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Letters for March 23, 2018

Valley’s own Matt Dillon


We moved to the Carson Valley area in August 2012, and, not long after, met Joe and his family. Our sons went to school together and became fast friends, and our friendship with Joe and Teresa began.

Since then, I’ve grown to truly appreciate and admire Joe’s commitment to the community we all share. He’s a strong advocate for our youth and seniors.

Maybe some of you remember an old TV series from the 60’s called ”Gunsmoke.” OK, don’t laugh.

Sure, it was just a fictional TV show, but the underlying values, integrity, vision, and attitude displayed by the main character embody how Joe lives his personal and professional life.

What Joe is…

He’s a man who truly cares about the people who make up this community. He’s a man of humility. He’s a man for truth and justice, even when it’s not popular. He’s a family man.

Joe has our vote.

David and Robin Futch


Shocked by web misdirection


I was appalled to learn that Dan Coverley (a captain with our Douglas Sheriff’s Office, and hopeful candidate for sheriff) would be so underhanded as to misdirect voters looking for his opponent’s websites to his own. I am sure Dan Coverley will say that he knew nothing about this but I wasn’t born yesterday and I know better.

How could we possibly trust him to lead our Sheriff’s office? How can the officers under his command trust him? Afterall, he started this plan back in 2016.

I call on Capt. Coverley to pull himself from the race for Douglas County sheriff. I also feel that our present Sheriff Ron Pierini, whom I expect must be very disappointed in Dan, should suspend him and open an investigation.

Since Capt. Coverley’s credibility is now completely degraded, how can he testify in court without his word being brought into question?

We rely on our sheriffs to be above this sort of cheap, win-at-all-costs tactics. This action by Capt. Coverley shows complete disregard for integrity, honesty, and possibly even the laws he is supposed to uphold.

B. Anderson


Coverley is an honest man


Dan Coverley is a man of honesty, integrity, and courage and a man who loves his community. Among a number of excellent candidates for Douglas County Sheriff, Dan stands head and shoulders above his contenders. Dan has my full support for his candidacy for Sheriff and I urge all Douglas County voters to vote for Dan.

Dan Coverley loves this community. His family has been a fixture in Carson Valley for years. I have known his father, Bill, his uncle, Jim and Dan for many years. They are all men of character and natural born leaders. Dan and his family have made the Carson Valley their home and I know he is highly motivated to keep our community safe for them and for all families.

Dan is honest and forthright with his opinions and in his interactions with others. With Dan, you always know where you stand. He may not agree with you, but he is always respectful and acknowledges your point of view.

Dan has a wealth of experience in the sheriff’s office and has a good working knowledge of all aspects of the job of sheriff. He is a natural born leader who is respected by his colleagues. He has a broad fund of knowledge about law enforcement and is always willing to learn and grow in his profession.

Dan Coverley is the best candidate for Douglas County Sheriff and I urge you to vote for Dan. He will lead Douglas County law enforcement with integrity and commitment.

John R. Holman