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Letters for May 4, 2018

Douglas County Historical Society Young Chautauqua Performers at the Courthouse Museum during Genoa Heritage Day

Lucerne trees will be back


Whew. That was without a doubt one of the most spirited and vitriolic letters to the editor in some time. Obviously the writer feels strongly about trees — good on ya’.

The missing background and information concerning the Lucerne planting will perhaps ease his enormous angst and put to rest the idea that the Town of Minden employees suddenly woke up last week and decided to cut down said trees. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As a landscape contractor providing subcontractor services to the Town of Minden, I can tell you with confidence that the process to change, condemn, replant, or modify existing town landscapes goes through a careful and thoughtful process. The Lucerne project has been in the works for the last three years. There have been multiple Town Board meetings discussing the project and inviting public input. Did the writer attend and express public comment during any of the meetings? From my viewpoint I don’t think he did.

Now, about those trees. From a horticultural point of view (I was horticulture agent in Douglas County at one time) those trees were planted in a horrific manner from the get-go. The curbs were poured on top of the asphalt, soil was infilled and where each tree was to be planted, the asphalt was saw cut to allow some water to perk and some roots to go into soil. It didn’t happen. The roots went through the lawn areas and were, at best, a foot and a half deep, and in some places 50 feet wide. Not an ideal setting for vigor and health. Those trees were in poor condition, a liability, and were stunted from the manner in which they were planted and grown.

The good news for our tree-mad writer is the Town of Minden has a new plan for rebuilding the planters, this time ensuring that the new landscape isn’t sitting on asphalt. There is a plan for new trees, new sod, new plantings, etc. I’m sure you can request a viewing from the Town of Minden staff at the main office at Esmeralda.

Not all trees are equally valuable and, sad but true, there are times it’s best to start over. This was one of those instances. Lucerne will once again be verdant, shady and green. All will be right in the world again.

Tina Fixman


Backing Duffy for sheriff


My name is Taylee Pickering, and I’m an airman in the U.S. Air Force. I enlisted in the Air Force immediately after graduating from Douglas High School, and I am now stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Prior to enlisting, I had lived in Douglas County, Nevada my entire life. When I was 13 years old, I joined the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Explorer post. The program, in large part, helped prepare me for my life in the military. I am thankful for the program for many reasons. When I recently found out that Joe Duffy and Jim Halsey were running for Douglas County Sheriff and Undersheriff, I could not have been more proud. During my five years as an explorer, the years before then, and the years since then, Joe and Jim have been actively involved in the Explorer program. They would come to meetings, help us train, and never stopped pushing us to be the best that we could, also they would even travel with us to competitions to step in when we needed another advisor. These men truly care about the youth, community, and future of our beautiful county. Douglas County, if you want an involved, proactive, and honest Sheriff, you will vote Joe Duffy on June 12.

Taylee Pickering


Haunted Windchimes rang out


The final concert with the Haunted Windchimes wrapped up the Carson Valley Arts Council 2017-18 Concert Series. All five performers presented workshops or assemblies for Pau-Wau-Lu and Carson Valley Middle Schools, Minden Jacks Valley and Meneley Elementary Schools and Sierra Lutheran High School. The support of our sponsors and CVAC Friends are the only ways we are able to bring the concerts and youth outreach to our community.

Special thanks goes to our amazing Concert Series sponsors: Nevada Arts Council, WESTAF, Carson Valley Inn, NEA Arts Works, COD Casino, Wa She Su Casino, City National Bank, Jennifer Yturbide Law, R. O. Anderson, Bing Materials, Chase International, TruNorth Wealth Management, Sierra View Dental Center, Courtyard Marriott, Coffee on Main, Carson Valley United Methodist Church, Douglas County Democrats/DCDWomen, Clean Air Systems, NV Tourism, NV Energy, Bike Habitat, The Pink House, CV Community Theatre, Norma Freitas, and Building Concepts.

Please thank all of the sponsors for supporting the arts! Call 775-782-8207, visit our website cvartscouncil.com/sponsors/ or email CVAC info@cvartscouncil.com if you would like to help sponsor next year’s Concert Series that begins in October.

Sharon Schlegel

Executive Director

Brian Fitzgerald


Sharon Hoelscher Day

CVAC Events Committee Chairman