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Letters for June 1, 2016

Prabhakar Mayachari and his son Gautaun, 7, fly a kite at the Dangberg Ranch Saturday.
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Republicans endorse Walsh, Nelson


The Douglas County Republican Central Committee endorsed Dave Nelson and Larry Walsh for county commissioners for good reasons. The most important is these two men are the best choices for the economic health of Douglas County and its taxpaying citizens. Republican voters please follow our lead.

Patricia Brunner

DCRCC Communications


See need for senior center


I don’t like taxes, I do, however, recognize taxes as a necessary evil. I was one of those opposed to the construction of the new community and senior center. I now understand I was wrong and the new facility is good for the community as a whole.

When it comes to raising money to run the county, it’s a nice idea for everyone to agree on what should be done, how much it should cost, as well as where the money would come from. But, we will never get everyone to agree on any complicated issue. That’s why we need to elect knowledgeable, reasonable people to represent us.

When I was still practically a child, my first job, I was hired by a small county sheriff’s office. After being offered the job, I was presented with a document to sign, which stated that I understood the building in which I would be working, on the second floor, was a fire hazard and unsafe for even a small earthquake. Of course I was 18 years old, felt 10-feet-tall and bulletproof, and I signed without hesitation. By the way, this building had one narrow staircase, three stories and no elevator.

I later learned that the taxpayers had refused to pass a building bond to finance a new sheriff’s office and jail. More than once. And yet, there were legal mandates regarding the housing of prisoners and safety of prisoners and employees. The county commissioners had to vote to pass the bond issue. Not popular with everyone, but it was the right thing to do.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s OK to change your mind. To look at an issue with new eyes. Therefore, I have decided not to have a knee-jerk reaction to all taxation.

I believe that Greg Lynn and Frank Godecke have worked to do what is best for the people of Douglas County and they can be trusted to do is right in the future. Because of this, I am voting for Greg Lynn for county commissioner district 1 and Frank Godecke for county commissioner district 3.

Nancy Clapp


Walsh best candidate


As the primary election draws closer, I ask Republican voters to cast their vote for Larry Walsh for Douglas County Commissioner.

It is important voters know his opponent, Mr. Goedecke, presently on the planning commission, voted five times to allow solar industrial plants to be placed on A-19 (19 acre parcels zoned as agricultural land) He voted three times (September 2014, February 2016 and April 2016) to approve a solar ordinance allowing solar industrial plants on A-19, and twice to approve Greenstone’s solar industrial plant application to place a 260-acre solar array in the heart of Carson Valley between Muller Lane and Genoa Lane.

Commissioner Goedecke voted to approve the ordinance allowing solar on A-19, even after county staff conducted 10 public meetings where citizens discussed the pros and cons of solar industrial plants in Douglas County. After hearing an overwhelming outcry against large solar projects on ag land in the flood plain, planning staff recommended to Goedecke, and the other planning commissioners, that solar industrial plants not be placed on A-19. Mr. Godecke did not listen to the people or staff and did the exact opposite making the motion to allow solar plants on A-19.

If Mr. Goedecke does not listen to the people and planning staff now while he is on the planning commission, how is he going to listen to the people if he is elected to the Douglas County Board of Commissioners? How can we trust him to defend the Douglas County Master Plan against inappropriate zoning and text amendments? We can’t.

Goedecke claims to be a friend of the ranching community; however, as a longtime rancher, he does not represent my interest, which is to preserve the rural character of our beautiful Valley. To this end, we must protect the Douglas County master plan and elect commissioners who will.

Larry Walsh says he will defend the integrity of our master plan. I believe him.

Judy Sturgis


Choosing Lynn


Thank you, Lynn Muzzy, for your letter to the editor published May 25 that tells me I should vote for Dave Nelson. Since I have never, ever, agreed with a single one of the many letters you write to the newspaper, I now know for certain that my vote will go to Greg Lynn.

Lin Falkner


Voting for Nelson and Walsh


Pssst! Douglas County commissioner candidates Dave Nelson and Larry Walsh are in the bag for special interest groups. Going by letters to the editor and campaign advertising, and endorsers Assemblyman Jim Wheeler and tax-fighter Nevada Controller Ron Knecht, the fix is in for ordinary taxpayers and small business owners. You know, the ones who pay for everything.

Commissioner Greg Lynn and Frank Godecke have the solid backing of big business, political insiders, and the public employee unions, AKA those who benefit from higher taxes, more public debt, and special connections with county government.

No wonder Republicans Lynn and Godecke have dismissed the rank and file county voters who crafted the Douglas County Republican platform as “a small but vocal minority of ideologues”.

According to Greg Lynn and Frank Godecke they and their friends in the public employee unions and big business cronies have better uses for your money than you do. You Republican primary voters should ignore your county Republican party’s endorsement of Nelson and Walsh and fall in line.

Alan and Linda Holly


Senior center was right call


It was a long time coming, and it will be here for a long time. The Douglas County Community & Senior Center was one of the best decisions that the commissioners ever made.

So it cost the taxpayer to fund it, well let’s go back and look at the old center.

It was outdated, not large enough to support all of our great seniors properly.

Now look at the new center. We can feed lunch to more than 200 seniors, have a great view of the Valley, have a gym program not only for our seniors, but for the families of Carson Valley.

We have an outstanding basketball court, not to mention all the other sports that the center has. So for the people that don’t like to support the senior center may I suggest that you just stay home and deteriorate, and for us seniors we will keep going to lunch where we can fellowship with other seniors who have worked for this center.

I for one and my wife have visited the center more than once for lunch, and every visit is a happy day visit, as we enjoy having lunch with other seniors at our new Douglas County community center. So, a big thank-you to all the county commissioners that worked so hard to get this project completed.

Come to lunch, we’ll see ya at the chuck wagon.

John Damann


Lynn, Godecke not getting vote


I look forward to the Wednesday-Friday Record-Courier during the political season to read the “Did You Know” and “The Facts Are” ads for the Lynn-Godecke team which provide valuable insight into candidate Lynn’s and candidate Godecke’s character and veracity.

Frank Godecke’s recent “Did You Know” about candidate Walsh and his plans for a hotel and condominiums, et al on the Corley Ranch was a real doozy. The information, obviously meant to create doubts about candidate Walsh’s integrity, misrepresented, distorted, and falsified the facts. The past meeting between the Corleys and the Walshs, in which a proposal to put a horse facility (completely in keeping with the Master Plan) on a part of the Corley Ranch was discussed, was private, and one would think Mr. Godecke would have gone to whatever lengths were necessary to validate/verify the information provided to his campaign team. He did not and, instead, relied on “hearsay” for his attack ad. A lack of judgment of this magnitude makes one wonder if Godecke has the necessary qualities to be considered a viable candidate for county commissioner.

This lapse is also revealing because on March 14 candidate Godecke voluntarily signed the Code of Fair Campaign Practices, which are “basic principles of decency, honesty, and fair play which every candidate for public office in the State of Nevada has a moral obligation to observe and uphold.” It appears Mr. Godecke signed the document without understanding what he was signing.

We also get insight into Greg Lynn’s character in the R-C article, “Town Hall Debate Draws Interested Voters.” According to the article, Lynn and his opponent, Dave Nelson, tangled over party politics, including the fate of the incumbent’s sign that was removed from a spot next to the Anker Car Wash at what Lynn claimed was the behest of the Republican Central Committee (which has endorsed Nelson). In this instance, besides having his facts wrong, Lynn left out a crucial element – he had never asked permission in the first place to put the sign up. Apparently, he doesn’t think a sitting commissioner needs to ask for permission to place his campaign signs on private property like all the other candidates.

These are just two examples of ways candidates Frank Godecke and Greg Lynn used their campaigns to convey untruths in order to garner votes.

Pointing out differences in policy does not appear to be high on their list of campaign strategies, but conjuring up fake personal attacks is.

They will not get my vote and I hope other voters will see they are not the type of individuals that should represent the citizens of Douglas County as county commissioners.

Joseph Ruisi