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Letters for Feb. 8, 2017

Contestants in the mooing contest at the Carson Valley Inn luncheon on Jan. 28.
Brad Coman |

Dangerous crossings


“X” marks the spot. Centerville Road and 88. It is one of the most dangerous intersections in the state of Nevada. Although it looks like a rural farm junction, 10,000 vehicles a day access this crossing and it is extremely unsafe. December 2016 Ashley Bursey was killed here. Almost monthly there has been some kind of accident. For the last decade it has been a very dangerous spot to cross. Mottsville to the north, which has a light, is no better. Last year Janice Hill returning from work at Harrahs was killed at that intersection. The same day at the same spot there was a three-car accident that sent more people to the hospital. A year earlier there was another accident at the same stoplight controlled crossing, where a large cattle truck crashed, killing and injuring numerous animals. This intersection is the gateway into this great community and it should be a passage to a safe trip both going and coming.

These intersections require a high-speed roundabout. Stoplights are not safe as the many accidents at Mottsville have proven. Safety studies have overwhelming evidence showing that roundabouts are the only safe option. The one at the high school is too small and difficult for big trucks so many in the valley are opposed to this option but if built properly and with good size it is the only way to provide for efficiency and safety at this corner. Stoplights at these intersections are “accidents waiting for a place to happen.” We need to protect our kids on buses, people getting to work, ranchers, visitors. We don’t need more memorial crosses at this site, we need a solution. Drivers and everyone in their vehicles should not have to put their life and health at risk to get through this intersection.

Residents who live at or near this intersection will need to be taken into account as to the design and access affects their ability to access the roads. It must remain safe and convenient.

NDOT Executive Board Public meeting is 9 a.m. Feb. 13 on the third floor of the Stewart Street building. Public Comment time of three minutes per person.

Peter D. Sinnott


Great wrestling program


Upon completion of the Douglas High School football season, Record-Courier Sports Editor Dave Price turned his attention to the DHS Wrestling Team. With outstanding reporting and writing skills, and well versed in the history of DHS Wrestling, Price has taken local sports fans on a two and a half month journey featuring first year Coach Jake Fair and his student athlete wrestlers. As a former high school wrestler, familiar with the intense challenges of the sport, it has been most enjoyable to watch.

The son of a legendary high school wrestling coach in the Midwest, Fair has coached a variety of sports. A resident of Carson City, he’s one of those ‘go-to’ guys, always volunteering to coach Little League Baseball or Pop Warner Football, and to fill-in wherever. When the Wresting Coach position opened at DHS, Fair was all-in. This, despite being a full time Branch Manager at the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Bank in Carson City. Important is the fact that Fair served a 10-year stint in the U.S. Marine Corps. He’s brought some of the warrior culture and installed a certain ‘mental toughness’ in the Wrestling Program. In the 1970s, ’80s, and early ’90s, Douglas High had one of the best programs in the North. They’ve had 11 individual state champions: Ed Garrison, undefeated in 1977, and Mike Sheets, undefeated in 1986, head the list.

In stating his goals for this season, Coach Fair said, “We want to be competitive, and we want our student athlete wrestlers to push to a new level.” Lead by a nucleus of 8 returning veterans, including 3 state tournament qualifiers, DHS has performed at a high level. Team captains Ryan Adams, Will Williams, (from the football team), and Shane Trivitt, have lead the way. In the CV Lions Club Invitational Meet, Adams pinned two of his three opponents. The best example of the new ‘mental toughness’ has been exemplified by Chad Singer. Many of us know Chad as the outstanding drummer in the DHS Marching Band. In one match, Singer pinned two of his three opponents.

Coach Jake Fair has lead the way to a successful season,. He says that player development is the most important aspect of his coaching. Fans are hoping that the DHS administration can work out a long term arrangement with Fair so that he can keep the continuity going. While running on the DHS athletic field, I ran into Coach Fair and some of his student athletes. Admiring their ‘cool’ orange and black T-Shirts spelling out Douglas High Wrestling on the front, I inquired where I might obtain one of those T-Shirts. Coach Fair matter of factly stated, “You can get one with a donation to our Wrestling Program.” Consider It Done.

Go Tigers.

Joe Hooven


Thanks for supporting Crab Feed


On behalf of Tahoe/Douglas Elks Lodge #2670, I take this opportunity to thank all of you who attended our annual ‘All You Can Eat’ Crab Feed held Saturday, January 28, 2017. Without the generous support of our community, this event would not have succeeded. We were able to serve 186 hungry people through the efforts of our fabulous members. I also thank the Douglas High School JROTC for assisting in providing a color guard, helping serve and clean-up. Their contribution added to the overall enjoyment of the evening.

Mary Retterer

Exalted Ruler

Let Trump be Trump


I am inclined to agree with the recent comments made by Willie Webb regarding President Trump and the likelihood of his self-destructing and being impeached. However, in my opinion, he was legally elected by grass roots voters, like myself, who are fed up with the Washington insiders, Washington gridlock, the Clinton dynasty, the liberal views of the Supreme Court and the actions of our past three administrations. Our forefathers were astute enough to put the Electoral College in place which guarantees at least a voice of one vote in sparsely populated Counties/States in electing our president. Without the Electoral College, California, Chicago, New York City and Florida would collectively decide who would be our president. Trump ran as a Republican, but I believe he was really a Populist, a third party candidate. I am the daughter of a naturalized immigrant and I believe, in light of the terrorist actions and threats against our country, Trump’s temporary ban on immigration from specific countries who have threatened us is a good thing. Vetting should be stricter. The way Trump dissenters, both grass root voters and, even more egregious, our congress people, are behaving is an embarrassment. Trump won the election. Get over it. He is going forward with those promises he made to the electorate. Show him the same courtesy as shown to past newly elected presidents. Let his ego negotiate his own demise. Take the high road.

Marian E. Vassar