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Letters for June 21

Pat Bridges and Pam Pugliese from Minden Rotary present a check to Robin Futch from Douglas High School FFA.

Where from, exactly?


I had to shake my head when I saw the recent letter from Leslie Sternes of Minden taking to task one of interim county manager Larry Werner’s critics in The Record-Courier. Among other things, Ms. Sternes claims that anyone who hasn’t lived here as long as Mr. Werner has no business judging his performance in office. I find you don’t have to live in a desert very long to know there are coyotes there!

The Nevada Appeal ran a very similar letter, from Ms. Sternes, in February 2016 also taking a public official’s critic to task, but in that letter she gave her residence as Carson City.

Ms. Sternes is either mixed up about where she lives or – by her own standards – she has no business chastising anyone who’s lived here longer than her. Which is pretty much everybody.

Marshall Goldy