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Letters for June 1, 2018

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Supporting Coverley for sheriff


As we vote for Sheriff, considerable deference should be given to the men and women who will work for him; they have overwhelmingly endorsed Dan Coverley. Approximately 107 men and women work as Deputy Sheriffs in Douglas County. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Protective Association comprises 91 of 107 deputies. In April, DCSPA held a meeting for the candidates vying to replace Sheriff Pierini: Dean Paris, Dave Brady, Joe Duffy, and Dan Coverley. After the meeting, 70 of the 91 DCSPA members participated in a vote to endorse a candidate. Dan Coverley won 78 percent of the vote and the DCSPA endorsement. Joe Duffy received a meager 15 percent of the vote. Neither Dave Brady nor Dean Paris received a single vote. These numbers are instructive.

Due to word limit constraints, this letter cannot address the campaigns of Dean Paris or Dave Brady. Fitting, as neither man has the qualifications or experience to be Sheriff.

Joe Duffy has the qualifications and experience to be the next Sheriff, but he lacks the character. On March 21, 2018, a Grand Jury found, in part, that Mr. Duffy’s institution and enforcement of a quota system (let’s call it what it is) led to a decline in department morale, deputies leaving DCSO for other agencies, and early retirements. Rather than taking responsibility, Mr. Duffy personally attacked his deputies, labeling them “lazy” or “malcontents.” As a Captain, Joe Duffy created a toxic, hostile work environment by bullying his subordinates. The DCSPA vote is evidence of Joe Duffy’s inability to lead and confirms the findings of the Grand Jury. If Captain Duffy were elected Sheriff, his wife and brother (20 percent of the DCSPA vote in his favor) would be forced to find employment elsewhere, see Douglas County Administrative Policies and Procedures No. 200.26 and NRS 281.210. Mr. Duffy has proven himself a poor leader. If he becomes Sheriff, morale will continue to decline and deputies will continue to seek employment elsewhere. A vote for Joe Duffy is a vote for a toxic and hostile work environment. A vote for Joe Duffy is a vote against our deputies.

In stark contrast, Dan Coverley has the overwhelming respect and support of his deputies, which led to the DCSPA endorsement. Captain Coverley has earned this respect because he is self-aware, fair, supportive, and honest. Captain Coverley does not play favorites and he does not tear down and demoralize his deputies. Captain Coverley has been endorsed by nearly all of the other first responder agencies in our area, including South Lake Tahoe Police Association, Tahoe Douglas Fire District, and East Fork Fire District. These are the men and women that have worked with Capt. Coverley throughout his career. They have seen him in action. They know his character. They agree with Sheriff Pierini that Captain Coverley is the best man to lead the Sheriff’s Office into the future.

Capt. Dan Coverley stands heads and shoulders above the field. Support your deputies and elect Dan Coverley as Douglas County Sheriff.

Richie McGuffin


Brady should be ashamed of TV ads


Dave Brady is trying to hide his insecurities behind deceptive attack ads.

I was shocked to see that one of the sheriff candidates is airing negative attack ads on TV. I already hate the attack ads that we get every election cycle for national contests. But now it’s coming home, and Brady should be ashamed at stooping to such low levels.

In an apparent attempt to change the narrative away from his basic lack of qualification and experience for the job, Brady’s been running a deceptive attack ad against Joe Duffy and Dan Coverley for being in charge when there wasn’t a deputy available for a call. Some blame should be given to Duffy as the patrol captain, but Coverley has nothing to do with the patrol division. Brady has hired a fancy Las Vegas marketing firm, so maybe these tactics shouldn’t be a surprise.

In a local campaign, using airtime to attack opponents instead of promote your own qualifications demonstrates that a candidate is either a) classless, b) getting desperate, c) trying to knock down the front runner, or d) trying to hide his gross lack of qualifications for the job. In Brady’s case, I think it demonstrates all four.

Brady doesn’t even hold a POST certification. Electing him as sheriff would be like making someone a general in the military before that person even attends basic training!

He poses in photos for his campaign in a deputy’s uniform that would be illegal for him to wear in public, and needs to be sent home in the upcoming election. Just like he has been in his last two elections.

We don’t need slick Las Vegas marketing firms turning races ugly in Douglas County just so Brady can get an ego boost. We don’t need hiss negativity. We just don’t need him.

Tyler Hubbard


Hoping to be assessor


First things first. I believe family always comes first, in service above self, and that honesty is a must. I’m 37 years old and have been a Douglas County resident for over 26 years. If fortunate enough to be elected, I hope to continue serving as your Assessor for the next 20-plus years. As your Assessor, I will be a voice for you in times when our legislature proposes changes to our assessment or tax laws that may affect you. I will fight any proposals that will negatively impact you and will advocate for ones that will provide a benefit. I plan on researching and using technologies that will better our services to the public and create efficiencies within our office. I take a business approach in everything I do in my current position, and will continue the same common sense, business minded approach.

I’m a Senior Appraiser with over 9 years of experience in the Assessor’s Office. I am fully certified by the state of Nevada to appraise both real and personal property, and currently appraise both for the office. This gives me a broader knowledge base of what we do and will help to better serve the public. I have a high level of expertise in appraisal practices and Nevada law concerning appraisal, and will continue the rural county tradition of serving the public as a full-time appraiser while managing the office. I pride myself on being fair, consistent, and accurate. I’ve sat on two hiring panels for employees in our office and have been involved in the training and development of several employees and provide ongoing training as needed.

Throughout this campaign, several people have asked what motivated me to run. Aside from planning this run since 2012, my answer has been consistent and simple. Passion and merit. Passion for public service and passion for what we do. The information and services we provide to the public are very valuable, and I enjoy being a part of it. Now merit. My performance score last year was 96.4. I’ve provided exceptional performance as a Senior Appraiser and promise to do the same as Assessor. My combined experience in the office, on boards and committees, and within the community provide the right fit for the position.

This process has truly been an experience. The absolute best part of it all has been the wonderful people I’ve met and the new friendships I’ve made. From knocking on doors to going to countless meetings and events, I was able to meet a lot of good people. I love Nevada. I love Douglas County even more. I have faith that all roads have led me here. I’m seeking to serve what many call “God’s country” at a higher capacity as an elected official, as Douglas County’s next Assessor. I’d appreciate your vote in the upcoming primary election. To learn more about me, please visit my website at http://www.tholenforassessor.com.

Trent Tholen


Letter writers wrong about Murphy


Let’s set the record straight on bogus information regarding Janet Murphy. I recently read a letter regarding Janet Murphy, I and many others took offense to it. Firstly- NRPI were proven wrong, Janet Murphy did comply 100 percent, its was NRPI that misplaced the requested documents, as they were filed on time, as always. And it’s Tahoe-Douglas District, not Tahoe-Douglas (sewer) District. Secondly – regarding SB471 that was introduced this last 2017 session. If Sen. Settelmeyer did indeed consult with the Legal Division of the Legislative Counsel Bureau and Janet Murphy’s amendments weren’t necessary, then why is it, all the other legislators and Legislative Counsel Bureau made sure SB471 was amended with her amendments? Because they all agreed with her. One attorney said it didn’t even meet the constitution without the amendment. Some senators felt it was a hostile takeover, that was quoted by a senator at a legislature hearing. (Watch the video). Murphy stood up to the establishment on behalf of the people to make sure the property owners have a voice and their rights. Senate Bill 471 that Sen. Settelmeyer and Assemblyman Wheeler worked on intended to give one entity that was in trouble, extended and unlimited power over other entities that are pre-existing and do a great job. I’m not a fascist, but this sounds like fascism to me.

What’s interesting is Sen. Settelmeyer and Assemblyman Wheeler were dead against the amendment, but I have witnessed, when they are asked about it, they take the credit.

Murphy is a person who knows policy, has written it and implements it.

Her leadership and conservativeness in all aspects is amazing. As far as her ability to listen and communicate, obviously she does it well; she has a track record of making sure we are all heard. Thirdly – Murphy at the GGG forum when asked “what part of the master plan she may have concerns with?” recited a page out of the master plan and read a portion to the audience.

She then spoke about tertiary treatment (watch the video). So obviously she is on top of the master plan and gearing up.

Folks that make these allegations need to do their homework, we know she does.

Fourthly – Murphy is known for her integrity, knowledge, logic and morals. And the comment of her having a running mate; she is an independent thinker, but if she can influence others, that’s a leader.

These are all facts, I’ve witnessed them.

It’s a shame when folks have to resort to fabrication and criticism, rather then speak of ones strengths and accomplishments of whom they prefer. We should be so lucky to be represented by Janet Murphy. She is highly regarded by public and private sectors, along with all regulatory agencies.

Like President Trump, her endorsements are not the establishment, because she is not a “go along to get along,” but to “go along to get it right.”

How else does one drain the swamp? Let’s help her, and get her elected.

T. Wells


People’s voices going unheard


The large room was packed with residents of Gardnerville Ranchos with Commissioner Nelson in attendance with an engineer from the developer. Mr. Nelson began by saying and repeating throughout that the project will happen, stating it is only whether the seven variances requested by the developer will be accepted. Did the Board of County Commissioners neglect to take into account all the major factors which the people of Ranchos brought up repeatedly, such as roads, traffic congestion, flooding, new schools, future residential water shortage, taxes and issues of a home owners association? The square footage of land requirement currently is 8000 sq ft yet the new project requests a minimum variance of 5000 sq ft to build 353 homes on 80 acres inconsistent with homes in Gardnerville Ranchos.

The topics raised by residents were generally overlooked or were considered minor by Commissioner Nelson and the engineer, yet few, if any facts, were cited to overcome the objections voiced by the residents of Gardnerville Ranchos. The developer was not present, though the engineer spoke the developer, stating at one point the reason the developer needed a variance on building roads was because the developer lacked financing to build roads as required by law. Many people questioned the entire project because all the variances needed were to enable the developer to maximize profits at the exclusion of flooding, residential water, schools, taxes and traffic congestion and safety. The dense project is at odds with the current building codes of Gardnerville Ranchos altering the positive features of living here.

How this development was tentatively approved pending final vote is indeed an example of lack of input and feedback from the people who will bear the brunt of the failure of this disastrously large project covering 12 years.

Commissioner Nelson indeed was present and listened, but did he hear the voices of the people?

Henry Pelifian

Gardnerville Ranchos

Thanks for saving wife


I would like to take the time now to commend the first responders on April 12 for the fast response time to attend to my wife.

She was weak and disoriented — they came in right away and helped her. As they brought her out to the ambulance, I heard “bird, bird,” and they rushed her to Carson Valley Medical Center. There she began a helicopter ride to the hospital. While still on the ground in Gardnerville, she flatlined. The second team of Tana Dixon and Pete Lindley performed CPR for more than 30 minutes while the pilot prepared for the flight to Renown Regional Medical Center. I also want to commend this team, along with pilot Chad Adair, for making the best decisions. I cannot express my sincere thanks to all the teams involved, including all doctors and nurses at Renown. God bless you all. My wife is back on her feet due to this miracle.

Greg Santucci