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Letters for Jan. 4

Justice for ranchers


I am writing regarding Marie Johnson’s “Fencelines” article on the use of private land in our Valley. Something is not right in Douglas County. Where a man’s word and a hand shake would have sufficed in the past, written agreements are now being reneged upon by government officials. This Valley has been kept in its beautiful state by the caring hands of generations of old-time families. It is not right to treat them in a manner that assumes they do not care about what happens here. Justice needs to be served and Douglas County officials need to make things right, for all of us.

Davelyn Miyashiro


Thanks for supporting Lions


The Carson Valley Lions Club would like to thank the community for supporting our annual sales of See’s candy. 100 percent of the funds raised from the candy sales will go right back into the community for scholarships, children’s programs, providing eye exams and glasses, and other Lions projects. Thanks again for helping the Lions serve the people of Carson Valley.

Dave Thomas

President, Carson Valley Lions Club

Saving on feeding geese


I recently discovered that “chicken scratch” seed was healthier for the ducks than bread scraps. Eastern Sierra Feed store near Lampe Park sells bags from 10 pounds at around $3 to 25 pounds around $7 to 50 pounds for approximately $9. The ducks and geese appreciate it, besides it being cheap family entertainment. Just wear old shoes in case you step in duck doo-doo!

Debbie Cutshaw


Egg dropping good practice for coming year


I must respectfully disagree with James Joseph of Gardnerville.

Dropping eggs from 50-100 feet in the sky will be an excellent education for our children as they enter the world of politics.

Dropping eggs from the sky is exactly what President Trump will be doing to this country for the next four years.

Eleanor Wilde


Repeal Affordable Care Act


Republicans have the opportunity to pass all of the legislation that has long been stalled by Democrats and the Obama Administration. As Congress prepares for the incoming administration, it is crucial that we get started on the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, and strength Medicare in rural areas.

I know many seniors in Douglas County who know all too well the repercussions of $500 million being taken from the Medicare Trust Fund under the ACA. It is increasingly difficult for Medicare beneficiaries like me to get access to adequate health care. The rising costs imposed by the ACA are forcing hospitals to close and obliging us seniors to travel to far-away urban areas to get essential treatment.

Now that we have a Republican majority in Congress and a Republican in the Oval Office, we must not wait to propose and implement conservative principles. We finally have the chance to repeal and replace the failed ACA. It is imperative that we stop forcing health care providers to close hospital doors and fight to extend treatment options to senior citizens by restoring the massive cuts made to Medicare.

Republicans like Senator Heller ran on a platform to strengthen Medicare while also repealing the ACA, and now they have the chance to make good on this promise. In Douglas County and in Nevada, we are counting on him to do so.

Janet Freixas