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Letters for July 6, 2018

Throngs of people gathered in Minden on the Fourth of July for the annual feed held by the town with food donated by the Carson Valley Inn and Model Dairy.
Kurt Hildebrand

Opposed to Ranchos Sierra project


I would urge all of you to voice your outrage with the proposed Rancho Sierra development. As planned, the project would construct 353 homes on an 80-acre parcel at the end of Tillman Lane.

There are so many problems with this project I can’t possibly list them all. The most egregious is the blatant disregard for our Gardnerville Ranchos Community Plan that states as its No. 1 goal… “To preserve and enhance the existing character of the Gardnerville Ranchos Community.” Approval of this huge project is in direct conflict with this goal.

Of all of these homes, 257 will be on lots that are only 5000 square feet, with the front doors only 10 feet away from the sidewalks. These are not houses that are consistent with our existing single-family homes in the Ranchos.

In fact, the sidewalks are even included in the lot size calculation. I sure wouldn’t want my property tax bill to include the sidewalk.

Rancho Sierra will create over 3,500 daily vehicle trips from the project.

The vast majority of these trips will be onto Tillman Lane, nearly doubling the number of cars on the road today. And where are they all going? The elementary and middle schools are to the east. Walmart, the hospital, medical services and retail shops are mostly in the U.S. 395 corridor, to the east. That is a big problem. There are no immediate plans for new roads connecting to the east. All eastbound traffic will have to go through the Riverview/U.S 395 intersection that is already overburdened. And it’s not just as simple as widening the road past the golf course.

Any significant improvement would require a new bridge over the river. And who do you think will get stuck with that bill? That would be us, the taxpayers.

What about the impact on our water supply and delivery system? That question hasn’t been adequately answered. Of the nine municipal wells in Douglas County, two are offline because of poor production, one is offline because of very high arsenic levels and two more are very near the EPA limits for arsenic. There are operational problems with three of the four remaining wells.

How can a development of this size even be considered without solving these problems? And what’s the scariest part? Nearly 600 acres of vacant land in the Gardnerville Ranchos will be the next target for these big projects.

Please call and/or write the Board of Commissioners and request they deny this project before it’s too late. Show your community pride by coming to the Public Hearing on Aug. 2. We are Battle Born and taking on these big developers looks to be our new fight.

Randall Mogensen


Signs coming down


Once again we wish to express our very sincere thanks for your confidence by voting for me in the primaries and hopefully, voting again to elect me to the County Commission for District 4 in the fall. We have received two complaints about our signs remaining up in many areas of Douglas County. Unfortunately these complaints have been anonymous so we are unable to contact the complainants individually. Because some people have been unhappy we have opted to remove most of our signage until the fall even though Douglas County regulations allow signs to remain up for those candidates who face opponents in the general election. We hope that by removing the majority of our signs people will no longer be negatively impacted.

Thank you once again for your understanding and we hope we will have as much or more support from everyone come November.

Wesley Rice

Zephyr Cove

Transparency is good


Bob Ballou’s guest column June 15 is a ray of hope that the Good Governance Group will, actually, practice “transparency.”

Members of the group, from now on, will indicate in letters and guest columns to the Record-Courier editor when the writer is a spouse or other family member of an elected official (county commissioner, for example), post and advertise when and where the group’s meetings are held, make sure that only one county commissioner is present at any meeting, adhering to all laws and regulations regarding communications between, and planning by, elected officials. Full accountability is greatly appreciated.

MaryEllen Conaway