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Letters to the Editor

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Time for manager to go


Referring to Jack Van Dien’s Nov. 30 guest opinion conversing with “Frank the Farmer,” I agree wholeheartedly that burdening the businesses of Douglas County with a new business tax is not the right way to solve the County’s budget woes. It is indeed adding insult to injury after last year’s $24.7 million liberal bounty to Riverwood Redevelopment.

I suggest that it is time for Dan Holler to go. The commissioners who voted in favor of the $24.7 million gift to Jay Timon one year ago should answer for their bad judgment by renouncing their support for Dan Holler’s bad fiscal management.

Unfortunately, these same commissioners still believe that Dan Holler is a financial genius, and standing on principle, as demonstrated by the proposed business tax which is perceived to be a done deal, they continue to affirm Dan’s confusing ramblings articulated in perpetuity about county finances. That is what the proposed business tax represents this year’s installment of Dan’s confused ramblings articulated in perpetuity. New blood in the county manager’s position would go a long way in setting a new fiscal course to help us solve the problems that Dan has saddled us with.

Jeanne Shizuru


Thanks for support


The family of Lois Rabe Sarman wishes to express our sincere thanks to all of you who provided comfort and support during our time of sorrow. Lois so much loved the Carson Valley and cherished the people who made her home special.

The Sarman Family

Elizabeth Woodbury, Mary Stephans

Ed Sarman Jr., Bill Sarman,

Stan Sarman, Paul Sarman and

Mike Sarman

Carson Valley