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Letters to the Editor for April 19

Members of the Douglas High forensics team enjoyed success at their district championships on Aptil 6-8.
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Community helped make event a success


I cherish this community in which I live and work. I am a teacher and debate coach at Douglas High School, and we hosted a district competition with more than 20 schools from all across northern Nevada and over two hundred students in competition for a small number of spaces to go to Nationals in Birmingham, Ala., in June. This was a three-day event which required more than 200 community members to serve as judges for a talented group of young people. When I agreed to host this end-of-season tournament, I was worried that I would not get enough people to help. I urged the students on the debate team to ask parents and grandparents. Many parents and grandparents did come to help out.

What inspires me about this community is that those parents and grandparents asked their bible study and their friends, their neighbors and their boss, their bankers and their lawyers. The library (or media center) was filled for three days with willing volunteers who stayed late into the evenings and came back early in the morning. I was touched by the eagerness of people whom I had asked to come, but even more by those whom I did not know, giving of their time so these students could go on to compete with students from every state in June. Douglas High School allowed us to use the facility, and Marty Swisher (our principal) judged all day Saturday. Our tireless janitors worked longer hours so we could keep our facility beautiful and clean. The superintendent Teri White and Executive Director for Area Three Rommy Cronin also judged Friday and Saturday. Douglas will send four, possibly five, students to Alabama to speech and debate this summer because this great community came to support us.

Beyond judging, parents and community members offered to donate supplies, food, and coffee so that we could feed our judges and sell food to other competitors to earn our trip to Nationals. I want to especially thank the JT Basque Bar & Dining Room for bringing a BBQ and grilling Saturday evening’s dinner for all of the students still competing. The proceeds from this meal alone will send one of our national qualifiers to Alabama. Bently donated generously to help send one of our students as well. I also want to thank Starbucks (of Gardnerville) for donating 15 gallons of coffee. You kept us going. Special thanks go out to Three Peaks Therapy, Papa Murphys (both Gardnerville and Carson City-south), Subway and Port of Subs, Les Schwab (of Gardnerville), Thai Jasmine, the Malkmus Foundation who contribute every year, and so many parents and grandparents who baked goodies for us to sell. The list would not be complete acknowledging Jim and Alicia Gifford, Lance Crowley and Mary Wolery, Misty Dee, and Michelle Martin who gave so many hours as parent volunteers to gather donations and sell concessions. Spencer Trivitt and Luis Valasquez helped sell concessions as our student volunteers along with several debaters. To all the parents, grandparents, teachers, school employees, former debaters, past graduates, and community members who gave of their time and resources, you make this a great community. Thank you.

Karen Heine

Douglas High School

English teacher, debate coach

Welcome to the wild west


The Wild West is alive and well in Genoa! On March 29th an escaped convict from Carson City was on the loose. Additionally, he acquires a water truck from Carson City and pursues an adventure to the southwest.

He arrives into Genoa by crashing head –on into a small automobile. He was observed, fleeing the scene of the collision. A local resident steps in and follows him. As he moves down a quiet residential street, he attempts to steal a vehicle. After being spotted by the owner of the vehicle, he once again is off on the run. Now a few members of the Neighborhood Watch are on the job. With their watchful eyes on the convict, he finds Genoa does not treat him as kind as Carson City! In an effort to escape, he attempts to jump into another back yard only to find a possessive little dog with a big attitude, directing him back North. After he jumps a fence, our local Sheriff Deputies are there to capture him and take control of the situation. They handcuffed him, and transferred him into the Douglas County Jail. Our Sheriff’s Department understands how to house and properly detain criminals from harming others.

Thanks to the citizens of Genoa and the local Sheriff’s Department for their valiant efforts to remove an escaped convict from society.

The wild west and Neighborhood Watch is alive and well in Genoa.

Timothy M DeTurk



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