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Letters for Sept. 13, 2018

Thanks for supporting group


Although it is only August, Lisa Maloff made a donation of $75,000 to Tahoe Youth & Family Services. This funding will be used to provide a Christmas party to children in Tahoe and help with funding services for youth and families in South Lake Tahoe, Douglas & Alpine counties.

Lisa loves children and is excited to help ring in the holidays with a special celebration that won’t soon be forgotten. This will be the second time she has funded a Christmas party for children in Tahoe. She is truly a shining example of an individual who is making a difference in the lives of children in our community. Lisa Maloff is a caring community member who has dedicated her life to making Tahoe a better place for families and children. Her generosity allows Tahoe Youth & Family Services to create magical memories for local children.

Her donation also allows Tahoe Youth to continue providing services and provides us the platform to make others aware of what we do. Our mission is to promote the healthy development of children, families and individuals through counseling, mentoring and support services. Our offices in Douglas County are at 1512 US Highway 395 N. in Gardnerville and 1021 Fremont Ave. South Lake Tahoe, California. If you want to find out more about what we do, call us at 775-782-4202 or 530-541-2445 or visit our website at tahoeyouth.org.

Challenge yourself, what can you do to support Tahoe Youth in Douglas County? If you are already a supporter, thank you. If you would like to volunteer call me. We need your help. As a nonprofit organization, donations are critical in helping Tahoe Youth provide quality services to children and families.

Karen S. Carey

Executive Director

Grateful for firefighters’ efforts


Recently, as I was driving south from 395 along Jacks Valley Road past the first wildfire area on the west side of the road, I was in awe seeing all the houses still standing unharmed surrounded by all the burnt remains of the sagebrush and other foliage from the recent fire in that area. I am so grateful for our wonderful firefighters and am at a loss of words trying to figure out how they can not only be so brave but also be able to stop that fire from harming any people and their homes.

On Aug. 6, Australia and New Zealand sent firefighters to assist our firefighters in fighting wildfires in California, Oregon and Washington. Canada also sent two air tankers and a lead plane to assist in fighting the large fires in the Pacific Northwest.

The United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada have come to each other’s aid for quite some time when needed.

As of 9/2/2018, the National Interagency Fire Center reports there are currently 95 active large wildfires encompassing 1,928,675 acres in 13 states. Four of these fires have been contained.

We lost two firefighters in the Ferguson fire and two in the Carr fire. At this time, we have lost 65 firefighters in 2018 according to the U. S. Fire Administration.

The families of our firefighters are amazing people. Everyday that their loved ones go off to fight a fire, they have to be strong and have faith that their loved ones will return home safe and sound. Sadly, there are times when those loved ones lose their lives while trying to keep everyone safe. My heart aches for those families. They are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you from the depth of my soul.

I want to thank all the firefighters who work so hard to save our homes and our lives while endangering their own lives. They are our heroes.

They give us peace of mind knowing that they will do what they can in times of need to keep us safe and when possible, to save our homes.

To our firefighters, a huge thank you for all you do and may you all be safe.

Margaret Pross


Does Genoa need a full-time manager?


It has always mystified me how Genoa, a community of 220 inhabitants, requires an annual budget of almost $500,000 with $155,000 in personnel costs (with the town manager over $100,000 annually) to provide six legislatively mandated services, namely streets, street lights, drainage, three town buildings, the town park with the county providing the remainder.

Genoa’s primary source of revenue is the annual Candy Dance Fair, which generates $150,000 net after expenditures of $289,000, and which has paid the town bills for almost 100 years. Miscellaneous taxes generate $70,000 annually.

The cost of utilities, buildings and grounds maintenance and road maintenance is $70,000 a year.

Until just after the turn of the 21st century, the Genoa town government was administered by a town secretary. The town manager position was introduced by County Manager Dan Holler. At one point an assistant was sent to Genoa to act as a part-time manager for $40,000 to the town.

Perhaps this is an auspicious time to reconsider whether it would be economically advantageous to replace the town manager with a part-time administrator and contract the Candy Dance Fair administration to a fair manager compensated by a percentage of its revenues, which would allow the part-time manager to focus on town issues rather than revenue enhancement. It might also be advantageous to determine how many of the 2,000 hours per year the town manager directs to the Candy Dance Fair.

Some issues that are unaddressed are the lack of a storage facility for town equipment, downtown parking and the maintenance agreements for the Genoa Vista Trail.

H. William Brooks


Brats, Bands and Brews a big hit


Douglas Center for Hope and Healing held its third annual Brats, Bands and Brews to raise funds for our grief center. A huge shout-out to the active 20/30 club for their partnership with this event. A heartfelt thank you to our musicians Jakota Wass, Dale Poune, Todd Whear and the Trippin’ King Snakes, Ev, Mick and Charlie. We would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous contributions: Kelly Chase, Pisciotta Builders, Park Ranch, Curtis and Sons, Mark and Jonel Neddenriep, Tru North Wealth Management-Danette Lowe, Stor-All, D&B Cabinets, Brooke Bond Roberts with Chase International, Eric Jacobs, Dr. Somer Lyons, Ferguson-Leavitt Insurance, Dr. James Seyfried, Meiring Investments-In loving memory of Jack Meiring, John Fisher Re/Max Realty, Richard Peters, Hutt Aviation, Sierra View Dental, Bing Construction, Three Castles Engineering-Gary Thurm, Riverview Mobile Home Park, Wass Family Corporation, Moxy Health, Guided Truck and Equipment, Crockett Enterprises, Sierra View Equipment, Michele Wagner, Gary and Judy Williams-In loving memory of Kelly Williams, Bently Heritage,Westridge Homes, Scottsdale Plumbing, Marty’s Appliance, Impact Construction-Zack Doane, Edward Jones-James Berston, Legacy Specialties, Nova Tile and Stone, VIP Rubber, and Silverado Holding-Taryn Hansen. In addition, the following businesses and individuals made donations to help with our cause: Thai Jasmine, Francisco’s, Cafe Girasol, Grand Prix Carwash, Country Club, Sunridge Golf Club, Jessika Wass, Woodett’s, Laser Center of Carson Valley, J.T., Monica Bingham, Jan Lindsey, Golden Nugget Automotive, Atlantis Casino Resort, Corner Bar, Custom Framing and Design, Heartstrings, Ahern Rentals, Trudy’s Hair Salon, Paul and April Wilson, Allison Ramsey, Ann Crockett, Todd Whear, Amanda Johnson, Coleen Lawrence, Minden Nails, Ginger’s Unique Boutique, Parigini Orthodontics, Kelly and Bruno Bielat, Rhonda Moore Country Insurance, Warren Reed Insurance, Starbucks, Patricia and Dennis Ramsey, Janice and Andy Rice, Western Nevada Supply, Hardrock Hotel, Adam Lazear and Maria Falconeria, Meeks, Especially for You, Foothill Tile Setters, Just a Drop- Tracy Bennis, Mike and Trish Wentz, Dennis and Jolie McDuffee, PR Supply, and Flocchini Family Provisions. This event would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of our amazing volunteers: Kaeli Abreu, Suzi, Deb Kepler, Sally Neddenriep , Jeff Wass, Lance and Telsche Hipple, Alaina Nunez, Leah and Ava Ramsey-Kruse, Karlyn, Tess and Jessee. Thank you to Mike Schiller for his joint efforts with the Main Street Car Event. With the on-going support of our wonderful community, we continue to provide free grief support groups, grief camp, home visits, grief backpacks and community outreach to children, teens and adults who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

Jodi Wass

Executive Director

Douglas Center for Hope and Healing

Thanks to DAWG Days vendors


Douglas Animal Welfare Group would like to thank Pam Horton, owner of the Millennium Spa, and all the other vendors who took part in the DAWG Days of Summer Event recently, with the charitable proceeds donated to DAWG .

There was food, and beverages available, and many vendors from around the valley showing their crafts and businesses, with several bands playing for the enjoyment of all who attended.

The stars of the show were several dogs from the Douglas Animal Shelter who strutted their stuff around the area receiving pets and attention and even some interest from potential adopters.

Thank you to all who donated and attended on this lovely afternoon event for the community.

Casey McClain

Vice President

Douglas Animal Welfare Group