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Letters to the Editor Aug. 11, 2017

Jacques the Magician makes it snow during his magic show on Aug. 1.
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Time to corral county worker costs


A majority of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners are about to vote to extend Interim County Manager Larry Werner’s contract through December 2018, and are conniving to pay him a fat taxpayer-funded bonus to entice him to stick around. That would be very bad for the citizens of Douglas County.

I was part of the campaign team that helped elect Barry Penzel in 2012 and Larry Walsh and Dave Nelson in 2016. We believed that these candidates had the will and determination to corral outsized county personnel costs that have crowded out the peoples’ priorities, in particular road maintenance and flood control. But only Dave Nelson has stuck to his principles.

Commissioners Penzel and Walsh have abdicated their duty to set policy initiatives and handed control of the governing agenda to unelected interim County Manager Larry Werner, a Democrat, with the full knowledge that he is ideologically disposed to govern against the wishes of Douglas County voters. The political affiliation of a staff member who takes direction from elected leaders should not matter. But given his record so far, it’s apparent that Mr. Werner has followed his ideology in using his authority to grow the cost of government personnel, leaving mostly borrowed money and reserves for critical infrastructure funding. His party affiliation matters because our elected leaders refuse to lead.

The problem goes beyond Mr. Werner. Instead of shaking up county government and putting the peoples’ needs first, regulatory capture has lured four of the five commissioners into taking guidance from senior county staff who naturally advise them not to rock the boat. Our brave candidates took office with their sleeves rolled up, but only one of them has refused to go along to get along.

Ed Hayes


Reflections a great column


We Nevadans uniquely value our freedoms. We truly enjoy our “Don’t Fence Me In” philosophy. We love our Country. Liberties such as those spring forth from founding principles, hard work, and faith. Thank you for providing regular opportunities for your readers to hear from area pastors offering encouragement for our mind, body and soul.

Dave Rauschhuber


Starting sheriff race early


In regards to Beverly Giannopulos’ July 28 response, ”Brady wrong about sheriff’s office,” Dave Brady’s objective analysis of law enforcement agency turnover was quite obviously contrived to slam Mr. Brady personally. Giannopulos unsuccessfully attempts to negatively portray Brady’s fact-based Management 101 evaluation of the reasons for turnover, diagnostic tools — such as exit interviews ± that can prevent unwanted terminations, and where trouble can originate. Dave’s analysis is accurate and apparently in this case is ruffling some feathers of those who don’t want to see any positive changes.

Additionally, it would appear she has not done her research or maybe just didn’t want to point out that Brady’s relevant law enforcement experience includes 8 years as a full-time police officer, working as a canine and drug enforcement officer in Redondo Beach, his experience as a chief negotiator representing his police bargaining unit, and 15 years as a DCSO reserve deputy. Further, Brady holds a master’s in Public Administration from USC.

Giannopulos asks who ever heard of the saying that “people do not leave jobs, they leave managers.” Only those who’ve had any HR training. Again, not bothering to research, a simple quiz of Google quickly yields just how prevalent this well used axiom is. Don’t just take my word for it check out the article in Forbes regarding this business truism.

It would appear in her mind the race for Sheriff has already begun and she is obviously afraid of Dave Brady’s exemplary experience and track record. I for one sincerely hope Dave Brady does run for Sheriff and I hope he wins as it would be a huge victory for the members of the Sheriff’s department and the citizens of Douglas County.

Gary Edwards


No way to treat the flag


I drove by Sharkey’s casino today at about 4:15 pm. I noticed their flag was dangling over the side of their casino. I went inside and spoke to guest service agent Kelly. He said they were aware of it. I noticed another man approach Kelly mentioning the flag. He was told it was like that since this morning. Kelly directed me to Casino Mgr. Chris. He said they’d be fixing the flag soon. I told him it was a disgrace it hadn’t been fixed earlier today. As a 20 years Air Force veteran who served in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam Nam war and also in the 1st Gulf War I am appalled that the symbol of our great country was treated as if it were a dirty rag.

Rick Lemley


Draft Laxalt for U.S. Senate


In the past Sen. Dean Heller stated many times that Obamacare should be repealed. “The repeal of this law will not only reduce federal spending, but it will also allow Congress to address problems within the current health care system. When Obama was President the vacillating Nevada Senator voted to repeal Obamacare.

Senator Heller suffers from acute self-aggrandizing political ambition that manifests itself most often in fence-sitting and at best avid periodic grinding of the issues one might expect to be the grist in the windmill of a crusading freshman Congressman.

The Senator touts his opposition to the burying of nuclear material thousands of feet deep using technologies and procedures that pose no measurable threat to the citizens of Nevada, trivial in comparison to the critical national issues that confront us today.

As a partially disabled veteran I applaud his efforts to clean up the Veterans Administration; but these efforts pale in comparison to the damage he has done to me, and to hundreds of thousands of others who must continue to suffer the financial burdens of Obamacare. Congressman Amodei has systematically debunked the myth perpetrated by the supporters of Obamacare. Sadly Sen. Heller could not find the wisdom and fortitude to act on the facts and not compromise his earlier vow to Nevada voters.

Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt took a strong stand against sanctuary cities that harbor illegal immigrant criminals. His family has a history of honorable service to the citizens of the State of Nevada. The time has come to draft the Attorney General, or someone of similar character and fortitude, to replace the duplicity that seems to characterize Heller’s behavior.

Eldon DeVere Henderson

East Valley