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Letters for June 16

Volunteers real heroes in Genoa


On June 7, the Genoa Town Advisory Board elected to end the Genoa Cowboy Festival. I understand the struggle and the financial difficulties associated to the Town of Genoa in order to put forth this grand event. I wish I could have conveyed how small money really is versus the importance of good will combined with community spirit.

I would like to thank the Town Manager Phil Ritger for keeping us in the black financially for the last four years, even though, donations and funds diminished progressively each year.

What saddens me most is the volunteers. They unselfishly dedicated hours of time and effort to make the Cowboy Festival a memorable event. The volunteers are my heroes; they are the true Cowboys. Their dedication meant a special time for the visitors, audiences, and performers to enjoy life on our spinning planet. Their work sometimes difficult was not their concern; it was contributing to our community that counted at this fun event.

This is a big thank you to all of the volunteers for your efforts on eight Cowboy Festivals. I have enjoyed being present, as you volunteers have shown all of us “old time community spirit.”

Timothy M DeTurk

Genoa Town Chairman

Thanks, Sonic


Recently my friend and I visited the Sonic in Minden to film a school Spanish project. We were greeted by the manager named Max and he gladly helped us fulfill our project by lending us the props of a server and food props. He went above and beyond the standard expectations of a Sonic employee to help us finish our project. We’d like to give a heartfelt thank you to Max, and we will be loyal customers to Sonic. I’d also like to thank the Douglas County Public Library for letting us film in the library for another part of the project.

Alyssa Anderson and Antoinette Alvarado