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Letters for July 19

Judge got decision wrong


The article seems to have covered most of the summation of Judge Young, however missing are the words he mentioned more than twice ‘and the Planning Commission approved the project’. I cannot find any minutes of the Planning Commission Meeting where this action occurred. Also that one Commissioner walked the entire area and found all have a buffer zone. What about the homes built on the former Pruitt land on the bluff that looks down and sees all of proposed Corley Ranch project? Where is their buffer zone?

Planning Commission action August 11. 2015

MOTION by Pross/Madsen to deny DA 14-079 a Master Plan Amendment and Text Amendment to assign receiving area 230 acres in the Ruhenstroth Plan area and deny to create a transitional area in the text of the Ruhenstroth Community Plan based on the Findings as stated in the decision today.

At this time a roll call vote was taken:

Motion; carried with a vote of 5 to 1.

Motion by Pross/Beattie to deny the Specific Plan based on the inability to make the required Findings specifically Finding A and it does not meet Finding B as it will not further the purposes stated for the Ruhenstroth Zoning District particularly Ruhenstroth Goal 1 to Preserve the Existing Residential Character of the Ruhenstroth Community and the Ruhenstroth Community Plan Key Issues will not retain the residents wish to continue large lot residential development with no new commercial development and with the discuss included:

At this time a roll call vote was taken:

MOTION; carried unanimous.

It Judge Young had been informed that the Planning Commission voted NO on all proposals, why would he still find for the County Board of Commissioners, and in his summary say ‘approved by the Planning Commission?

I am still going through past Minutes of the Planning Commission and cannot find where they reversed their decision.

Mary Jane Harding


Editor’s Note: The R-C has contacted Judge Tod Young, who said he is aware the Planning Commission denied the project.

Looking for Monroe paintings


Alpine County Historical Society is searching for paintings by artist Walt Monroe, for documentation and exhibit. Monroe was born in Alpine County in the mining town of Monitor in 1881. He was a prolific artist, he painted, did pencil sketches and carvings. He generally signed his art work in the bottom right had corner, but of course, not always. We know that many area residents were given or purchased art work from the starving artist between 1895 and the 1940s. Walt Monroe had family ties to Alpine County, Carson City, Virginia City, Carson Valley, Mason Valley, Tonopah and Bishop. He was so prolific, we know many longtime area residents may have one or more in the attic or hanging in grandma’s house.

Last fall the Historical Society held a Walt Monroe Art Exhibit and Reception at the Alpine County Museum where sixteen of his paintings from private collections were exhibited for the first time. We know there are more out there. Recently someone purchased one of his painting at an area antique store.

The Alpine County Historical Society is holding another Walt Monroe Art Exhibit and Reception on Friday from 5-7 p.m. We have located enough for this exhibit but our main goal is to find more paintings for future exhibits and for documentation. If you have Walt Monroe paintings or other art work, please contact Shannon Hickey at 775-315-0697 or Alpine County Historical Society at P.O. Box 517 Markleeville, CA 96120

Shannon Hickey