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Letters for May 9, 2018

Douglas Carson Legal Professionals elected new officers for the 2018-19 year. Mary Baldecchi is president, Dee Beardsley is vice president, Georgianne Harjes is secretary, and Vicki Van Pelt is treasurer. The chapter meets at noon the first Wednesday of the month at Red's 395 Grill. For more information, email nalsdclp@gmail.com.
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Questioning Duffy’s leadership


I recently attended a Q&A with the Sheriff’s Candidates on April 26. The event was put on by the Douglas Democrats and covered numerous areas clearly outlining many of the similarities and distinctive differences of each candidate. They all did a great job pinpointing areas of their focus should they win.

I was however incredibly bothered right out of the gate by Capt. Duffy’s immediate blame shift, which he repeated throughout the evening.

The first question focused on the 20-plus deputies who have left the Sheriff’s Office over about 18 months, and what each candidate would do to counter this issue. Each candidate came up with thoughts and ideas in an attempt to halt Deputies leaving. Each candidate that is, except for Capt. Duffy.

Candidate Brady mentioned the Grand Jury Report as a reference point to attempt to raise morale and retain Deputies. Capt. Coverley stated his intention of putting worth and value back to each deputy to increase morale.

Candidate Paris stated he intended on speaking with each deputy about what changes they’d like and creating exit interviews.

Capt. Duffy broke down numbers as to why 24 deputies left and made it very clear that morale was not a problem. I do, however, question his numbers and reasons for the departures and believe his breakdown to be a misrepresentation of what is occurring in his division.

Why are deputies leaving at a rapid rate from his division but not other divisions?

Back to the morale concern, who is Captain Duffy to decide there is no morale issue? Given his current position he is responsible for morale being high or low, not the person who determines it.

There were also two separate times Capt. Duffy referenced “lazy” deputies. By no means would I defend deputies who are not putting in an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, however I can’t imagine blatant name calling is helping morale. If name calling is acceptable, is he planning on permitting Deputies to name call while on shift in the community? Is this why the association voted 78 percent to endorse Capt. Coverley? Do they know something we don’t?

Ashlee Miller


Don’t rush to reopen 88


Highway 88 closure at Centerville. Comstock Seed is the second driveway south of the Centerville closure.

You would think we would be quite concerned as our business traffic from the north has been halted. You might also think that the inconvenience of driving the route through the Ranchos or the long way around to the west via Fairview and Foothill would have become exasperating from day one let alone for a week.

The only request that I have for NDOT is to delay opening 88 back up for another week or two or maybe a month.

The silence that we are experiencing this week has probably not been heard since the 1850’s. Still an occasional cow bellowing across the fields but the bird and insect activity is phenomenal. I actually recorded the cacophony of sounds in our hedge of golden currant using my smart phone; don’t mind the pretty yellow flowers but the activity within the row of shrubs is quite diverse and incessant.

Don’t forget the starry nights without the late evening traffic cruising through. I suspect I’m not alone with this temporary experience. No hurry NDOT; take time to smell the flowers and lean on those shovels once and awhile.

Ed Kleiner


A salve for missing trees


Thank you so much Tina Fixman for the helpful article on Lucerne’s missing trees. It made me feel much better to find out what had happened.

I’ll be looking forward to the next step.

Nancy Raven