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Letters for Jan. 2, 2020

Work together to benefit all of Douglas County


Last year, was a challenging year for Douglas County. We experienced a bitterly divided County Commission. We experienced special interest groups and residents that seem to oppose virtually everything. We can do better.

I came to Douglas County 38 years ago. For 15 years I was required to attend Commission meetings. It was my observation at that time that all the commissioners were there to make Douglas County a better place to work and live. The civility and decorum of the meetings were always maintained and despite their differences the commissioners became friends. In 2020 I hope there is a strong effort by the Commission, the special interest groups and the residents to once again to work together as a team.

Our county includes two townships, East Fork, (The Valley), and Tahoe, (The Lake). We are two communities in one county that over the decades have needed and supported one another in many ways. In decades past the Lake has been the golden goose that has provided tax revenue that has supported the Valley. Now, as revenues and politics change there seems to be a we/they attitude developing in the Valley. We are not adversaries. As citizens of Douglas County, we are a team focused on making both the Valley and the Lake better places to live, visit and do business. In my opinion, if the current trend of the we/they attitude persists it will be an advantage for the Tahoe Township to separate itself from Douglas County. Commissioners, special interest groups and members of our community, think about it. Let’s work together as a team for the benefit of all of Douglas County both The Lake and The Valley. Let’s make the new year and decade extraordinary for Douglas County.

Bill Driscoll


Thank you for making Struts for Mutts successful


Animal Rescue Relay would like to thank the following contributors for donating items for our raffle and silent auction during our Struts for Mutts held last month at the CVI. CV Arts Center, Max’s Pet Supply, CVI, Anytime Fitness, Integritas Firearms, Genoa Lakes Golf, Pet Station, Petsmart, 5th Street Salon, Ironwood Theaters, Kristophers, Joyce’s Antiques & Jewelry, Jethros, Bikes and Brews, DC Community Center, La Hacienda, Just a Drop Essential Oils, Bodines, Exquisite Massage, Café Girasol, CV Golf, Thai Jasmine, Amerikan Sushi, Franciscos, Galaxy Movie Theater, Sunridge Golf Course, Accents on Glass, Dog, Dog, Cat, Peppermill, Atlantis, Hard Rock Hotel, Edgewood, Kirkwood, Bradford Portraits, Harveys, Napa Sonoma, Sierra Lé Bone, Winks Bowling, Jordyn Rutherdale, Stephanie Rutherdale, The Vintage Trailer Vineyard, Allen & Lori Anderson, Roy and Amber Minor, Raelynn Toomey, Val Osgood.

Thank you to everyone in the community that attended our event making it the tremendous success that it was! Look for our second Annual Struts for Mutts in October 2020.

Heidi Neilson

Animal Rescue Relay