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Letters to the editor April 20

Another epic ski season


Heavenly should be proud of what they provide for our community. Before our program started the Zephyr Cove Ski Club was presented with an Epic Promise Grant which provided funding for our six scholarships this season. The ZCSC started the 2018 season out gloomy with little to no snow. However, Heavenly was still able to make snow every day and provide some of the best skiing in Lake Tahoe. The ZCSC had a fantastic season considering our plans had changed. The Boulder Lodge being the “Home Of The Zephyr Cove Ski Club’ was only open the last day of our program. With that said, Heavenly is epic as they provided the ZCSC the best possible season at the California Base Lodge. The instructors did the best job of providing our children EPIC three-hour lessons with nothing but praise from our parents and members, all under the direction of Jasmine Reichardt, who knocked our experience out of the park. Instructor, Guy Olguin, was very special to our younger children who wanted to give him a personal thank you for going beyond what is expected. Between Jasmine, James Kayser, Guy Olguin, Christine Robinson and Cody Rothaus we had the best EPIC year. The ZCSC, thank you to our I. T. Manager Ed Johns, went paperless this year with no paper tickets issued to our 156 members. Thank you to all the above employees at Heavenly who helped the ZCSC with our goal to go paperless, providing the best snow conditions and giving the ZCSC another Heavenly Epic season. Also, thank you the Douglas County Board of Commissioners for providing our transportation, Douglas County School District for the use of the buses, the Douglas County Parks and Recreation Commission for administering our BOCC grant and contracting with the DCSD and the parents who stepped up to the plate and helped us manage the 156 children from start to finish. It takes a community to make a program like this work. Thank you to our wonderful community for the Heavenly Epic 2018 Season.

Bob Cook, president


Thanks for helping neighbor


Many thanks to the good neighbor, who followed by wife home to advise her of a failed taillight on her vehicle. That light was checked OK just a few days ago.

Yes, I have replaced the burned-out bulb.

The next year’s vehicle of the same model are built with LED lights which do not fail the same way.

Pete Harding


Put up or shut up


It is truly sad how little regard or ability our president has for speaking with clarity and truth. He rarely speaks without blustering prevarication. But of all the lies he has told, there is one that, to my mind, “trumps” all the rest. That is the lie that millions of “illegals” voted in the last election.

After appointing and then quickly disbanding a commission to investigate this reckless claim, he returned to this lie last week, with no further evidence than when he besmirched his inauguration with this self-serving fantasy.

To him and his followers I say “put up or shut up!” If you have proof of undocumented immigrants committing voter fraud, then lay your proof before the public. Otherwise, stop undermining America’s faith in our electoral process. It is our most cherished possession and I am sick to death of you wiping your filthy boots on it!

Timothy Goldsmith