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Letters to the editor, Dec. 27, 2018

Thanks for supporting food closet


We wish to extend our sincere appreciation to the Douglas County community for your support at the 26th Annual Channel 2 News Share Your Christmas Drive-By Food Drive on Friday, December 7, 2018. We are pleased to share that $63,783.89 and 222,221 pounds were collected in just 12 hours. This event, hosted by the wonderful staff of KTVN Channel 2 News Reno, is a massive community collaboration. Essential in the success of the event is Carson Valley Inn, Douglas Disposal Inc, Town of Minden, Care Flight, Nevada Army National Guard SFC Rob Diehl, Starbucks, Derek Palmer Creative Media, Santa Dennis, Knights of Columbus, East Fork Fire, Ben Miller, and Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. In addition, over 140 volunteers with representation from Starbucks, Greater Nevada Credit Union, NV Department of Corrections, CERT, DHS Culinary Arts, DAWG, Battle Born Mounted Posse, Carson Valley United Methodist Church, Fish Springs Fire Department, Backpack Buddies, Topaz Volunteer Fire Department, Carson Valley Sertoma, Kiwanis Club of Carson Valley, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Explorers, students from Douglas High and members of the general community. Lastly, thank you to each and every person, business, and organization that made a monetary or food donation. This one day event will help to provide food to our neighbors in need throughout the next year. Together we are fighting hunger and working to achieve food security in Douglas County.

Sarah Sanchez

Carson Valley Community Food Closet

If they build it, who will use it?


It is my understanding truck traffic, except for delivery trucks, will be banned from the parkway. Delivery vehicles serving areas such as La Costa, Winhaven, Monterra, Heybourne Meadows and those that are west of 395 will probably make little use of the Parkway.

Visitors to the valley will probably make little use of the Parkway as they will be more interested in those local items of interest that are along the 395 corridor.

Many of the residents of areas like La Costa, Winhaven, Monterra and Heybourne Meadows go north to avail themselves of Costco, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, and others thus making little use of the Parkway except for the portion that may link Heybourne to 395.

Many of these residents would have had better access to the market areas to the south, if the Heybourne extension to the south of Buckeye was to be built… but I doubt this will ever happen. Along with being in a flood plain, thus requiring considerable fill dirt, there are also problems of drainage, property rights and right of way at this intersection.

Residents in areas such as Chichester, Fish Springs, etc., who do their shopping along the southern portion of 395 will not be using the Parkway except for going to northern destinations.

Travelers going north and south on 395 will have to be educated as to the availability of the Parkway as a “short cut.”

After reviewing the article and map in the Record-Courier I doubt the benefit to the majority of the residents in the valley will be as great as many expect.

I feel those reaping the most from the Parkway will be:

A) The property owners abutting the Parkway as it will increase property values. (Will property assessments be increased?)

B) Those developers who will now have better, and less costly, access to projects they may want to start along the Parkway.

Another item to be considered is the maintenance of the Parkway. Who will be paying for this…the county or the towns? Currently there seems to be a difficulty in the funding of road maintenance. Where will these funds come from?

I hope the county commissioners will seriously consider who will benefit the most, and who will be paying the most, for the Parkway.

Sanford Deyo


Compromise possible on Muller Lane


Perhaps the agreement could be revised to provide for the construction of two lanes through the developer portions in the short-term, but expanded to four lanes after completion of the developments. The developers would be required to fund an interest-bearing account from the proceeds of parcel sales that would be used for the expansion at a later date. That would allow the road to be started, development to take place, establishment of a mechanism for the future full road project to be constructed, and would be paid for by the development after it occurs (instead of the developers paying for the whole thing up front, which they say is unfeasible).

It would add some cost (phasing, demolition of some intersections, etc.) but could be a way for the county to get four lanes, development to commence, and for the developers to fulfill their obligations under the current agreements.

Jason Martin