t require a large commitment of time, so I highly recommend squeezing some volunteering time into your life. If you’re ready to help or maybe just curious about the different ways you can make a difference; I encourage you to attend the first Douglas County ‘Volunteer Expo.’ With over 30 organizations displaying their positive impact on the community, it’s the perfect time and place to educate yourself on some available opportunities around our community. It will be held 3:30-7 p.m. Aug. 22 at Douglas County Community Center.

Austin Neddenriep


Leadership works for entire community


I am in the Douglas County Leadership Class of 2019 through the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce. And like every class before us, the Class of 2019 is going to earn the bragging rights to say that we are the best. You are probably wondering how we will do it. Or, you are alumni from another year and you still think that your class is the best. Well let me tell you, we are going to be the best because we plan to involve our whole community, including all alumni from previous classes in our project. You probably still have questions, so let’s back up.

The Leadership program through the Chamber of Commerce is an 11-month program where community members learn leadership skills through monthly sessions. These monthly sessions provide access and insight to the various organizations in Douglas County. Additionally, participants are required to complete homework assignments to get involved in the community. And the group has to work together to complete a Community Project during the 11-month period. Yeah, it is a lot of work.

When trying to determine what our class project would be we focused on three main themes: access to information, involvement in the community, and promoting the positive things in Douglas County. Our class landed on the idea of creating an event to get the community together to showcase all the great things that we do. But what type of event should we host? Our theme came pretty easily after our first few monthly sessions.

The people who run the monthly sessions for leadership are volunteers. They are usually alumni from previous classes. And they are often involved in various organizations in Douglas County.

The organizations that present to leadership every month volunteer their time to the program to inform the group on what they do. They are community programs that often rely on volunteers to operate. They too are engaged with various organizations in Douglas County. It has been very humbling to see how our community organizations work together to provide services for our community to share resources and ensure that the needs of our community are met.

Our idea for our class project came to fruition; we would host the First Volunteer Expo to showcase volunteering. We want to provide awareness of volunteer opportunities for children and adults in Douglas County. Also, we want to encourage involvement in the local organizations in our community. The Expo is scheduled for Aug. 22 from 3:30-7 p.m., at the Community & Senior Center. And the event is free.

So, you probably agree. The Class of 2019 is going to be the best! But, our success really depends on you. Can you help us by attending the Expo?

Natalie Wood


Kamala Harris stands out


Recently, I had the chance to hear from a handful of Democratic presidential candidates as part of the Rural Nevada Democrats’ second virtual meet and greet. Kamala Harris stood out to me as the best candidate to take on Donald Trump and beat him in 2020. She understands the issues that keep everyday Americans like me up at night and has practical solutions to our problems. She’ll stop pharmaceutical companies from price gouging our seniors and Nevadans with chronic illnesses, she’ll make sure Social Security is there for our seniors for generations to come, instead of giving a tax break to wealthy corporations, she’ll give one to working families like mine, and I know she’ll be able to prosecute the case against a second Trump term. These are all critical issues for me as a rural Nevada resident and small business owner. As the first major candidate to visit Northern Nevada, Harris understands how important we are to winning the state, and taking time on a Sunday to answer questions from rural residents reinforces her commitment. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Harris as she continues to make Nevada a priority.

Deborah Chang


Trump’s neither Satan nor Christ


My letter is in response to John O’Neill’s comments regarding our President, Donald J. Trump, Record-Courier dated July 25. With regard to your claim of “death threats” by President Trump supporters, I highly doubt that claim, consult with Jussi Smollett on how to contrive a death threat. As for evangelicals not realizing that our president is Satan, I don’t recall Trump equating himself with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. To say that an individual is appointed by God for a time in history in order for God’s will to be fulfilled is not equating that person to God. It only suggests that God uses men in certain moments in time to accomplish his will, i.e. Moses, a murderer, to lead the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt. I believe you and I have communicated before. I also recall informing you about God’s plan of redemption. I suggest you make an attempt to truly familiarize yourself with the tenets of the Christian faith, in particular “Evangelicals” in order to better equip yourself to criticize us.

Deborah Domenici


Anti-Trump propaganda


The Anti Trump propaganda from John O’Neill and Timothy Goldsmith (July 25 Record Courier) appears to be coming from the Democratic Party that has embraced socialism and attacks the president 24/7 with its minions, hoping to damage him and make him un-electable and completely abandon all sanity in the process. For instance, O’Neill is completely clueless why the evangelicals overwhelmingly support President Trump (naming him the devil, the one with a pitchfork). Ultimate low. I’ll try to educate him with some of the following: 1. Belief that we are a Christian nation, Christian heritage will be cherished, protected and defended like never previously. 2. Opposes and is in the process of removing Johnson Amendment (provision in the U.S. tax code, since 1954 that prohibits all 501c3 non profit organizations, like churches, from endorsing or opposing political candidates.) 3. Support for pro-life, constitutional judges (including Supreme Court) 4. The vastly improving economy despite the opposition by the Democrats and tepid support of the RINO Republicans after eight years of mis-management with Obama. (Hope and Change if you like your plan or doctor you can keep them.) Goldsmith lectured Rep. Amodei for not supporting the flagrant leftist House resolution condemning Trump’s criticism of the four America-hating Congress women that have vilified, criticized and condemned U.S. in every way possible and have taken their party to embracing socialism (with all promises of freebies and no way to pay for them) over capitalism.

Mark Tarvainen