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Letters from Jan. 13, 2016

Foohill resident Penelope Wright said this little brown squirrel is tiny, and is welcome at her bird feeder.
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Thanks for saving Elks


Due to the fast response this past Sunday by the East Fork Fire Protection District personnel, the Tahoe-Douglas Elks Lodge on Kimmerling Road in the Gardnerville Ranchos was saved from possible total destruction.

Battalion Chief Scott Fraser said the first engine to arrive, within minutes of the alarm sounding, found large amounts of water flowing from the building and they immediately turned off the main water supply to the building.

Looking through a window the firefighters saw over 2 feet of water and were able to open the doors, and they went in with 3-foot squeegees and starting pushing the water out and picking up trash. Elks said the firefighters who responded were total heroes. Additional personnel were brought in to assist with removing the water.

BELFOR Water Damage Restoration and Repair are currently working in the building. Water is the single most long-term destructive substance in the indoor environment. BELFOR has successfully restored water-damaged structures and property for more than 70 years.

The Elks are working out a recovery plan. Temporarily our meetings will be at the Douglas County Community & Senior Center, thanks to Community Services Director Scott Morgan.

The response of ‘what can we do to help’ from the community is overwhelming. We will keep the public posted with updates through our local newspapers.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation.

Mary Retterer, Exalted Ruler

Tahoe-Douglas Elks Lodge No. 2670

Who’s best to defeat Hilary?


Republicans should be asking “who is the best qualified, most conservative presidential candidate who can win the general election against Hillary Clinton?” The answer should be clear — Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio’s conservative brand puts him close to the GOP center ideologically, and his favorable ratings with Republicans are consistently strong. He’s an effective debater, he has a compelling personal story and a great command on the issues—particularly on national security and foreign policy. Rubio serves on both the Senate Foreign Relations and Intelligence Committees and is the Republican presidential candidate most knowledgeable and best equipped to lead on the increasing international threat of ISIS and on the new realities of domestic terrorism.

Rubio scares Democrats in the general election by striking a favorable contrast against Hillary Clinton. Former Clinton adviser and current political pundit James “The Snake” Carville has opined that Rubio “is the only hope they have.” Carville’s opinion is confirmed in the most recent Fox News presidential poll (Dec. 18) showing Hillary Clinton defeating Donald Trump by 11 percent, while Marco Rubio beats Hillary by 2 percent. Republicans should pay attention.

For a running-mate, Rubio might well select Carly Fiorina — “whip smart,” fluent on the issues, including those of defense and national security having done advisory work with the CIA, Pentagon and the National Security Agency. A “conservative outsider” with an impressive private-sector career, Fiorina would also be an aggressively articulate candidate against a Hillary Clinton-led ticket.

Jim Hartman