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Letters for Sept. 12, 2019

Sertoma recently donated $2,000, with members contributing an additional $240 to China Spring Youth Camp. Pictured are Youth Camp Director Wendy Garrison, Sertoma Club Member Bob Centanni, Sertoma President Dianne Ford and District Judge Tod Young.
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Judicial center should take precedence


We were recently given a tour of the Douglas County Judicial and Law Enforcement Center on Buckeye. Retired Justice Tom Perkins led an effort well over a year ago to convince the county to take steps to alleviate the severe overcrowding at JLEC. Unfortunately our Board of County Commissioners gave mostly lip service to Perkins’ hard work and chose to make only minor accommodations. We can testify first hand that working conditions at JLEC are claustrophobic and past the breaking point.

We were told the JLEC is not ADA compliant, nor is there any separation between perpetrators and victims waiting to enter court. Yet Commissioners Walsh, Rice, and Penzel continue to send approximately $1 million of your tax money per year to Redevelopment Agency Number 2 to help out the wealthy casino corridor, even though the Legislature recently passed a room tax increase that’s bringing in more than enough to pay for the enhancements needed to rehabilitate their businesses. Chef Gordon Ramsay just announced the opening of a Hell’s Kitchen in Stateline. This savvy businessman obviously doesn’t see a down at the heels marketplace for his fancy restaurant.

The county owes its law enforcement and their support team members a decent workplace. These men and women put their lives on the line for us every day. Jamming them into tiny spaces is bad for their health, dangerous for those who have to deal with perpetrators in such tight quarters and impacts morale. We were amazed at how cheerful and gracious all these professionals were as we passed through their closet-sized work spaces. They deserve better.

Right now, the choice for Walsh, Rice, and Penzel seems to be casinos over cops. Please join us on insisting that they take the JLEC crowding problem seriously and find the funding to provide tolerable working conditions for those who risk everything to protect us. Thank you.

Lynn and Jan Muzzy


Thanks so much for support


We would like to thank the community, volunteers and businesses that contributed time, money and donations for our 52nd Topaz Volunteer Fire Department Fundraiser Barbecue on Sunday of the Labor Day weekend. You made the day a huge success. The turnout was awesome, the food delicious and the raffles fun, with a great band for dancing. Because of all the efforts of so many, we are ale to donate to the local food closet and to the Fireman’s Burn Fund. Now we are getting ready to plan for next year.

Chuck Fields

Jim Doolittle

Terry Fail

Dylan Todd

Chuck Carroll

Vanessa Germain

Tammy Swails

Ann Carroll

Topaz Volunteer Fire Department

Thanks to Sertoma


Tahoe Youth & Family Services would like to say thank you to the Carson Valley Sertoma for helping us kickstart a new Transitional Housing program in South Lake Tahoe. This Transitional Living program will provide housing for young adults (18-24) that are currently homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless in South Lake Tahoe.

Sertoma provided an enormous amount of apartment and office supplies to help get this program started. Tahoe Youth and our community are very fortunate to have such a generous organization that cares about their community. Thanks to Carson Valley Sertoma, Christmas came early for Tahoe Youth.

Karen S. Carey

Executive Director of Tahoe Youth & Family Services

Bringing community together


Given the tragedies that have struck our communities and our nation, especially over the past few months, I find solace in the fact that it has brought our community together. It’s even fair to say that it has brought our region of Douglas County, Carson and Reno closer. Before some of us may not have known our neighbors by name or had even known what they looked like. Today, driving around, I seem to see more people introducing themselves, saying hello to the person living to our left or right, and, in all, being more aware of our surroundings.

I have also noticed an increase in self-defense, including more people now wanting to educate themselves on firearms. While I feel strongly that it shouldn’t have taken this horrific event to increase the awareness and education, I am so glad it did. I feel more confident now than ever that should there ever be the time I am not able to defend myself; someone would be able to hear me and aid in my defense.

We are the residents that make up this community. I grew up here in a time not that long ago that I couldn’t go to the grocery store or walk down the street without someone I knew stopping to say hello. My hope now is that our small community, which has grown, grows together again.

Courtney Kemp


Not voting for Trump in 2020


Many in our media (both print and television talking heads) have failed to grasp or otherwise communicate the cause of Donald Trump’s strange and increasingly bizarre, unstable behavior. Why is that? They continue to waltz around the central problem. I’m no expert but I have had an intuitive sense of who he is since early in his campaign. Some real experts, trained in psychiatry or psychology, have refrained from making any diagnosis of his mental condition. Only a few have had the courage to publish their conclusion that Trump’s mental condition is that of a malignant sociopath. That’s because of a rule that these professionals shouldn’t speak out without “personally” examining the “patient.” However, all one has to do is to observe him daily in action on television as most of us have.

You may have observed the following character attributes of President Trump over the past three years: extreme narcissism, absence of empathy, no display of conscience, cruel, a bully, extremely sensitive to criticism, anti-social, and frequent displays of grandiosity (“I’m the Chosen One”). Nonetheless, I believe these major character flaws are not his fault. He was likely born or developed this way. We should have some compassion for his mental condition. BUT, he should not be re-elected to the presidency. He’s far too dangerous and destructive to remain in office.

John H. Garvin