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Letters to the Editor for April 16

Jobs Peak rises above the clouds on Friday.
Kurt HIldebrand

Thanks to those who keep community running


A big shout out to those who have kept our community running smoothly despite the virus. Thank you to Douglas County Sheriff Coverley and his deputies for being out there in the trenches seeing that we are safe and well taken care of. A big shout out to East Fork firefighters and Chief Carlini who are right there to meet the needs of our community in various capacities whenever needed. Thanks to all the agencies who are watching out for those in need. Lots of meetings and stressful times.

Thanks to so many like Smiths, Raleys, Carson Valley Inn for stepping up to see that our seniors needs are met. All the county agencies and community and senior centers making sure folks are fed. I know there are so many folks doing their very best to help one another. The teachers who have had to learn a new way of communicating with their students. I’m sure there are many I am not aware of and to all those I missed, please know that my heart goes out to you for putting yourself in the public to perform a service for others. Those who have kept their doors open to meet the daily needs of our community. This time in our world is a hard pill to swallow, but many of us have been through something similar in life and we have learned from it. The grocers, truckers, medical staffs, farmers, newspaper people, mailmen and women, my neighbors and friends. I have seen you all shine to the benefit of others. Thanks is a very small word, but it comes from the bottom of my heart.

Our worlds have been turned upside down like never before. We are flexible and strong. We want this to have a happy ending. Please take to heart the advise we’ve been given by our governor and our sheriff. Stay at home for the next couple of weeks as this virus sweeps over us. Do it for ourselves, our loved ones, our friends and community. Take it seriously, so we will live to enjoy life after virus.

I’m so proud to call this community my home.

Beverly Giannopulos


How will coronavirus impact events center?


One has to wonder what impact the coronavirus might have in any discussion about the proposed event center. Many have expressed thoughts about life after the current episode and wonder if it will reoccur this fall and/or next year. In any event most people feel that the current episode will influence our lives for some time.

Our newly acquired attitude about individual spacing will surely impact our future activities. Travel for both business and recreation will be impacted. Because of current restrictions many business people have found much of their business can be conducted via the internet rather than on a face-to-face basis. Business costs associated with air travel, rooms and meals will also be affected. The spacing issue will also have an impact on air travel and attendance at events such as trade shows and conventions.

Travel for recreation will be greatly impacted by our attitude about individual spacing. Many will not want to fly due to the crowding of aircraft. Many will shy away from events such as dinner shows, gaming facilities, sporting events, and hotels due to the crowded conditions. Many, because of unemployment factors, will not be able to consider any traveling for recreation.

While we may not know the exact impact the coronavirus will have on the generation of revenue for the event center, we have to acknowledge that it will have a negative impact and plan accordingly.

Sanford Deyo


Republic at grave risk


Plato wrote in “The Republic” that for the Republic to survive citizens must be educated and informed. Upon reading Ms. Laura Bridwell’s letter to the editor, one can only conclude that the Republic is at grave risk in Douglas County. The gaping logic gaps in the letter are appalling. Other letters to the editor have clearly articulated the folly of the belated entry of the Tarkanian campaign into the race for County Commissioner. He just moved here on the heels of a series of campaign failures in the Las Vegas area; Ms. Bridwell gives no logical reason as to why his nefarious track record should make him a better choice than Dave Nelson who has repeatedly held his ground on the citizen’s behalf against the special interest groups. It is impossible to fathom how Ms. Bridwell could conclude that Tarkanian might be a “…more knowledgeable commissioner,” that “we can do so much better with Danny Tarkanian.”

The comments on the Good Governance Group (GGG) have no merit whatsoever. They are intolerably misleading. The GGG is not affiliated with any political party. The purpose of the GGG is to provide an open forum to discuss many matters of concern to Douglas County citizens. Commissioner Larry Walsh is not only one of the founders of the GGG, he frequently attends the meetings. The meetings are open to anyone who would like to participate. All of the commissioners, the county manager, and the sheriff have been invited to speak. The GGG has no structure to formulate policy or opinion on any matter. It has never endorsed a candidate and never will. The price of admission to participate in the meetings is $1 that is used to help pay for the use of the venue.

Walsh at one point said he “voted with his heart.” Tarkanian promises to bring “comity.” After observing BOCC Chairman Penzel’s abuse of authority and demeaning comments to citizens who dared to disagree with him on a multitude of issues, a more congenial environment at the BOCC would be welcomed. But we need commissioners who have demonstrated the capacity to think rationally more than inject emotion, their hearts, into deliberations.

The fact is that Nelson has quietly brought reason to the BOCC. He stands for the citizens and not the special interest groups. Bridwell has not given credible evidence that newcomer Tarkanian will “do so much better” representing us, the ordinary citizens.

DeVere Henderson

East Valley

GGG doesn’t have campaign money


In the April 9 R-C, Laura Bridwell speaks out against Commissioner Dave Nelson and the Good Governance Group. While she claims to be quite knowledgeable regarding this group of individuals who get together each Monday (obviously not now due to the COVID-19 virus) to discuss issues facing our county, to my understanding she has never actually been to the open forum herself. So could it be that she’s just repeating what she’s hearing from others who are against openness and transparency in our county government (two goals set by Larry Walsh when he himself helped start GGG)? Interesting that he and his supporters no longer seem to want those anymore.

She claims that candidates, including Commissioner Nelson, are being funded by GGG. Truth is this group has no officers, no treasury, no membership, no by-laws, etc. and functions in no official capacity whatsoever other than to promote transparency in local government. Furthermore, GGG is open to anyone who wishes to attend! She strangely threatens lawsuits but doesn’t indicate by who or against who.

She claims Nelson refused to debate his opponent via Facebook because he failed to know “the facts.” Nelson has lived here more than a decade and has been a commissioner for four years. His opponent moved here a little more than six months ago and has lived in District 1 for about two months. Which of the two would be “short” on facts about Douglas County? But debate through Facebook, really? GGG has a public debate scheduled for Carson Valley Inn on May 19. If the debate is allowed, voters will have a great opportunity to compare the two candidates.

Nelson has fought hard against the overdevelopment that three members of the current Board of County Commissioners have eagerly approved including developments with variances. He is a strong proponent of the dissolution of RDA#2, which redirects millions of dollars of new property taxes from coming into the general fund of the county. In these unprecedented and precarious times, it only makes sense that such revenue go for vital needs and services rather than to an event center which primarily benefits the large casinos at Stateline.

Bridwell huffs and puffs that we cannot afford another four years of Nelson but I contend we as a county cannot afford not to have Dave on the BOCC. He has proven to be a man of his word and lived up to all of his campaign promises even when he has been a lone vote against the previous four-member majority unlike another candidate also running for re-election.

Nelson has been a constant voice of the people over this last three-plus years conducting “Town Halls” on a regular basis and was the instigator of the county’s stance as a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County contrary to the state legislature’s edict. Please re-elect Nelson.

B. Anderson


Tarkanian came here to run


Longtime Las Vegas resident Danny Tarkanian moved to Douglas County last year, and is now running for county commissioner against incumbent David Nelson. Many people are familiar with Tarkanian as a perennial candidate for public office. He has run for public office eight times in the last eight election cycles: twice for U.S. Senate, three times for U.S. House, and once each for state Senate, secretary of State and regent. Sure, he won some primaries and did withdraw from two races, but in the five times he made it to the general election ballot, he lost every time, and only once finished within seven percentage points of the winner.

Why does Tarkanian keep losing? He has been dogged by accusations of questionable business dealings and legal problems, including a federal judgement of $17 million against him and his family for a failed development deal, and declaring bankruptcy. If you want to see for yourself, just search his business and legal issues.

Tarkanian purchased his home in the first commissioner district in late January of this year, and filed to run for county commissioner just over six weeks later. That sounds like a carpetbagger, which is someone who moves to an area to run for political office. Tarkanian has admitted that he was urged to seek this office by some local “leaders.” It’s a good chance that they are some of the same “good ol’ boys” who regularly support special interests like the master plan amendment that allows 2,500 homes on Park Holdings agricultural land, and Redevelopment Area 2 that seeks to bail out the Stateline casinos by using tax money that should go to other county priorities.

Tarkanian should state clearly whether he supports the Park development agreement for 2,500 homes, and the $115 million estimated to go into RDA2 funding for the Stateline casino corridor. If he is unwilling to do so, then he is either too new to the area or too uneducated on these vital local issues to run for office here.

His opponent, Nelson, has made clear his opposition to both of these controversial issues. He has stated the Park Holdings project is contrary to the public interest and to the master plan, and that it is not consistent with the residents’ desire to retain our rural character and quality of life. He has said that it will make traffic worse, not better, and that it will negatively affect our most precious resource: our water.

Likewise, Nelson has opposed RDA2 from the start, and sees it as an ill-advised bailout of private business interests, and that, importantly, it takes money away from more essential county concerns, whether that is the fire district, sheriff’s deputies, road maintenance, or a much-needed expansion of our Judicial and Law Enforcement Center.

Nelson is in touch with the citizens of Douglas County, and has done a good job of representing their interests. He deserves to be re-elected.

Jim Slade


Thousands of people die every day


It is astonishing to me, and somewhat frightening, that COVID-19 seems to have cured cancer, heart disease and all other illness that take human life. Seems that everyone who has died since mid-February, no matter how obscure, has died of COVID-19. No questions asked. People die every day. If the average lifespan is 70 (for illustrative purposes) and there are 7 billion people on earth, that means that 100 million people die every year. That’s about 300,000 people every day. Death is nothing new. But, what better way to totally cripple a country/civilization than to scare people into giving up their freedom, their rights, to accommodate an invisible enemy that is responsible for killing massive numbers of people? Where will we turn? CBS, NBC, CNN and the rest claim that if we had socialized health care this would not be happening. They forget that the response to this “threat” has come from the private sector, companies they hate, not the government. But according to them the government is the answer. We have lost freedom of association, freedom of religion, freedom of speech (if you speak out you will be quashed).

What’s next? Be careful people. The people selling this “disease” are the very same people that have been lying, to convince you to give up a little bit of freedom in exchange for security from government. People who have been trying to sell you the New World Order, no borders, socialism and the rest. The same people who want illegals to vote, who lied about Trump in the Mueller affair, Russian collusion, Ukraine and now they want you to trust them. You can’t trust them. The answer is within each and every one of us. Think for yourself. Remember the camel’s nose under the tent? Well, newsflash, there is no free lunch because the people giving you that lunch will always want something in return. Something you may not want to give up, that may change this country and your life forever. Examples? China, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela … Time to wake up people, take off the face masks, act like a free America and go back to work.

Mary Bischofberger