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Letters for July 26, 2018

On July 1, the 2nd annual “Poker Run for Kids” sponsored by “P.O.B.O.B and Arcane MC” donated $2,580 to the Backpack Buddies Program. This event brought together at least eight motorcycle clubs for the benefit of local needy children. Their efforts will allow the program to provide over 750 weekend food bags to homeless and in-need students throughout the year. The Backpack Buddies Program thanked the group for their commitment and support of the Backpack Buddies Program.
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Doesn’t miss the crunch of metal


I have been a resident of Centerville since 1943. There has been so many changes since that time that I won’t go back to that era. As far as the new roundabout goes I give it an A-plus. As far as the drivers go they rate from an A to an F. A few years back I was going through the roundabout in Minden and stopped to let a vehicle enter from County Road. When I stopped at the traffic light at 395 a gentleman pulled up to me, rolled down his window and explained that apparently the people in Centerville (my license plate is CNTRVL) don’t know that you don’t stop in a roundabout. A lesson learned.

It is so good now not to hear terrible crunching sound of metal that prevailed for so long before the roundabout was constructed. To see the white sheets over those unfortunate souls who didn’t make it through the intersection. A new phase has begun. New sounds have arisen. Since the roundabout I constantly hear horns honking and people yelling. I didn’t realize so many people in the valley had the same name. Furthermore I don’t know why anyone would name their child by that name. There is a lot of sign language also.

I hope and believe that over time people will come to understand the rules of a roundabout such as the signs say “yield” which means that Hwy. 88 traffic no longer always has the right of way. I think that using your turn signals is so important especially if you are continuing through and making a left turn. There is still a problem with speed and I hope that the NHP and the sheriff’s office will patrol this area and stop the speeders. I know that this new roundabout is a pain to some but remember that your chances of making it through the intersection are 99 percent better.

Julian Larrouy


Redevelopment at Lake a bad deal


I was present at the project consultants’ presentation to the Douglas Board of County Commissioners’ July 19 meeting regarding the proposed Lake event center. We learned that the estimated cost had increased from the commonly mentioned $50 million to $80 million [“Events center price tag $80 million”, 7/21 Record Courier].

Douglas County property tax payers, who are totally funding this project for the benefit of the lake casinos, should be concerned that the consultants, under questioning by the commissioners, specified that only a fraction of their blue sky revenue estimates would come back to Douglas County’s tax coffers. Most of the revenues would supposedly benefit the general economy, but no one was offering to guarantee benefits to either the taxpayers or the community.

That’s important, because in order to fund the event center, the BOCC created a redevelopment area on questionable legal grounds that will divert money from Douglas County’s schools, fire departments, infrastructure projects, and other essential county services.

We were told that because corporations plan their major offsite events well in advance, it would probably take the event center a few years to pick up that business and hit its full revenue potential. In my remarks to the BOCC I pointed out that the new federal tax law does away with deductions for entertainment, making some of that predicted surge dicey at best.

Research shows that the Reno event center, slightly larger than our proposed event center, hasn’t paid off as planned. These small venues will at best attract tribute bands and certain kinds of sporting events. Douglas County taxpayers are taking all the risk, but will have no equity or say-so in its operation. The lake casinos, will win big if the event center succeeds and will lose nothing if it flops.

Lynn Muzzy


Opposes new Ranchos project


It seems to me that a community would be enhanced by the addition of attractive new homes, an abundance of clean water, well-maintained roads, easy safe traffic flow, convenient recreational spaces and good community services.

Sadly, the Rancho Sierra project would provide none of the above. On the contrary, with the proposal’s passage our community would be negatively impacted. We would see higher taxes, less available water, increased traffic congestion, especially if the single road, subject to flooding access is approved, increased noise and pollution and further stress on our already challenged public resources.

I’m sure our county commissioners would not, with intent, damage any part of their own community. However if they pass this present proposal this is exactly what will ensue.

Commissioners, be responsive to your community, and reject this ill-conceived proposal.

Gail Salinsky

Gardnerville Ranchos