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Letters for Nov. 30

A real puzzler


I was so devastated by not finding a crossword puzzle published in the Nov. 17 R-C. It was as though my favorite candidate had lost the presidential election. Taking a cue from many college campuses this week, coloring books, hot cocoa, therapy dogs, crying rooms, nor grief counselors could dash the sadness in my heart.

The Wednesday gloom that surely loomed over Carson Valley, and to many of your devoted crossword enthusiasts, will be a woeful day for the ages.

Knowing full well the limitations to the printed page, I still beseech you to find it your heart, or on page 21 column one, a little piece of parchment for the crossword lover in all of us.

Dave Morris


Neighbors helping neighbors


During this busy holiday season while we are busy with our own families, it is easy to forget that we have many neighbor’s who are in need. Joe Benigno of Joe Benigno’s Tree service called his business associates (Mort’s Auto Body, Battle Born Tree Service, Warren Reed Insurance, Hamdog’s, and Standard Diesel) and asked them if they would help us with some Thanksgiving meals this year.

With all of their help, I was able to deliver 23 Thanksgiving Dinner’s to the Carson Valley Food Closet. It made me proud to be a member of Joe Benigno’s team and of our Carson Valley community. It will be a very happy Thanksgiving for 23 families.

Jacie Peters


Thanks for supporting City of Refuge


Although this is a bit late, we wanted to thank Mike Schiller for his work in the community by hosting

the annual Main Street Event Car Show in downtown Minden.

He successfully raised over a thousand dollars which was donated to City of Refuge. Because of the hard work of the individuals who hosted this event, City of Refuge will continue to house, feed and care for the pregnant moms of Nevada and beyond who need a little help along their way. Thanks again, Mike and all our friends and neighbors of Carson Valley

Dave & Allison Gamble, Steve & Mollie Nugent, Trevor & Taryn Cleveland, Victorina Sutliff

Mark & Sherry Barnett, and all the moms and babies